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Sometimes we forget our wallet, but we never forget our phone. Xzone turns your phone into your wallet!


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every nook and corner

Free points = Free money

Earn reward points on all Xzone purchases.
For every dollar you spend you earn 5 point. 100 points is the same value as one dollar with Xzone members.


Dealcodes are coupons and promotions from all your favorite places to shop.
We provide the best quality service, as well as the best price! You always save with Xzone!


You can send a Dealcode as a Giftcode to your friends and family from any location.
Gifts everyone would love! Pick any food, drink, or service they would like and send it!

Track your Expenses

Save all your purchased and earned points by sending it to your email.
Go paperless. We like to save trees!

Earn Free Points

You can earn UNLIMITED points by rating and referring Xzone to your favorite businesses.
We want to give you endless point so you can try out all Xzone locations!

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