Ready to support all aspects of the U.S. Air Force Aircrew Training and Rehearsal Support (ATARS) III Program.


US Air Force Aircrew Training and Rehearsal Support (ATARS) III

Quadrant Training Solutions, LLC was formed specifically to meet the diverse technical requirements for programs of a large magnitude.  Our leaders are seasoned professionals and our member companies are organized in a successful manner, not unlike the Special Operations command structure.  Individually, we bring decades of experience supporting continual improvement, safety, reliability and combat preparedness in the Special Operations training mission.  Each organization reports to a “centralized command” that assures accountability, efficiency and 100% customer satisfaction.  With our combined knowledge and experience, Quadrant is ready to support ATARS III, the largest integrated training system fielded by the Department of Defense for combat ready component commands.


As a Joint Venture (JV) between BGI L.L.C. (BGI), Crew Training International (CTI), PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc. (Plexsys), and ProActive Technologies, Inc. (ProActive), Quadrant Training Solutions, LLC was formed in order to bid and perform services required to support all Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services, Contractor Instructional Services, Courseware Development, LVC training, and Distributed Mission Operations.

ProActive Technologies, Inc. has been designated as the Managing Member. For day-to-day management purposes, the business and affairs of the JV shall be managed by Mr. Robert F. Acevedo as the JV Project Manager.

Our Board of Directors includes:

Phil Dismukes of BGI L.L.C.
Al Mullen of Crew Training International, Inc.
Tom Jons of PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc.
Robert Acevedo of ProActive Technologies, Inc.

BGIBGI is a unique and innovative veteran-owned small business that brings together highly experienced leaders and managers, systems engineers, software engineers, and operational subject matter experts from a variety of backgrounds. We provide a wide array of training and technical services for military aviation customers worldwide. Our industry leading software products solve real problems in today’s complex training and mission environments.

5126801741For over 20 years, CTI has developed advanced training solutions for the DoD, government, and corporate training programs. Using our expertise in identifying needs in high-stress, time critical environments, we develop custom training solutions using cutting-edge learning to help your teams accelerate their performance. Our primary assets are highly skilled training professionals and an experienced, capable management staff.

index forestPLEXSYS Interface Products is an industry leader in Distributed Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training environment generation, data-links, synthetic communications training solutions, and advanced After Action Review Brief/Debrief technologies. Delivering a high fidelity systematic approach to integrated battle-space emulation, with recognized world-class advanced technologies for joint and coalition warfighter training.

proactiveProActive Technologies provides state-of-the-art hardware and software design engineering and logistical and management support services to the simulation and training marketplaces for Government and private industry.  Our driving principles of QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY, and SERVICE are achieved as a direct result of our employees’ dedication to fulfilling our customers’ goals. INTEGRITY and CREDIBILITY are our foundations.


Quadrant has and continues to support numerous Air Force programs by providing lesson preparation, student qualification, contract instruction, Crew Resource Management, Distributed Missions Operations, mission rehearsal, flight and simulator instruction, database generation systems, and Formal Training Unit curricula for initial, differences, requalification and upgrade training.

Quadrant brings the following “to the fight”:


Innovative technology solutions


State of the art courseware development


Distance learning methodology


Maintenance and logistical support of full mission trainers


Multiple other part task training devices

By design, these are the capabilities normally associated with a very large, first tier defense contractor. However, perhaps surprisingly, we fall well within the small business threshold associated with NAICS Code 336413. Quadrant is the clear choice to support the near 8,000 Special Operations and Air Force Rescue Airman that respond to National Command Authority, on short notice, employing complex rotary wing, fixed wing and unmanned platforms.



PROGRAM MANAGEMENT – Quadrant brings proven leadership on programs such as USAF Weapons School, EC-130/A-10 instruction and training, RC-135 instruction and training, MQ1/MQ9 flight and simulation training, B-52 CLS/TSSC Sustainment, and E-3 Distributed Training.

SIMULATION AND TRAINING – Quadrant members have over 15 years of exceptional performance supporting many platforms and mission training systems including Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) technology development programs, M&S systems/integration tools and live flight instruction.

Contractor Logistics Support and Modifications – We possess strong systems engineering with operational integration expertise supporting both fixed wing, rotary wing and unmanned training systems. Our involvement has resulted in a 99.8% operational availability of the state of the art Operational Flight Trainer/Weapons Systems Trainer (OFT/WST) training systems that we maintain. Management of DMS/MS is a critical component and we utilize our corporate engineering expertise to ensure we address these concerns in advance to allow for funding modification as required to ensure minimal impacts to system performance.

Contract Instruction Services – Quadrant members currently provide instruction and courseware development on seven Air Force programs throughout the Combat Air Force (CAF). Quadrant delivers CAF CRM support to develop and facilitate classes to over 8,000 U.S. Air Force crewmembers and students annually. Our instructors and courseware development staff bring experience in over 40 different commercial and military aircraft with almost 100,000 hours of combined world-wide flying experience.

TSSC – We have an extensive background in engineering interface and sustainment of training systems. Our TSSC staff has incorporated numerous changes to training system baselines supporting several at once to reflect differing aircraft configurations. To name just a few, TSSC staff support changes to visual systems, databases, software and hardware. We also ensure accurate simulation of mission equipment failure modes, software and hardware troubleshooting cues, software configuration, mission/threat environments, visual/sensor databases and media backup techniques.

Special Operations Community – Quadrant members currently have combined contractual history and execution expertise that can be described as a long and intimate relationship with your aircrews, missions and associated challenges. We manage and consistently deliver dynamic and highly complex programs providing over 30 ACC formal training courses for an equal number of diverse Air Force occupational specialties. We maintain daily contact with a cadre of over 250 active-duty instructors spread over 20 organizations at 8 geographically separated locations across the country.

Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) – Quadrant members are original partners in the USAF Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) program, and are internationally known for long-haul networked training venues and expansive modeling and simulation expertise. Quadrant members continue to be leading participants in DMO and LVC technology development programs worldwide.

Quadrant’s objective is to align with the Special Operations community to ensure the training received by your aircrews is validated in combat through effective mission accomplishment while conserving our precious human and technical resources.

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