Why Amrino?

Since ancient times, inhabitants near the Mediterranean Sea have followed a unique diet consisting of foods typically found only in this area.

Daily consumption of at least 500 grams of polyphenol-rich vegetables and fruits characterised by having a red skin, and/or 4 glasses of wine from specific red grape varieties and 2-4 tablespoons of high quality olive oil is tradition.

For many of us living in colder, more Northern areas, it has been proven that it is difficult, if not impossible, to strictly adhere to this Mediterranean regimen.

What is Amrino?

Take Care Of Your Heart And Blood Vessels

Amrino is a food supplement consisting of highly concentrated polyphenols originated from specific red wine grapes as well as apple skin. In addition, Amrino is complemented with specific polyphenols sourced from olives, as well as extra trans-resveratrol. Vitamin C is added to maintain strong blood vessel walls and vitamin B1 to benefit your heart. Amrino is being produced under strict laboratory conditions and under the supervision of a certified Pharmacist.

100% Natural

The polyphenols in Amrino are of natural origin and free of allergens. The capsules are vegan, thus suitable for vegetarians. It is easy to use: just take one capsule at breakfast and one capsule at dinner. If you wish, the capsule can be easily opened to mix its content with your favourite yoghurt, smoothie or shake.

Product features

The beneficial effects of Amrino can be observed below.
Restoring endothelial function and helping to prevent atherosclerosis development.

A unique formula, based on the acclaimed Mediterranean diet.

With no less than 700mg polyphenols per daily dose.

Without the negative effects of alcohol in wine.


With extra added Resveravine™ for more trans-resveratrol.

With extra added Oli-Ola™ extract sourced during the production of olive oil, but without the negative effects of its calories.

Made from polyphenols from specially selected red wine grapes and organic olives.

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