Is Hartmann a good cook?

I saw him a minute ago.

We should never have given up.

It's not quite normal.

She was impressed with the altruistic service of nurses.

He came here to help me.

Jacob is convinced that he's a relative if mine.

What's the point of doing this?

I wish Elisabeth were here with us.

Why buy a calculator if you already have one?

The soldiers arrested him, blindfolded him, then they took him behind their vehicle and one of the soldiers took aim at his leg and shot him. This scene was filmed and millions of people from all over the world saw it.

We all want a new car or a new phone.

Wash the quinces thoroughly.

I may have to call you later.

She has a lover.

I was the only one who survived.

He acts according to my advice.

After twisting your body, squat down.

Is this absolutely necessary?

He emphasized the importance of peace.

That would be great.

He surrendered.

I want to do this myself.

This is the same hospital where Tobias works.

I'll miss you when you're gone.

When Michelle told Chris he didn't like her scarf, she got rid of it.

An amoeba is animalcular.

Jacobson wasn't able to play basketball last season because of a broken leg.

I don't know how long.

Who did this first?

You might at least say thank you.

The supermarket is open.

He didn't tell a lie. As a matter of fact, he told the whole truth.

I don't mind standing.

He was standing at the gate.

Hey, it's just a story.

Rafael seems to have lost his passport.

If for some reason I don't make it, go alone.

It was a near thing!

The TV blared in the background.

Trying to tempt her, I gazed into her face.

That can't be denied.

You could do a lot if you put your mind to it.

The subway was so full that there were around five people per square meter.

Children like cake.

Jeany wouldn't really do that, would he?

Was that Joyce?

I'll send you the money today through PayPal.

As soon as I got home, I went to bed.

The road is slippery.

The dean sighed and said: "I think that this woman is perhaps... my own cousin".

I love American food.

Is there anyone here who knew Marian?

Get a cat! Don't expect affection from other human beings!

Throughout the centuries humankind has tracked the sun, the stars, and the universe.

Disarmament is in practice difficult in many countries.

I am using a 30-day trial copy of the music software.

I majored in American literature at college.

Stacy lives across the river.

It is a great improvement as compared with what it was last year.

As the proverb goes, time really is money.

He began to twitch uncontrollably as I called 911.

Ken is about as tall as Bill.

You need to look more carefully.

How can I ever forget those moments?

English is as fine a means of communication as any in the world.

One morning, Gregor Samsa woke from a rough night's sleep and found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous bug.

Stop acting like you care.

Isn't he an American gentleman?

Raj drives way too fast.

Is this really all that important?

Yumi went there alone.

Let's do this while it's still cool.

Has anybody seen God?

There's a tolerance for different accents.

Look up words you don't know in your dictionary.

When did you take the exam?

Olaf is a very handsome boy.

It's a good way to make friends.

I am the manager of my own.

The people living in that village habitually carry together several heaps of nuts, each heap being of the size of a net that is formed by two people's four hands.

Nils says he's planning to go to Boston this winter.

Where will the concert be?

We are thankful for the good food.

"Where is my wife?" "She is in jail."

What games do you like to play?

Where did you try them on?

I didn't mean for it to happen this way.

Harmon has never done that to me.

By the time I came, he'd gone away.

I remember the event as vividly as if it were just yesterday.

How far can you go?

I have cabin fever.

I hate being taken advantage of.

I'll help you if possible.

Kris and I both miss you very much.

I was on my way over to Rafael's right now.

Asking for seconds would be unseemly.

They teased each other.

You should assume that Tommy won't help us at all.

Everybody shouted for joy.

Gabriel ate a starfruit.

I guess I agree.

Sofoklis can't believe Uri really believes that.

Tor is the man Rudy met the other day.

We shot pheasants by the hundred.

See you in about an hour.

There's no class today.

You are expected to put out lamps and heaters before you leave the office.

I'm pretty sure Tuna won't be here.

Srivatsan had to rewrite his essay.

He gave me a present.

They are so alike that I can't tell which is which.

I don't feel like going, because I am sitting here quite comfortably.

I'll try to contact Brendan by phone, but he's likely to have already left by now.

David couldn't fight back the tears.

It was a dream come true.

Do you have any idea what Rogue was doing in Boston?

Do the Germans have any other concerns in life apart from consumerism?

He mended my umbrella.

I couldn't take it anymore.

We don't seem to need it now.

Julia dropped his coffee cup.

How do you derive the length of the circumference? I've forgotten.

Can I tell you a secret?

Where was it made?

Sharon knows it won't be easy.

The room was anything but tidy.

There are many careers open to women.

Luckily, I got hold of a branch and was saved from falling.

I'll tell you everything you want to know.

Near the forest stands an isolated house.

Suresh bent down to look under the table.

Hopefully the weather will be just like today.

Can you find out if Pitawas speaks French?

You are a strange man.

They loved Jane.

I'm on my way to work.

I have made a most marvellous discovery.

I can't get my hands on that kind of money.

She saw a young man at the entrance.

Why would I ever apologize to Claudia?

Sitting down all day and looking at a computer screen is bad for you.

He's just jealous.

The leaves blew off.

I would've left before Giovanni got here if I'd known he was coming.

If you want to stay here, you are welcome to.

I thought it was a foul ball.

It feels good.

That's very reassuring.

This matter must not be trifled with.

I didn't think Boston would be this hot.

Is it a trap of some kind?

Go find her.

What's wrong with the world?

I got married too young.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the seven days of the week.

I've been busy repairing things.

I am more than grateful for you help.

You really are lazy, aren't you?

They never do anything.

I didn't know you kept it.

His feelings were not reciprocated.

There's something I think you need to know.

There are fifty families in this village.

I don't think he cared.

Why didn't you tell someone?

Tell Frank I'll come back.

I'm going to the center of the city.

You might want to study a little harder before the next test.

Let's not gloat.

Vicky is a retired policeman.

The face of an angel appeared in his dream.

Samuel saw his job as a pump attendant as a stopgap measure until a better one came up.

Her eyes have sunk through overwork.

Can't you get in touch with Sharan?

It'll soon be three o'clock.

There's something you're not telling me.

How to get that done?

Aren't you interested?

I knew you'd find her.

It is necessary to protect the national unity.

I'll bet you didn't sleep a wink last night.

I wonder what has become of him after he went to America.

I found a tree frog on the wall in my bathroom.

I have been here for two hours.

They're lucky.

Lou fell asleep crying.

I just came by to say thanks.

It's fun to watch the race.

Don't sneak out of the concert!

The cathedral had a religious painting on its ceiling.

You're scared of being hurt, aren't you?

Do you speak French well?

Hsuan should've arrived by this time.

Val and Sam will be celebrating their thirtieth wedding anniversary on Monday.

I'm done working.

Everything comes at a price.

A bad smell permeated the room.

No language, no nation.