The garrison saw no choice but to surrender.

I have a terrible headache. I just took two painkillers. Let's hope it goes away.

What's that tall building?

She suffers from an incurable disease.


I can talk to him for hours.

You're the lucky one.

He started just now.

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Laurence ran inside the bunker.


I'm not trying to impress him.


Switzerland is a very beautiful country and well worth visiting.


Leora is very shy, isn't he?

The Japanese language has three different alphabets: hiragana, katakana and kanji.

Holly isn't smart enough.

Our mode of life has changed since the introduction of European civilization.

We want it to look real.

Drink less and sleep more.

We're thankful for you.

The letter was written by Tuan.

Where will Nou go?

We all desire success.

Giovanni is a hermit.

Now, I finally have enough money to buy a house.

Neither one of us rides horses.

My father will often read the newspaper during meals.

He expressed himself very well in English.


She asked me to dance.

I am in charge here.

How many people can you feed on an adult cow?

You're talking about Lila again, aren't you?

He spoke to the nation on August eighth.

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I talk in my sleep very often.

The ambulance broke down in the middle of the avenue.

I can't get along with Damone.


How much does a bunch of grapes cost?

I want to see Dawn hit a home run.

What caused it?

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TV may be seen on six channels in that city.


We have to notify the police.

Are you coming to pick me up tomorrow morning?

France has a common border with Italy.


Think has got to get out of here.

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It was pretty incredible.

Elliot's prognosis was grim.

When Syed and I were in Boston, we visited Tandy.

Her house was broken into last night.

He lent me two books.

Varda handed the empty bottle to Oliver.

This book should help you a lot.


Yes, he shaved all the frets off of his bass guitar, but it doesn't make him Jaco Pastorius.

She broke with her family long ago.

I spoke with Stu this afternoon.

I am connecting this computer to the Internet.

Bill isn't as naive as Debi is.


Does that make it any clearer?

Where do I sit?

Pablo's screaming.

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I can't get this suitcase open.

Sheffield Wednesday is playing their usual long-ball game.

Be just before you are generous.

That's not what I was doing.

She promised me to clean my room.

Mark your maximum efforts.

I forgot to buy Mara flowers.

It's your choice, Mike.

These scissors are new.

Merril is an amazing guitarist.

The market rallied.

Dr. Smith gave me some meds to calm down, but I didn't take them.

He's eligible for the presidency.

You should stay in bed for three or four days.

Seen from a distance, this mountain looks like Mt. Fuji.

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In 1881, Clara Barton donated her time to help people in need, starting the American Red Cross.

We like games.

They went out to Australia seeking gold.

This boy and this girl are very clean.

We ran out of money.


Check everyone.

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She visited the school, despite a pain in her right arm.

We've got a game tomorrow.

I'd like one on the aisle, please.

Radek urged her parents to let her go out with her friends.

The kids look confused.

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She was in the hospital for six weeks because of her illness.

If the times go against you, then go with the times.

Wendell was dressed in clothes similar to John's.

Alexis accidentally put Rudolf's mobile phone through the wash.

Meeks might be Canadian.

I cannot weigh myself. I don't have scales.

You should have come with us.

They will get married next month.

He said each meeting should begin with a prayer.


I think we can come up with better plan than this.

He is out of his mind.

Don't drink any alcohol.

At least you had fun.

Shirley and Cindy sat down to dinner at the usual time.


This place hasn't changed much.

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Some people relax by reading.

Welcome to this brand new week!

Billie seems relieved.

Today I dreamed I was dead.

Omar did that on purpose, I think.

We forgot to plan for that.

I don't have the remotest idea what he will do next.

The game was looked forward to by everyone.

Lenora probably left his guitar upstairs.

If you take this medicine, you will feel better.

I promised to go over to Brooke's two times a day to water his starts while he was away.

I am neighing like a horse.

There is one important fact of which you are unaware.


You know what's wrong with you?

Ariel only accepted partial responsibility.

Let's be on our way.

A dog has a sharp sense of smell.

I didn't steal it. You can check my pockets.

I can't open the pressure cooker.

I have my book.

I don't think that will give you enough time to get there.

Don't give Stuart my number.

Why did you buy a Korean car?

I don't like your coming late every time.

Amedeo told me that he was thirsty.

Do you mean what you say?


You should help Rudy do that.

To make a long story short, everything went fine.

There was plenty going on.


She is drinking beer with our friends in the restaurant.

I must write.

The giant was not loved by anybody.

Women are directly adapted to act as the nurses and educators of our early childhood, for the simple reason that they themselves are childish, foolish, and short-sighted.

Some people talk too much and do too little.

Rich never used to smoke, but he does now.

She doesn't always translate the real answer.

I believe you.

Spencer kicked the door open and went into the room.

I have just come back from a long trip.

Why did Sandip say yes?

Gideon's Esperanto is already rather good.

The poor girl went blind.

What is today's recommendation?

He may have missed his usual bus.


How dare you behave so rudely!


You're the only one of people I know who doesn't like bananas.

You'll give me a heart attack.

The likelihood of being attacked by a shark is very low.

Barbra forgot to salute.

Right and wrong are two faces of the same coin. Whoever has the power decides which face gets what inscription.

How about playing tennis this afternoon?

Where do I get on the number 7 bus?

Good things come when you least expect them.

We got an offer.

This is not the answer he was expecting.

I am right-handed.

Can we see each other next weekend?

Do not touch the exhibits.

The patient needs to be looked after by a doctor. And the sooner the doctor looks after him, the better.

I've got a cold.

I wish there was more time.

Ray usually drives about ten kilometers per hour over the speed limit.


Note down what I'm going to say.

I can hear her.

Sjouke has a point here.

His beard was thick and red.

Gerard has big feet.

I don't think my life is easy.

What is the subject of your lecture?

Miriam made a robot.

This is the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen.


I really needed that.

Be patient.

If you mention New Year in China, the image that many people will think of is a family gathered around wrapping dumplings together.