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The Network
Activation Platforms

Enable your networks to contribute!

Dedicated Community Platforms to Organize
and Mobilize Networks

Integrated Engagement Tools to Enable
Collaboration on Content Creation and Sharing

The Network Activation Platforms Application

Employee Network
Activation Platforms

Patient Support Programs

Opinion Leaders

Coordinated Care

Grassroots and
Awareness Campaigns

Youth Health Education

Collaboration Toolkit

Training and Learning
Reinforcement Platforms

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The Network Activation PlatformsBenefits

Meet local requirements and cultural needs
while having a common and compliant platform

Customize and scale up quickly to amplify
the impact with limited investment

Reinforce belongingness through peer-to-peer
engagement in addition to social media network sharing

Focus on engaging the networks to sustain
momentum thanks to a ready-to-go technology

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The Network Activation Platforms Offer

A multi-device multi-lingual
technology platform per country in local

Customize functionalities
and access depending on the
configuration required

Ability to create
and manage content with an integrated
validation process

Ability to share content
via multiple channels (all social media, email and
community internal network(s))

Built-in community engagement and
collaboration functionalities

Switchboard and analytics to assess engagement levels

Compliant validated by Big Pharma
Social Media Committees

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