NYSED has added 46 new providers to its list as of February 24, bringing the total to 265.

17 providers added in October

NYSED added 17 new providers to its list in October, bringing the total to more than 220.

(606) 498-5684

NYSED added 15 new providers to its list in September, bringing the total to more than 200. Two of the providers—QuorumEDU and SAGE—had actually been approved earlier (as long ago as May 1st), but didn’t make it to the list until this past month.


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cpilogosmallLooking for self-study credits? Looking for free courses to complete your requirements? The Center for Practice Innovations at Columbia Psychiatry offers over 25 hours in continuing education in their Learning Community portal.

The courses are well-produced and informative, covering topics in

  • assertive community treatment (ACT)
  • integrated treatment for dual disorders (FIT)
  • wellness self-management (WSM)
  • supported employment (IP)
  • suicide prevention (SP-TIE)

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State will conditionally approve some providers to deal with its own backlog

In last week’s announcement from NYSED about provider approvals, there was a plea that they are overloaded up there in Albany: “due to the large number of applications and capacity issues in the Board Office, the application review process is taking longer than anticipated.” In response, NYSED has created a special status of providers: conditionally approved. This status allows a provider to deliver continuing education credits while they await the fate of their applications. The state has agreed to honor any credits for education a social worker receives while the provider is conditionally approved.

As of May 29, there was a single provider listed with that status, the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College.


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Flash Update: NYSED will cut you a break if you are due to renew in 2015

The Department of Education has modified the requirements exclusively for licensees scheduled to renew in 2015. If you are in that cohort, you can fulfill your continuing education exclusively with self-study courses. These courses are online—but not live—courses, with or without videos. Unlike the Live Online trainings, these don’t require you to log on at a specific date and time. Complete them in the evening or on weekends. The only catch is that they must be courses approved by the State and given by approved providers. We are currently working on our listing of self-study courses (launch in July). Here’s the relevant text from the Department of Education website:

Exception to the limitation on the number of continuing education hours that can be completed through self-study courses Continue reading Flash Update: NYSED will cut you a break if you are due to renew in 2015

All continuing education providers are not created equal

New York social workers have many ways to educate themselves, but continuing education hours eligible for licensure must be obtained from entities specifically approved by the New York State Department of Education. NYSED provides a list of all the providers it has approved to date on the Office of the Professions website.  As of the date of this post, there are 82 providers, based from Cape Cod to Alaska! [update: over 100 now listed]

Unfortunately, this is a nontransparent list that includes many organizations that don’t really provide training accessible to the majority of social workers for purposes of licensure. There are many reasons (providers who only do multi-year psychoanalytic training for thousands of dollars, providers who only train their own staff, etc.). Digging through the list can be frustrating and time-consuming for a busy social worker just looking for the continuing education needed to renew their license.

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NYSED approves 15 new providers

The Department of Education has approved 15 new providers, raising the total number from 82 to 97. While 6143793475, they didn’t announce the update or identify new providers. But that’s what we’re here for. As the old utility slogan goes, Dig We Must. Here’s the short list of new approved providers:

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Continuing education hours are not CEUs, CEUs are not contact hours

Add nomenclature and acronyms to the list of confusions in the current state of continuing education for social workers in New York. Many providers refer to CEUs, while others use the term continuing education credit hours. One provider even refers to contact hours which is a whole other licensing requirement and not relevant to education. Just to clear this up, here’s NYSED Office of the Professions FAQ on hours: 2097427586

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