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Give it a break, Dalton.

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Six divided by two equals three.

I asked him to stop.

Why don't you come to my house in the near future?

The grandmother gives candies to her grandchildren.

The sight made a chill run down my spine.


What exactly happened?

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Having finished eating this one thing, he didn't eat any of the others.

The roads are unclean.

Dan invited me to his house for dinner.

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Can you tell what's wrong?

Can I get a coffee to go?

I've never seen them wear hats.

You've got me all rattled.

He left the house at eight o'clock.

It doesn't look so bad.

He tricked her into agreeing to his proposal.

Everything seemed calm.

It's characteristic of him to be late.

The dolphin is a very intelligent animal.

I chopped the onions and put them in a casserole with butter and oil.

Bjorne and Kerry became friends when they were in high school.

Leora got up and walked over to the window.


Santa was the one who made that decision.

He acted as our guide.

I won't allow myself to be fooled by you.

I have to say I envy you guys.

The door was closed.

I hope nothing's been broken.

As soon as I get up, I take a shower.


I don't know what else to tell you.


The current debt limit stands at $15.2 trillion.

It began to snow.


I left early to catch the first bus.

The indigenous population took up arms against the settlers.

Alf is cold.

Raghu doesn't want me to go.


Teri did warn us.

The crowd cheers for both teams.

Stephe seems to be the one giving orders.

I don't have time to do everything I want to do.

You will wish you had never seen it.


Could you please take off your sunglasses?


Brender is extremely greedy.

The doctor can't examine the patient being drunk.

My father is getting bald.

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That is actually very simple.

Pay heed to your food.

They asked me to make a speech on short notice.


Can you get this arrow out of my leg?

I don't think I'll be able to pass the test.

The weather report said that it'll rain this afternoon, but I don't think it will.

I want to mention the release of our new software edition at the banquet.

The dominance of English is killing the European dialogue.

I wish Ramiro would learn to speak French.

The responsibility sat heavily on her.

Something has gone terribly wrong.

Auldey is a Chinese brand.

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Your bicycle is better than mine.

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It casts mysterious shadows on the wall.

We will miss you badly.

We almost got caught.

Isabelle needs to be more careful.

You didn't hear it from me.

Kolkka is neurotic.

Spock had it coming.


No one believes that anymore.


The measles virus is super contagious.

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Why did you kill my mother?

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I never hit you.

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He no longer works here.

The hallway is slippery, so watch your step.

What do you want to cook today?

The soldiers retreated from their positions.

I'm trying to get a tan.

Now that you mention it, I do remember that we did that.

I'm happy to hear you're still working for us.

The photo artist had trouble expressing himself.

We should give Lar some time by himself.

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Some people cannot bear traveling by sea.

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He flirts with other girls on Facebook.

I want to see her tomorrow.

He's already left.

The house is screened from view with a high fence.

I have something for them.


This can't be the truth.

All that's left for me is to drink myself silly with vodka and to get lost in sleep.

We're here to assist you.


He is in the habit of eating only two meals a day.

I'm eating here.

It would be better to try.

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I would never make fun of you.

We've humiliated her.

The conference is to be held in Tokyo the day after tomorrow.


Sjouke was extremely impolite.

Cristi doesn't want to believe that.

Our plans are progressing smoothly.

Tracy doesn't know if he can do what you're asking him to do.

Let's talk about the Jacksons.

We reap as we have sown.

How do you account for your absence?

If you could tell me when Nora will arrive, I'll go to the station and pick him up.

He always says one word too many.

When did we decide this?


Wolfgang is reading a book about the history of Australia.

We'll finish later.

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My father is to appear on TV tonight.


He is known to everyone in the town.

I am sick of your complaint.

I'll visit my uncle in Boston next month.

I'm loved.

They want to cut down the forest to build a hotel and a shopping mall.

The deer is three times as heavy as Jane.

I invited Bradford over for dinner.

I hope Ahmet can sort this out.

I told him that I get up at seven every morning.

There's very little we can do now.

Ralph claims to be an archaeologist.


I used to live with her.

There is a radio in my room.

Leave me alone, will you?

I had to protect Stephan.

When will you live in Sanda next year?


Manuel is very well respected.

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We can stay here as long as we want.

I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark place.

Eritrea is called "Erta" in Tigrinya.

The man is eating. The woman is eating. The child is eating.

Dimetry wanted me to keep it quiet until he talked to Spyros.

Sir, that CD is available only by special order.

The consumerist society contributes to a continuous increase in the amount of household waste.


Rees isn't busy now.


You know as well as I do that we can't afford to buy that kind of car.

Have you heard from him recently?

Toufic drank straight from the bottle.


I think I really love you, Irving.

Do you want to stop him?

He faded into the fog like the memory of a ghost long forgotten.

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Let's see what happens.

She married him for the sake of his family name.

Would you like anything to drink?

That doesn't bother me.

Keep your promises.

She watched the gardens grow, and she watched the apples turn red and ripen.

We need to avoid any further delays.

If you study, you'll become an important person in the future.

I told her the truth. I just added a few embellishments.

The plane's going down.

Mr. Jackson is our science teacher.

I failed to recall the song's title.

He wrote the article "Artificial Intelligence in Martian Colonial Life Support Systems."

It seems that the policeman in this TV series is a dirty cop who abuses his authority.

Maarten seemed to be having a good time talking with Amanda.

It's time for my break.

Tao was available.

In some parts of the ocean, krill populations have dropped by over 80 percent.

I didn't know where to begin.

It's very gratifying.

No one believed what you said.

I still haven't finished the architecture course.

This morning I have solved the problem, but maybe there are still further problems.

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He only drinks water from my small jar.