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This cannot be called life.

Mari moved into the apartment below me a couple of summers ago.

I've been waiting for the bus for three hours.

I promise I won't damage anything.

You must work hard in order not to fail.

There was a pack of paper on the table.

My father is always cool.

Geoff promised he would be there, but he never showed up.

I can do magic.

I lose things all the time.

Isn't that him?

I sent her home.

I heard that even a lot of college graduates have to work for minimum wage.

He is unrealistic.

That's why I wanted to talk to Suzan.

We're having a great time.

The accident cause traffic chaos.

It's impossible to predict earthquakes.

My grandfather breathed his last on that night.

I don't want her to go to jail.

She called Margaret out, but he didn't answer.

Brodie sat at the kitchen table.

How far is it from here to the sea?

They won't risk doing that.

Are you a real doctor?


Where's the restroom?

Delbert died trying to save Pamela.

No, I don't think Hamlet was actually mad. Whenever he is alone with Horatio, he's sane enough.


Everybody's still there.

I want to put all this behind us.

She just wrote a book.

I think we should send Spudboy to a private school.

What happens after that?


What's your favorite summer sport?


The great critic and the poet are traveling together.

There are more people there.

You have potential.

I can't believe it's already time to go home.

Darin tried to gain the attention of one of the waiters.

They found the room empty.

I'd like to make an appointment for a shampoo and a set.


Listening practice tends to be monotonous.

She did what she promised to do for me.

Insects are full of proteins.


Go risk your head and think a thought which now no one has had yet; go risk your step and walk a way which now no one has trod yet; that Man may build himself, and not be made by other objects.

Blue is my favourite colour.

He failed to answer the letter.

What's the score?

How long will we remain in Beijing?


Ricardo has always been my staunchest ally at work.

Ramsey was seen stealing apples from the neighbor's tree.

Never mind that.

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Do you know his status in the company?


Our neighbor owns three Porsches, so he's rich.

He moved to Europe.

Could you please speak more quietly? I feel hungover.


Does everyone get the plan?

I thought I was making some progress.

We were all ears when he started to tell us his secret.


I don't see her anymore.

He has been secretly in love with her.

She followed him home to find out where he lived.


Just look at all this.

It goes without saying that smoking is bad for your health.

Sedat didn't trust Jason to work alone.

I wonder if there's a chance Tanya will be here tomorrow.

The boy took no notice of his father's advice.

Why don't you just let me go?

I deserve to be rewarded.


Fuck neutrality!

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Syed admired the flower arrangement.

I'd be forever grateful if you could help me fix this thing.

Travel broadens one's horizons.


Let me tell you about them.

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That's probably not what Juri did.

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I don't think I can do this without your help.


Daniel's house is just down the street.


We must do this again soon.

Maybe I should check on her.

Valentina started school in 1945 when she was eight years old. She left school to begin working in a textile plant in 1953.


Guys have feelings too.

Usually I drink two cups of coffee with lunch.

In Serbia, the trains are very slow.

Look out! There's a hole in the road.

Do you know what she said?


Why do you care at all?

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You were terrified, weren't you?

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These might be significant.

I'm told you're a good teacher.

Bart said he didn't think Darren could speak French.

He swallowed his anger and went on working.

I'd like to speak to Luke.


I don't want to pretend I'm someone I'm not.

He's not backwards about coming forward.

I foolishly imagined that he was going to help me.

Huskies love cold weather.

I talked to him when we were in the cinema.

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You've earned a break.

I made five applications for jobs but got nothing.

To our surprise, Betty won the trophy.

I think it's Shane's motorcycle.

I should cancel the trip to LA.


They have got to abide by the rules.


He died after a brief illness.

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They all thought Pat was crazy.

Do you have a biro?

I could use a little sleep.

He never said it again.

Tell us what you heard.

I think Huey would've come if you'd invited him.

Niall was sitting in the dark, smoking a cigarette.


I get a real kick out of football!

It's going to be mine.

Everyone admired his courage.

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I'm suffering from a bad headache.


Stu has oily skin.

Horses run.

It only adds fuel to the fire.

Have you ever caught a fish?

Who succeeded?

Why would I want to help you?

We haven't seen him since then.

I don't care for coffee.

Miss Green taught me English.


Why in a million years would I want to do something like that?

I feel young.

Did she go to the concert last Sunday?


Get her out of my sight.


Stop taking things so personally.


I am shooting with a Russian machine-gun.

He's in his element.

Phew! That was close!

My grandmother mailed the letter this morning.

Norma doesn't have to change.


This dictionary is no good.


I haven't had dessert yet.

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The Old Testament forbids eating shellfish.

Jayant drew a line down the middle of the page.

We should just enjoy this and not worry about how much it costs.

I don't like to go out after dark.

He is eager for success.

They sell sporting goods.

Won't you reconsider?

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He provided them with food.

That sukiyaki dinner was a real treat.

Machinery uses a lot of electricity.

I have been to Rome.

I'm in a bad mood.

We're flying above the clouds.

I like to play in the garden.


I signed this petition.

My father is already more than fifty years old.

You shouldn't cancel your trip.

You're really pretty, too.

Sorry, but I think you've got the wrong number.

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Lorien can't go anywhere today.

Death is just a gate: when it shuts, another opens.

She had scarcely started reading the book, when someone knocked at the door.