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I don't think I'll go to Boston.


The roof collapsed under the weight of the snow.

Praising children is an important thing.

Learning to read well is of primary importance.


Blaine didn't leave a suicide note.

Why do you think you're here?

Kyle likes the way Todd looks.

There are some differences between British English and American English.

He talked to her about her eyes, how that they were beautiful dark-blue seas, and that thoughts and feelings floated like mermaids therein; and he spoke of her brow, how that it was a fair snowy mountain, and many other such like things he told her.

I will not be able to give you a lesson tomorrow.

I am a Trojan horse, so I have infected your Mac computer.

That took much longer than I expected.

Winston doesn't yet know why I'm here.


I had a lot to say in relation to that affair.

The skyscraper is expected to sink into the bog.

Then, with a final, terrible scream, the monster flung itself off the mountain to its death on the rocks below.

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My birthday is close to yours.

How much is the tax?

What can we do to help you?

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Teresa is Japanese.


He made her his wife.


Didn't you hear what I just said?

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What became of Stanly?

I'd like to ask Skip to join our group.

The avalanche was traveling at twenty five miles an hour.


Besides the piano, can you play any other instruments?

The romance about outer space still lives in a few of us.

You're a weirdo.

Lee looks very sleepy.

I sit in front of a computer screen all day, so I get pretty heavily bombarded by electro-magnetic waves.

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Carla, the singer, has a great voice.

It's duck soup for a girl of easy virtue to find a new man.

You promised me to look after them.

Does this taxi go to the Jingan temple?

Don't just stand there, say something.

Do you look your age?

You feel more secure that I can't see your face on the Internet.

This is actually old news.

Taxes are too high.

I was probably thirty years old at that time.

You left your clothes there on the floor again! Put them away properly!


He has denied all the stories in the newspapers.

I don't want to be a disappointment to my parents.

The major caveat that is preventing me from travelling more is increased travel expenses.

I am rich, fat and happy.

I don't think Naomi knows anything.

His advice didn't help at all.

We are familiar with only a tiny fraction of the universe.

I consider him my friend.

In order to apply, you have to go in person.

He has a very dense beard.

Do you ever listen to English programs on the air?

I'm sure going to miss Rafik.

That's not something I would joke about.

Let me give this to you before I forget.

She resembles her sister in character.


I wanted to know what our general stance is on adding machine translations?

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Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria.

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She gains an advantage over me in speaking Chinese.

Dori looked nervously over his shoulder.

Derek didn't feel the earthquake.

I found that out the hard way.

I'd like to come home now.

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War makes you poorer and weaker, even if you win.


I write everything down; I feel uneasy without my notebook.

The astronomers were so pleased with Clyde's drawings that they offered him a job.

No one else knows what it's like to be me.

The kid is a pain in the neck.

I have a nosebleed.


"Do you suspect me?"

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Why don't we cancel the party?

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I like maths.

Who is ultimately responsible for this?

Many people think that sharks are the most dangerous fish in the ocean.

I'm sorry we couldn't get you a seat on first class.

This is the window which was broken by the boy.


I won't be beholden to special interests.


I can't believe I'm actually here.

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I have diarrhea.

Hold out your hands.

Show business is really glamorous.

Helge won a large sum of money.

Does he want to see it?

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Tanya has been talking about getting a new car for the last three years.


Are you excited?

Nail polish remover stinks a lot.

The only one who knows what to do is Lloyd.

They're not rocks. They're minerals.

Why did you move out?

You'll get into trouble if your parents find out.

Sadder than the beggar is the man who eats alone in public.

I always knew that Sho was a troublemaker.

Let Thuan do that by himself.

The structural formula for water is H-O-H.

Christofer liked it immediately.

They were very grateful.

Simply, I don't know what to say.

I was in danger of losing my life.

The primary cause of his failure is laziness.

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He's the real racist for bringing it up.

Shai did his part.

Don't play innocent with me.

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Stevan rejected both proposals.

I was born in Boston, but was brought up in Chicago.

Do you fancy going to the movies tonight?

I'm already able to write Chinese characters.

It seems that our sense of direction is not always reliable.

I was sort of in the middle of something.

Now I get it.

"One aspect of language is an intent to communicate," he says.

I'm a jinx. If I sold candles, the sun wouldn't go down.


Ray can't afford to buy a yacht.

Aristotle believed that the Earth was the center of the universe.

That guy over there is looking at you.

He lives by himself in the woods.

I've got a message for them.

Santa isn't in the same place you are.

That's the car I told you about.

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Are you able to type?

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They really are wise.

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Won't you eat lunch with us?

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What he said proved true.

Better alone than in bad company.

You did, didn't you?

You can stop now.

I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye.


I thought you liked her.

Imagine yourself to be in his place.

Edward and Jon looked at each other and stood up.

Juan is sitting at the table, drinking wine.

Get Spencer away from here.

When yelling doesn't work, yell louder!

I'm really disappointed.


The meeting dragged on.

Rodent handed a drink to Tim.

I'm getting a big raise.

But I do like that, mortals.

The species faded away.

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I'm sometimes in a bad temper.

We're not really sure.

This song is known to everyone.

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I wasn't the only one who stayed up all night.

Roland doesn't speak French as well as Ariel does.

The alarm clock is ringing.

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Let's start in plenty of time. I don't like to take risks.

Wayne took a creative writing class.

Stop playing with your hair.


I'm willing to work on Sunday if you need me to.

What gets me is having to do the same boring job, all day every day.

I apologize for what I said.

Everything's going to be great.

Amedeo is immobile.

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What was wrong?

He climbed up the tree like a monkey.

Meeks led the way, followed by Kit, and then John.

The child is not crying anymore.

All I want is to get rid of you.

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What's your favorite TV program?

There is a clock on the wall.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.