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My Story:


30+ years Selling Telecom, Data Networking & Phone Solutions, infrastructure City and Building (Fiber Optic) to Fortune 100 - 10,000 companies, Small & Medium Businesses and the Indirect Sales Channel (This means to Manufactures as OEM and Resellers/Dealers/ Tier 1 and Tier two Distribution in the US)

Entered Hi End Audio business in 2008 working for a very well known Hi-End Audio Dealer in Bel Air Ca. Winter of 2009 made the decision to form Kaplan Design, but the seeds of Kaplan Design were actually planted more than three decades in 1976 and a full head of hair ago, after I walked into my friend's house and got my first taste of high-end audio equipment — a pair of Quad  ESL 63 electrostatics driven by a modded Dynaco tube amp and a Levinson JC-1 preamp (designed by the legendary John Curl) and Linn LP12 Turntable. Though some of the details of that visit are pretty vague now, my memories of the music are still as clear as they were the day after — WHAT MUSIC? And so began my own audiophile journey

Like so many others, I have made it my life’s pursuit to find the best possible sound without stepping to the brink of financial ruin. And in three decades as both an audiophile and of late an audio dealer, I’ve learned more than my share about how to squeeze the most sound out a system with money left over for your favorite records, CD's, LP's or digital Hi-Rez downloads. Along the way, I also got the videophile bug in 1997 and have since designed many systems for satisfied customers.

Please feel free to give me a call at (705) 514-7552. It would be my pleasure to speak with you about the kind of audio and/or video experience you’d like to create With a comprehensive line of state-of-the art products, I can design a system to virtually any and all customer needs, Short of hiring the band to come to your living room, Kaplan Design caries everything the audiophile needs and  can help you reach your 2 channel audio and Home Theater goals.


Kaplan Design 

Customer Testimonials
ImreH 6/15/12

"100% positive buying experience with Jeff. As I purchased from Hungary, Europe, it wasn't an easy ride for him to manage the sale. We had so many emails to change with each other and I think I was a bit more complicated customer than the average. Jeff was exceptionally helpful and replied to all of my detailed questions very fast. The MSB Platinum DAC I bought arrived in perfect condition as he did serious efforts on re-packaging. I think we'll keep in touch and I'm sure will have more business with each other in the future. Thanks Jeff for your outstanding service."

Baekhyun K 6/11/12

Consignment- Sale

Jeff thank you for your hard and speedy work I appreciate it. I couldn't have done this without you. You have taken  selling my equipment as carefully as if it was your own. You took time to come to my house many times and took pictures. You sold the My Jadis JP 80MC Preamp, JA 80 Amp's and Jadis J1 Drive CD Transport and MSB Audio Platinum DAC quickly. It was a great pleasure working with you and i was very pleased with your honesty and professionalism.
Andy S  5/30/2012
Dear Jeff,

The Jadis JP 80MC preamp arrived Yesterday with my father in-law he took it with him on his flight from Los Angeles to Jakarta. It arrived in immaculate condition and played its magic sound when I matched it with Jadis JA 80 amps. Thank you for your kind attention to safely packing it and look forward to do business with you in near future
Hal-B  5/29/2012
Consignment- Sale

Jeff - wanted to thank you for all your hard work helping me sell my equipment. Over the years I had, to my wife's dismay, accumulated a closet full of used equipment. I just never found the time and wherewithal to do all that's required to list the stuff on Audiogon - take pictures, post the items, deal with prospective buyers, etc. But you've done all that and more - you came to our house, took the equipment, shined them up, had them repaired as necessary and took care of all the details in posting ads and dealing with prospective purchasers. Quite literally, I could not have done it without you - in fact I hadn't done it for years until we met.

My wife is happier now that the closet is cleared (and that counts for a lot in my house) and you've sold a number of the items, to our mutual gain. As a bonus, I used the proceeds to purchase the Wireworld platinum USB cable. And just how good is that cable? Well, even my wife, who has the proverbial brass ears, hears the difference - something I think that's happened on maybe only one or two occasions in the nearly 30 years we've been together

So thanks for all. You've been great to work with and I look forward to our continuing to do so.

DennisG 10/2011
USB Cable

Great service, including a very fair evaluation of the potential of the cable in my system Cable exceeded expectations A true audiophile and top notch dealer

Jeff's a great guy to work with Very knowledgeable and helpful Speakers arrived double-boxed and in immaculate condition

HRT iStreamer
Jeff provided detailed and comprehensive answers to any questions about the product I purchased the item was exactly as described, reasonably priced and delivered on time Good seller, good service, good product What more could you ask for?

John Blue Audio Art
Bought a pair of John Blue Audio Art TL 66 from Jeff fantastic service and communication throughout the transaction process I have had the amps for 6 days now and they sound really nice, lots of detail & finesse on a pair of 104db Klipschorns

Purchased Music Streamer II+ Not only is the product outstanding but Jeff was patient and extremely helpful in helping me decide between the II+ or iStreamer

Jeff is great to deal with and I only wish I knew one-tenth about audio that is stored in his brain, Continued success to you Jeff!

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There are No Returns NEW, Used or Demo items.

All Warranty Issues on Demo Gear warranted by the Manufacture or US importer/Distributor.

All Orders must be Prepaid:
Bank Wire Transfer, PopMoney, ChaseBank Quick Pay,  Personal Check/Cashiers checks from Credit Unions or the following National Banks - CitiBank, B of A, Chase, Wells Fargo or USPS money orders Payable to Kaplan Design.

*Note: PayPal handles my Shopping Carts and Credit Card Processing.

Please allow two to three days business days for Money Orders, Cashiers Checks and personal checks to clear.

Shipping / Handling:
Orders will be shipped FedEx, UPS or Freight Forwarder, 2 day Air and 3 day Air shipping is available upon request. Shipping charges are calculated by size, weight, Insured Value and destination All shipping charges are subject to dimensional/oversize carrier regulations Shipping charges are non-refundable. Customer is responsible for all freight charges for unaccepted or refused delivery of shipments Refused shipments and authorized returns are subject to 15% restocking fee

Please Inspect your Boxes! - if there an any severe Tears or obvious Miss Handling of packages please take pictures before you open the Boxes!

Note: All shipping claims damages must be made by customer directly to Kaplan Design and should be reported within 24-48 hrs. kaplanhtdesign.com will not be liable for damaged or stolen shipments if delivery carriers left your package at your door at you home or office address. All orders insured @$500 and above Signature Delivery reguired.

Returns are for replacement or exchange only for same item sold as New only within 15 days! No Refund policy, No merchandise will be accepted for return without Prior Authorization from kaplanhtdesign.com Customer is responsible for all shipping charges, restocking fee may apply.

All items must be returned complete and with  original parts/ packing/ documentation; any missing parts will be deducted from amount credited. Incomplete returns will incur a 20% manufacturer/ refurbishing fee Defective returns are for replacement or merchandise credit at the current kaplanhtdesign.com selling price, less 20% restocking fee.

All returns must be shipped freight prepaid, Credit will not be issued until kaplanhtdesign.com has received and examined returned merchandise. Items showing installer or consumer abuse/misuse will not be accepted.

Damage/Loss: All claims for damage/pilferage must be filed with the delivering carrier within 5 days of receipt kaplanhtdesign.com cannot file this for you.

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