I can't risk it.

I assume you've proofread this already.

Say goodbye to your friends.

What will we be doing this time next week?

I don't want to name names.

I must finish my homework before dinner.

Chris followed the two and cheerfully greeted Kate.

The wholesalers might try to back out of the deal.

Louis had a difficult job.

They have erected a new government.


With these orders, he left for India right away.

How would you feel in this situation if you were Ricky?

Elvis said he'd only be gone for a few days.

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Blacken the chicken by cooking it on the skillet on high heat for 10 minutes per side.

Dwindling resources have hampered the efforts of police to stem the rise of violent crime in the city.

It can be fatal.

We have a very good team, so we have every reason to be optimistic.

The bug is still alive.

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I'll guarantee that you'll enjoy this movie.

He never lay down under the power.

He loses self-control when he's drunk.

Don't make a fuss about trifles.

What's made you think that I'd want to kiss you?

Please let us know if we can help in other ways.

Please apply to the employment office regarding the job in question.


Izumi told me what you did.


We know we haven't done anything.

Generally speaking, the young people of today are clever.

The following is the project's progress.

They made fun of my accent.

It is necessary for you to help her.


Kieran walked to Park Street and then turned left.

We will have much fun.

Everyone in the city knows your family.

I hate everything about you.

He put his tools away after he had finished.

Water is a fluid.

When you feel tired, there's nothing better than a bath.

Why is everyone staring at you?

When are we going to eat?

I've never understood her.

What did you do it for?

I just have one question for you.

Hand me my slippers.


They were delegates from India to the U. N.

I hear that even taxi drivers often get lost in Tokyo.

The suddenly appeared.

You might have heard of me.

I went via Beijing of necessity because there wasn't a direct flight.

I want those back when you're done.

He was laid off.


Quit your bullying!

He's my stepfather.

Tell Donn I didn't read it.

We don't have to worry about that now.

We've lost contact.

Sochi has a subtropical climate and temperatures rarely fall below freezing.

I wonder what I should do with all the money I'm about to make.

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When will you harvest your wheat?


I want to hear everything that's happened to you.

I want to leave Paris.

We're happy that we're able to flee to the large awning, shielding ourselves from the rays of the harsh sun.

I completely forgot about him.

There's still a little milk left in this glass.


Would you like to listen?


We'll be ready whenever you need us.

I carried on my work.

I've never told a joke in my life.


I don't feel like going to the movies tonight.

What is the next class?

She's making money hand over fist.

You must be Leila's sister.

Marci was trying to protect you.

Knudsen was woefully unprepared.

I don't have any money on hand.

He is an author famous for his novels and stories.

I've never seen that before in my life.

How many days does it usually take to get there?

I decided to come to Japan last year.

I should have brought a lunch.

I bake traditional cakes.

The room was in disorder.

Spring is coming.

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I don't want her seeing this.


I decided to err on the side of caution and make twenty copies.

Kolkka took care of our dog while we were in Boston.

Now, Shaw, you can't expect me to give you all the answers.

Kiki usually drank beer for supper.

Sugih told Lori to be careful.

If it were to rain tomorrow, the match would be postponed.

Panzer knows that everything Valerie is saying is true.

His car fell into the lake.

Where's my tea?


Who is that?


She'll get the better of you if you aren't careful.

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Milner left school at thirteen.

That's a matter of opinion.

The house fell down one week later.

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You should work in the interests of humanity.

I want a television set, but I can't afford to buy one.

Miltos just barely earns enough to live on.

She is good at playing the guitar.

To love life is to love God.

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You won't hang your coat behind the door.

Did they say what happened?

Actually, it would be much more sensible to do it later.

What're you looking at, Hwa?

She can't come with us.

Let's skip dessert.

Lenny was in trouble.

That's very reassuring.

Tell me you don't know anything about this.


He refused to accept such an absurd proposal.

In the same way, a Russian might fail to see anything amusing in a joke which would make an Englishman laugh to tears.

It said in the newspapers that it was a crime of passion.


I heard Lawrence speaking French.


Vishal has already done what he had to do.


A niece is a daughter of one's brother or sister.

There are lots of things we've got to fix.

Tell me what movies you guys have seen.

Van has a blog on Tumblr.

We can talk about this at home.

He is a man of considerable influence.

A man can receive only what is given to him from heaven.

Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.

Roberta likes listening to the radio when he's driving.


You're obviously very good at your job.

To defend myself, I had to tell a lie.

Jong wants to pay off his debts.


The only people the settlers kill are the natives that they call the "savage."

I don't really like to talk about Gail.

Pete is in satisfactory condition.

Complete the dialogue with the conjugated form of "to have".

Derek is going to go to school tomorrow.

I think you're interesting.

We threw it away.

The net gravitational field at any point on the surface of the earth is the sum of the gravitational fields of all the masses in the universe; hence it displays diurnal and seasonal variations and variations with the phases of the moon and Jupiter; and those variations vary with latitude: if you live far from the poles, you weigh more at night.

We believe in Buddhism.

I said get back!

Lui did it for me.


The waiter brought me my drink.


Every man has seen the wall that limits his mind.

I'm from England.

I can walk.

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He gives us money.

The bank has loaned the company $1,000,000.

What's Gregg's dog called?

I don't know his name.

You're kind of scary.

I don't like to send postcards when I'm on a trip.

This spider is pretty aggressive.

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You look much better.


He fears his own shadow.

It seems unlikely, but maybe it'll happen.

I wish you spoke Spanish.

I love the beautiful town.

You can let them go.

Global climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity.

The victim died at a hospital in Boston.


Take it to her.

I've rarely seen her so quiet.

And it's here that you are wrong!


I am just dreaming.

I want to go straight.

Do you know an ethnic dance?


What a tacky idea!