LLC provides technology and supply chain solutions to customers and suppliers around the world. Telcobuy understands that when today's advanced technologies are properly planned, procured and deployed, they can reduce costs, increase profitability and ultimately improve a company's ability to serve its customers.

Since its inception, has supported a Quality Management System to ensure that we deliver products and services in a manner that exceeds our customers' quality requirements. Telcobuy's Quality System was founded in 1999 to conform to the Quality Standard ISO 9002.


Products & Services

Information Technology
Information Technology
As an authorized reseller of information technology hardware and services, we leverage our strategic partnerships with leading OEMs to provide our customers with a single source for accessing a complete array of technology solutions.
Supply Chain Services
Supply Chain Services
With knowledgeable and experienced supply chain professionals, a scalable technology platform and proven business processes, offers flexibility in designing supply chain solutions that simplify the requisition-through-payment process.
Professional Services
Professional Services offers specialized IT services provided by knowledgeable and skilled professionals who are dedicated to customer service, timely execution and the development of cost-effective solutions.
Data Center
Telcobuy uses proven methodologies to plan, design, implement and optimize your data center environment. We understand the security challenges facing the data center and the interdependencies of servers, storage, networking, virtualization and facilities.
Established as an industry leader for enterprise collaboration, Telcobuy delivers the tools, technology and expertise needed to enhance collaboration across an organization in the areas of Unified Communications, Conferencing and Client Experience, Video and Contact Center.
For more than two decades, Telcobuy has provided customers with enterprise networking solutions for the data center, campus, branch and service provider edge. We understand networking’s complex evolution, and the role of emerging technologies in today’s enterprise networking solutions.
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Telcobuy mitigates and manages security risks for large public and private organizations by developing defensive strategies specific to customers’ vulnerabilities. We focus on Network and Data Protection, Identity and Access Control, Security Analytics and Advisory Services.
By working with a financially strong, privately held systems integrator with more than $6 billion in annual revenue that ranks among the top tier of partners with Cisco, HP, EMC, NetApp, VMware and Citrix, Telcobuy customers realize the benefits of saving time and money while significantly minimizing risk.
Telcobuy Workshops
Telcobuy Workshops
Telcobuy workshops are customized for their audience and delivered from Telcobuy's Advanced Technology Center (ATC), providing an opportunity for attendees to gain hands-on access to available technology while addressing technical and strategic goals.