The highest slides in Latin America are in Brazil.

Don't screw it up!

Go at once, otherwise you will be late.

How much do you want?


I am tired of the day-to-day routine of life.

After a while, the children settled down.

There's no other damage.

Christie has three hours to get this done.

I don't pack your suitcases.


The expected high temperature for today is 32 degrees. It's going to be hot, isn't it?

Hold on one second.

She's walking back to the store where she forgot her money.

I asked him to join us.

Andreas and Karl drank beer together.


Get yourself together.

How about calling it a day?

They say there's a Picasso and three Renoirs in that museum.

Because he has plans for future expansion.

Maurice was hurt when her children didn't even bother to contact her for Mother's Day.

Let's hope you don't need it.

We'd like to know about it.

Get them while you can.

What else could you want?


You must study hard.


Automobiles replaced carriages.


I don't know about you, but I'm starving.

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The secret remained buried in the grave of the famous philosopher.

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It's a book on animals.

I haven't worked since then.

I won't examine you.

My job is designing shoes.

Do you believe Reid's accusations against Elvis?

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The criminal disclosed all the facts of the case eventually.


Do you actually believe this?

You can't change the past.

Joanne contacted me the other day asking me if I'd play guitar for a charity concert.

It is not so difficult to appreciate good music.

What hours is the shopping center open?

I think Lucius hates it when Heinz makes him wait.

With her pure voice, Kate shined outstandingly on the stage of a musical.


Emmett got seriously hurt in a traffic accident.

Hal tried to impress a girl.

Do you know where Ramadoss hides his money?


You were such a beautiful baby.

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He is ready to join us under one condition.


I like rice more than I like bread.

Is that fun?

Where did you work before you came here?

I may have hurt your feelings, but that was not my intention.

There still aren't any highways in this mountain region. All goods are transported on the backs of people and horses.

We are having some people tonight.

The verb "to eat" is my favorite verb in all the languages.


I recognized Rex the moment I saw him.

When do you get up?

Could we have a table outside?

She grew up to be a veterinarian.

He will arrive on June 24.

Do fish sleep?

Reiner and Kyung have been trying to come up with a solution to the problem.


She was a member of the Red Army Faction.


Don't resort to violence.

She called her cat Tatoeba.

She's only a child.

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Guy returned home three hours later.


He tried knocking at the door.

I stopped smoking three years ago.

The wind is picking up.

Roberto goes swimming every day.

He will often go out for the whole day.


I could've gotten involved, but I chose not to.

The train gathered speed.

You really need to get a haircut.

How many students do you have?

I'm still going to do it, no matter how much it bothers you.


The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy advises the President about the effects of science and technology on domestic and international affairs.


Can you drive stick?

Years passed.

It would've been nice if you'd gotten here earlier.

I have a great regard for him.

I explained it to Evan.

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How did they manage to do that?


His wife teaches me Italian.

He died last week.

I'm just saying it's complicated.

Claude had only one leg.

Africanized bee colonization caused a panic in the United States in the 90s.

Sandra mouthed the words "thank you."

She was none the happier for her great wealth.

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Rajesh lives close by.


Marty had to wait.

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This beach is a popular tourist spot.


Stay here until I get back.

No wonder you are so happy.

No one can stop me from going there.

The senator was censured by the congressional ethics committee.

I spoke to Lenora this morning.

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You are late this morning.

I believe that the preacher could not speak "Amen."

I think it dangerous for children to swim in this lake.

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Tell me about the Turkish in Germany.

It takes a while to build a house.

He had not been employed by the company three years before he become a director.


I'm at the hospital with Hamilton.

Do you have any smaller bills?

Irving began to work for our company three years ago.

The lost child was identified by his clothes.

Will you have lunch with me?

This girl seems to be sad

I need to take a break.


I question Srivatsan's motives.

What do you think I should pack for my trip?

Does anyone want a new house?

I've got a friend who works for the New York Times.

Peaches taste sweet.


She is open to people who have a different point of view.

He is a fast speaker.

Of the 23 who were arrested, four escaped.

I'm not interested in talking about Kee.

Don't judge people by their appearance.

What were you hoping to buy?

I'm very worried about you.


Do I really need to tell you again?


If only her husband would help her, most of her problems would disappear.

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We're approaching the end of our journey.


George walked ahead.


But where do we get those sentences? And how do we translate them?

There's a fortune in the making for any hard worker.

I forgot to tell her something.


Don't mention rope in the home of a hanged man.

Carsten speaks loudly.

What have you done now?


By the time our long conversation was over, Mother was tired of standing.

She may be a nurse. I am not sure.

I suggest we both leave now and leave Diana and Pim to discuss this problem on their own.

Lenora may have left already.

Wow, you look different.


Syed grew up in a small town not far from here.

I have read twice as many books as he has.

Yesterday, Kieran told me he didn't know Jean-Pierre.

Pria ate a grilled chicken salad.

The bell rang and the train moved off.

Nobody visits us.

You all know what you have to do.

The music was excellent.

Do you have anything else to add?

It was hot in the room.

Stay on your toes, Pierre.


Nichael decided to wait.

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She and I are in front of our tent.


Not all aliens are bad.

The judge charged the audience to be silent.

I like to watch her undress.

He is the man who I believe can help you.

I'll quote a few lines from her letter.


We came here looking for you.