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The closest way of working with your teams,
just like working face-to-face.

What is Wittybee? Watch.

Watch how Wittybee works..

Wittybee takes only 7 minutes to get used to

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Engage in simple, efficient, team collaboration

Create teams with anyone, anywhere

Wittybee lets you and your staff create teams internally or across companies around the world.

Assign and track work
with due dates

  • Manage everyday work
  • Manage projects
  • Work closely with clients & vendors
  • Resolve bugs and issues
  • Support your customers
  • Resolve HR and IT requests of your staff
  • and much more...

See higher participation. Achieve higher work quality.

Wittybee provides a platform to everyone to comment, discuss, share ideas and appreciate.

Your senior staff can easily contribute their years of experience where it's needed the most as they have visibility both at macro and micro levels of work.

You now have your work newspaper

Reading on Wittybee is like going over your favourite section in a newspaper.

With Wittybee, staff members stay closely aligned with what's happening in your organization with power to participate.

Get 5 hours of more work every week per staff member

Increased information awareness means your staff experience fewer meeting hours, fewer interruptions at work and fewer distractions per week.

Calculate your staff's efficiency boost -

Make workplace a better, better place

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Make workplace happier. Reduce attrition.

Wittybee is social and fun.

Your staff can now appreciate and acclaim each other, leading to stronger bonds and higher motivation at work.

Collaborate in your favourite language

Simplify your work with our language localization feature.

Now, you can easily focus on work and communicate it to your team in the language of your choice.

Ensure peace with ultra-durable team storage

Wittybee's storage cloud stores mutiple copies of your documents that are routinely scrubbed to provide 99.999999999% data durability (609-927-6407).

In addition, older versions of your documents are preserved to allow a roll-back when needed.

Sync documents across your teams

.. and across your personal computers. Wittybee's advanced syncing technology ensures instant accessibility of your latest updated documents whenever you need them, wherever you need them.

Wittybee is built to be compliance ready

Information regulated markets such as healthcare, financial services, governments, EU corporations and companies preferring private deployments enjoy the best industry compliant implementation of Wittybee.

Wittybee is secure, robust and fast

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Wittybee supercharges your team's health

by making your information lifeline many times denser.

...and comes with powerful features to help you succeed

Now, you don't have to buy separate tools to manage your daily work.

Wittybee is designed to get out of your way,

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Our proud customers

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Use Wittybee however way you want, however long you want

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