What Sets Us Apart

We’re definitely not your traditional nail & body spa. We focus on a more modern, trendy design, coupled with medical-grade sanitation and sterilization processes and a hip, music-based atmosphere.

Medical-Grade Standards

Our salon employs an on-staff Registered Nurse to supervise all aspects of our sanitation and sterilization protocol, as well as train staff in areas of safety and practice.

Music Theme Nights

We love all types of music, and we're bringing that passion to our salon. From Country to Hip-Hop, Motown to Pop, we can tailor your experience to the style that speaks to you!

Extended Hours

The days of 9-5 workdays are long gone, and we recognize that nothing soothes body and mind like a little pampering after work. That's why we're open late until 10pm Monday thru Saturday.

Cloud-Based Management System

Our custom management software allows us to retain all of your information, including past color choices, services, gift card purchases, and technicians!

Full Complimentary Bar

We offer a full complimentary bar with our standard services. Complimentary wine and non-alcoholic beverages are included with all services.

Professional Communication

When it comes to beauty, it's not always easy to explain what you're looking for, especially with language barriers. Our English-proficient staff will listen and help guide you in your personal style.

Fresh-made Scrubs & Masks

We make our signature scrubs and masks daily from fresh fruit and vegetables, including lemons, limes, kiwi, and avacado with sugar, dead-sea salt, and organic oils.*

Social Media Community

We are VERY active on social media! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! Have questions? Suggestions? Reach out to us and get an immediate response!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Sanitize Your Equipment?

We utilize a three-step process in sterilizing all of our equipmentL: mechanical, chemical, and steam/pressure. First, we hand-clean all debris and dirt from the equipment, then submerge equipment in a sterilizing bath of disinfectant. Finally, we use a medical-grade Ritter M9 autoclave, which sterilizes equipment by a high-heat and pressure process to guarantee that all equipment meets medical-grade standards.

Why Do You Not Re-use Files and Buffers?

Glad you asked! Most nail salons re-use files, buffers, and other tools to save costs. However, these types of tools are not able to be sanitized or sterilized, and therefore lead to the spread of infection and cross-client contamination. We use a single-use tool on each and every customer to prevent spread of germs and infection.

Why Do You Not Offer Acrylic Services?

Due to the overwhelming evidence linking the use of harsh chemicals such as methacrylic acid to health concerns for both customers and staff, we have made the decision to exclude acrylic services from our menu. Recent studies have linked prolonged exposure to these chemicals to respiratory, skin, and other conditions, and are also suspected in a high rate of miscarriages to manicurists.

Additionally, many customers complain of the strong chemical smells that are common in nail salons offering acrylic services. At Athenian, our salon usually smells more like a Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works than a paint shop or meth lab! 🙂

Acrylic nail services also drill and thin the natural nails, resulting in the risk of long-term damage, ingrown nails and infections. Most people do not need acrylic nails as a prosthetic, as that there are many other solutions in the industry, such as SNS and Brisa Lite. Ask a staff member for more information on these services.


Check out these links for more information on the dangers of acrylic nails.

Custom Cloud-based Management Software

Our custom management software allows us to retain your information for fast, easy lookup of your previous technicians, color choices, gift card balances and more. It also helps ensure that wait times are kept to a minimum with our tablet-based turn interface.

Gift Cards & e-Cards

We provide both physical and e-mailed gift cards which can be retrieved if lost or stolen. You'll never have to worry about forgetting your gift card at home with us!

Medical-grade Sterilization & Sanitization

We use a three-step sterilization process, including mechanical, chemical, and heat/pressure autoclave to ensure that all equipment meets medical-grade levels of safety. We also use only single-use files and buffers, which cannot be adequately sterilized.

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