It'll be finished by the time you get here.

He was in America at that time.

Sriram is very crafty, isn't he?

Ro shouldn't have kept Kory waiting so long.

I've always liked Think.

Pravin didn't need lessons.

Believe me, brother, I don't know that I'm a man; I don't feel like one.

Christmas is here.

Don't do that to me.

He's right behind you.

She could die.

When she returned home from school, she began to help her mother in the kitchen.


I want to hear about what happened.

The rescue workers are going to hand out supplies to the victims of the earthquake.

Rathnakumar is an idiot.

Kiki barely speaks to Morton anymore.

It's time for us to set the record straight about what happened.

You're not going to make me drink alone, are you?

She unfolded a blanket.


Do you know anything about cars?


My family is from Malaysia.


He retched and then started puking.


I could sure use your help.


I knew you would suspect me.


I didn't want anyone to worry about me.

Say that you love me.

There was a large crowd in the hall.

The doors protect us and our property against strangers and they don't let the heat out or in.

How did it go with Ravindranath last night?


I don't want to pick a fight.

Are you going to Amigo's party tonight?

About thirty firefighters were dispatched.

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The grammatical form employed here is the present progressive.

Swamy dropped by for a visit.

Keisuke is taller than me.


I don't think Kimberly is going to study French next year.

Canadian officials weighed the supplies of each man.

I should like to see you this afternoon.


I didn't mean to offend anyone.

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These poor people were at the mercy of the cruel dictator.

We saw the sun sink below the horizon.

Lex uses anabolic steroids.

I'm afraid the book is beyond the reach of his understanding.

The patient implored, "Please ... Break my arms!"

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You know that better than I do.

We can't do anything until we get back to the office.

Ragnar was our leader.

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As of tomorrow, this e-mail address will be invalid.

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You are excused.

Ken has a guitar.

John and Cathy have different tastes and different characters. Trying to get them together is like putting a square peg in a round hole.

You needn't do it at once.

He is now a senior at Harvard.


I succeeded in my first attempt.

Who is in fault?

God blesses those who repent.

We're gonna teach them all a good lesson.

Jeanette is very hard to please.

Everybody knows Sriram.

Why is Woody crying?


You can sit wherever you want.

What is your advice?

Although his exam scores weren't very high, he was still successful after graduation.

This sentence isn't very interesting out of context.

I'll stay for a week.

It's time to get back to work.

He is studying hard for fear he should fail.


It's not an unfair proposal.

This beam won't hold the weight of the second story.

She has great hate for dogs.

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The tree is about as high as the roof.


Real suddenly felt cold.

You captivated me, dear.

He is poor at English but second to none in mathematics.

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Come to help me.

I can't rule out that possibility.

The hostess couldn't possibly tolerate his arrogance.

The army has lost control over the international airport.

We were disappointed.


I found the film romantic.

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Frank is one of the wealthiest men in the country.

It's not easy to think with Rebecca snoring.

Axel went to Boston with Rebecca.


All this is new to me.

He loves gardening.

Someone has to say the magic word.

His heart is filled with sorrow.

Your writing is good except for a few mistakes.

I don't have a lot of time. Can you take care of it?

Don't ever come back here again.

I'm responsible.

Do you know of a good French restaurant?

Leila bought a camera for me.

I have some bad news for you.

Don't be so childish.

Do either of you know him?

When do you close?

You shouldn't have come here.

Have you been listening to what I've been saying?

Christophe saw his reflection in the mirror.


Reiner looks nice.

Annie wore a black suit and tie.

A glass of white wine, please.

What do you say to going for a drive?

I only spent three dollars.

Meeks and Novo told us they wouldn't fight anymore.

Would you update my software?

Heinrich and Willie were the last two to leave.

He keeps his griefs, sorrows, ambitions and most of his real opinions to himself.

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Old women like dating young men.

I don't feel like cooking today.

Japan has a mild climate.

They didn't suspect anything.

We can't really discuss that.

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Jerome died in prison in 2013.

It's just a baby.

I hope I'm in time for the last train.

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I've done some terrible things in my life.

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Jeffrey was lying unconscious on the sidewalk.

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I just made it under the wire.

We enter the classroom.

My parents always compare me to my older brother.

Although people like to focus on the differences, I think that on the whole it's the same.

What a viper I have nourished in my bosom!

I always feel gloomy.

You are special.

"Is there anything that I need to avoid when I recover from giving birth?" "Yes, getting pregnant."

There's no running water here.

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In wore my best clothes.

I'll write to you soon.

He speaks Spanish well.

Gilles and I dated for three years.

By lack of attention, she hit the post with her car.

Ken and Joe went to the park to play tennis.

He needs an umbrella.

Not one of them was there.

I'd never wear a shell suit.


Thanks for reading my message.

Tracy possesses a house and a car.

Steve is a self-centered jerk.

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There's no more time.


I think this is a great system.


Our baby isn't speaking yet.


This must've belonged to Sarah.

Last night I had a strange dream.

The ship passed under the bridge.


I knew I'd have to see you first.


How can we abolish war?

Elias is dreaming again.

The leaves on the trees have begun to change colors.

I'm not going to do that again.

You may want to tell her that.

Swiss chard is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and dietary fibre.

"Is he alive or dead?" "He's alive."


Miles borrowed my bike.

He sent his son out to get the newspaper.

Please let the man talk.

I won't keep you any longer than I need to.

I will see to it that everything is ready for your departure.

The policeman gave Donald a ticket for reckless driving.

Are you going to take the entrance examination?