Sophia has authority. She knows how to be obeyed.

What's that guy's name?


It doesn't matter which, just pick three books.

Karl knows just about all there is to know about growing vegetables.

When can we eat, I wonder.

Jarmo was too surprised to talk.

Miss Klein gives a test every Friday.

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He has little appetite for lack of exercise.


Where's the nearest drugstore?

I like addition but not subtraction.

I don't think we should stop right now.

He pretended to be ignorant.

You'll sleep in the guestroom?

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You are as good as gold.

Sherman drove home at 2:30.

I suggest that we should build a new factory there.

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I didn't say it.


Meditation doesn't cost anything, but it takes time.

She translated the letter from Japanese into French.

I'd like to make a reservation.

That's just not enough.

What's your favorite role-playing game?


It is surprising that they should have a second house in the United States.

AI stands for artificial intelligence.

He has no title to this land.


I want to see you in your office in half an hour.


Mara talked to me about Tigger.

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He leaves his homework half-finished.


The number of people who die in traffic accidents is surprising.

How much medicine do you take every day?

But while we will never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another, we do know what makes life worth living. [...] Our time here is limited and it is precious.

Please try to be as brief as possible.

Rainforests provide the earth with many benefits.

Boys are more likely than girls to think that school is a waste of time.

I asked Alastair if I could look through his photo album.

Some customs will never change.

On what planet are you?


A day on the ski slopes sure beats being stuck in the office.

Be careful not to fall overboard.

No sport is as popular as football in America.

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She blushed.

But she wasn't thinking of anything and just wept.

Two cats climbed up on a chair.

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I was called into the office first, my name being at the head of the list.

She tried to hide her mistake from us.

The same sentence could have the force of a command.

You can't tell me anything.

He is said to be able to speak without using notes.

Susan and I are getting married in May.

This man is my direct boss.

Why haven't you told Huashi that he owes 300 dollars?

When meeting a person for the first time, keep the conversation light.

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That's a very interesting question.

Shahid is going to visit Victoria tomorrow.

Our school has ten classes.

Guillermo isn't credible.

We're the best.

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Which snake has the longest fangs?

I know you want to be happy.

Duncan told us what to do in French.

My father is a master builder.

Do you want a cocktail?

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It is the Varig flight.

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I saw flashes of lightning in the distance.

What do you think about the book?

I'm ordering pizza.

Maria Callas was a famous opera singer.

They accused him of having stolen the bike.

We ran out of gas on the way there.

Did you tell Louise how good the movie was?


None of your tricks.

I guess I didn't really think about it.

Without your love, my life would be very sad.

The museum has an exhibit of ancient weapons.

Juha was so positive.

I was surprised to get your call, Moore.

Henry didn't know that Pia liked to cook.

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Who is this maniac?

Bart believed that Linda worked at hospital.

He is not so much a politician as a merchant.

It is surprising that they should have a second house in America.

I am in a tight place.

She's done wonders in the scientific field.

Anna would help you if you asked him to.

That was a big mistake, wasn't it?

You had better not sit up so late.

We have to do this every day.

I came to talk to you about what needs to be done.

She's a real beauty.

You should try to forget your unhappy past.

He got himself up as Santa Claus.

Klaus said he doesn't work on Mondays.

Since he could not work out the problem that way, he tried another way.

You know, I've never seen you with a guy before.

Amy wants something new to wear.

It seems I have fever.

I am dying of hunger.

Milo dropped the cup.


I want to thank you again for believing me.

They could hear the sounds of shots and exploding shells.

We can go after the lunch.

It looks like I might have to go to Boston next Monday.

Serve the coffee now, please.

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Don't stare at me like that.

Does Vick want to play with me?

I'm going to stay in Boston for a few days.


I skipped breakfast.

I know nothing about him beyond what you told me.

Joe acted as if he heard nothing.

I want to buy an automobile.

Kumi did not make a box.


He has no sense of right and wrong.


You will be looking after Rodger from now on.

Sherri came home late last night.

I'm not sure I want to see it.


Carolyn was leading a double life.

I confirmed the order.

She looks so fake.

We can't leave Wilson.

I'm willing to accept your offer.

I have no feelings.

I went back home, then I went out with my friends.

Vladislav felt sick.

Please make your reservation one week in advance.

Randall has been awfully distant lately.

I like geography and history.

Klaudia is in the restroom.

The anti-smoking law is just, in my opinion.

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This story is interesting, funny and even moving.

You both seem bitter.

What's so strange about that?

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Listening to classical music and studying complement one another.

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The boy is behind a tree in the garden.

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Michiel needs to learn Japanese, since he's going to Japan next year.

I can't quit thinking about you.

I had a busy day today.


Few doubt she is the author.

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Wring those clothes well before you hang them up.

You should have thrown that picture away.

I thought it over and decided not to go.


An MP3 file is an audio file.


They have no more wine.

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The temperature was above zero last week.

We'll let her worry about that.

Have you lost your ticket?

I have no appetite.

I don't know what's going to happen.


Is there a clause in the lease regarding that?

The Bangladeshi community tried to stop the film shooting.

There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.

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Maybe they've given up.

No one has told me anything.

He told me he loved me, which surprised me quite a lot.


I like the way Starbuck talks.

Miek did what Kevan asked him to do.

Ping always tries to help other people.

I don't know why they did that.

You're going with us.


My Latin teacher used to look down sternly on me over the rim of her glasses, but now I know it only had to do with the fact that she was wearing reading glasses and that she will have found it a nuisance taking them off all the time, so what looked like contempt towards us students might well and truly have been kindness.


I can't believe I'm actually doing this.