Have you met him?

I want to see the countryside.

My baby has peed in his nappy.

We can't do anything about that problem at this time.

Margot just seems confused.

Try to be moderate in drinking.


Can I ask you something else?

If it rains tomorrow, I will stay at home all day.

Don't talk so impudently.

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He made up a story about the dog.

I'm surprised you overlooked it.

Simon went hiking.

Would you care for some food?

Does Roxana go to the same school as Rakhal?

This is our last day here.

Joseph looked at the schedule.


The product was not taken out of the box.


I feel lucky today.

I didn't expect Al to get here so soon.

It was her fearfully pale complexion that caught his eye.

It will not be long before it rains.

His speeches were welcomed by large audiences all over the country.

We have to help them.

I told him not to go to the place alone.


"Since when have you been in London, Gunter?" "I've been here since June."

An anonymous caller contacted the police to report a murder.

Are you really married?

This is a peach tree. It's very pretty.

Hurry! There's no time to lose!

Have I disappointed you?

Let's get you out of here.


Are you going to go?

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Teri and Marco hung out together.


I have decided to carry on the work.

We made way too many mistakes.

My elder brother finished his homework very quickly.

Marge works for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The rumor turned out true.

Don't you hate dogs?

Ellen doesn't use a computer every day.

I have a red bicycle.

His remark hit home.

Murthy showed Arnold several pictures of his house.

Rayan has been very busy.

Darren kissed Elliot and they hugged each other.

France is a republic.

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Professional athletes spend hours training.


Horses are easily startled.

That place is always crowded, but I reserved a table today, so we don't have to worry.

You've lost the ability to concentrate.


Mr. Suzuki is an outstanding scientist.


The teacher I wrote to you about has not yet arrived.


The higher classes constitute the mind of the single large whole of humanity; the lower classes constitute its limbs; the former are the thinking and designing part, the latter the executive part.

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I can't take this pain any more.


I should learn Esperanto.

I don't want to eat right now.

I've never been good with figures.

Which one is Nichael's daughter?

They're Canadians, aren't they?

He was walking about in the town.

I'm still alive.


It's been switched.


He was surprised to learn this.

Has Hohn been asking you questions about me?

I would've let her do it.


I'll be right back, folks.

My neighbors are four sisters and a cat.

I would have liked that Bret succeeded.

The painting is deteriorating.

Harry is your friend, isn't he?

I want my own house, even if it's a shack.

We left Boston at 2:30 yesterday.

Do you have a map?

Where can I ride a motorcycle?

Can I get your number?

She's missed the boat.


I should probably not have done that.

Do you study at a private school?

He went above and beyond the call of duty.

I can't drive.

We are going to have a baby next month.

He was visibly bothered.

It's not nice to brag about your accomplishments.


I'll teach you how to play chess.

It was a stupid joke.

Monday is a bank holiday.

That is no business of his.

That would've worked, too.


They despise you.

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We have no quarrel with you.


What can they do to us?

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Is there some way that I can get in touch with Hillel?


I want to thank you for picking Naomi up after school.


His thought is progressive.

This transparent liquid contains poison.

It's a fad.

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He looked back at me and grinned.

Amarth comes from the north.

Cory doesn't particularly like Devon.

It's not a problem, Ilya.

Are you hiding something?

When the bus came, she got on.

My computer broke due to the heat.

If you don't want to stay, you don't have to.

The sick child sat up in bed.

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What do we know about this man?

Larry made Jingbai go first.

My neighbors are very nice people.

We look forward to your entries.

Hans bores me.

There were no objections.

The students could not give an answer.

You shouldn't read a book in a room this dim.

Is there any chance this is a mistake?

Gene couldn't help falling asleep.

I study French.

He always waxes lyrical about his wonderful new job.

Byron felt alone.


I need her now.


I think you'll have to help me.


The answer to this question is simple.

If you get that job, the world will be your oyster.

Piotr is interested in soccer.

Isn't there anything we can do to help Marco?

I set out early so as to catch the first train.

Things are getting busy around here.

What did you come here so early for?

He stayed at the hotel for as long as a month.

She can't have said so.

She's beautiful, but arrogant.

No way! She can't have missed the flight.


When it comes to drugs, there's a very fine line between use and abuse.

Marvin was square.

I never thought I would have to support such a large family.

I don't want there to be any chance of our missing the train.

He was hanged for murder.

We're not happy with this.

She's the real racist.

Welcome to France!

I told you to go home.

Saturn has rings.

Show me a cheaper one, please.


He refused to ask for advice from experts.


Nhan doesn't want pity.

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I was sure of receiving a good welcome.

This interpretation is subjective.

Don't, Timo! it's awful.

It's still early.

The meter of this poem alternates between seven and five morae per line.

I'm still mad at him.

How much?

She was ill with heart disease.

The company's journey to bankruptcy presented a cautionary tale on the pitfalls of corporate greed.

He tried to talk to her time and time again.

With contact lenses, you have more accurate vision than you would with glasses.


Harv works sloppily.

They're both incredibly cute!

The criminal left footprints.

Do you know who that tall blonde girl in green is?

I saw him crossing the street.

I'm not about to tell them that.

Where was I supposed to go?


Panacea can do it.