Rings ’n Earrings by Vanilo

Dramatic but Delicate

Limited Edition pieces, some on Offer!


Rings and Earrings by Vanilo available at Orit London



Orit London presented new jewellery collections over the last few months that included delicate pendant necklaces with semi-precious stones & mother of pearl, as well as intricate filigree earrings and rings by Vanilo, and one-off colourful beaded necklaces combined with objets trouves by mesmerising Palizzi.


Emerging young designer Cece launched with collectible gold charm necklaces and stackable rings, plain or with tiny pearls.


Last but not least, a long-awaited totally new and exciting bracelet range by our much loved Italian designer alongside classic signature pieces.


Not all of the new collections will be online - please email or phone us direct for images & prices.




Email us at shop@oritlondon.com

Or phone us on 07973 562463