It's a pity that he had died so young.

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Everyone gathered around them.


I've heard you play the viola and you're not very good, are you?

This medicine will do wonders for a stuffed nose.

I'd like to know what's happening here.

Sue held up his hands.

Let me introduce you to a good dentist.

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Kirk was first in line.


You've made us wait.

I'm from Tokyo, Japan.

I'd like to buy something in a size three.


What is it famous for?


I forgave Betty.

Aristotle was toadying up to the Macedonian monarchy.

The animals were busy collecting nuts.

Clayton opened the door and looked out.

Some dreams do come true.

You should polish your shoes before you go to the party.

Sign on this line.

What on earth?

He spoke, and all were silent.


Mushrooms are not for rent and the gingerbread house is not to let at the moment.

Shouldn't we be helping them?

I've been writing letters.


We do this all the time.


A few were drunk most of the time.


The meeting is tomorrow.


We took him to the hospital right away.

We have some ideas.

Do you think Devon is happy?

I'll live on welfare.

How do you avoid snacking between meals?


Did you see that small mouse?

I think it's better not to try it.

I like swimming very much.

I am tired; nevertheless, I must finish my homework.

How many are you? We are three.

I never made such a promise.

Marsh didn't want to go swimming with Wilmer.

Carl had an affair.

I saw my friend running up the stairs.


Boyce said he felt weird just before collapsing on the floor.

Do I have two sisters? I have three sons.

Jennie carried the box into the kitchen and put it on the table.


When the captain commands, the crew must obey.

Naugthy dots will be chopped off sentences.

What exactly did you ask him?

There are a lot of tall buildings in Boston.

Steen took the hook out of the fish's mouth.


I like Sachiko better.

Did you see my daughter?

I don't know what's best.

While all horses are animals, not all animals are horses.

I saw my old classmate last week. She's as boring as ever.


Please take the dishes away.

Mr Johnson insists on his theory.

We went to a hockey game.

She bought a yard of cloth.

Tell everybody.


Both leaders should be brought together to bring down the curtain on generations of feuding between the two clans.

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They talked on the phone every night.


Drive faster.


Nick put on his robe.

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That's hard to imagine.

Harold got into his car and drove away.

Get rid of this vomit yourself!


How can I forget those days?

Don't leave town.

I will never forget meeting that popular writer last year.


Alexander opened his eyes and looked up at James.

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Irvin said something to Christina.


Rogue moved out here from Boston.

This is my father.

What percent will you discount the prices?


What are you suggesting?


This just now became understood by you?

It's easy to get into debt quickly with charge cards.

He can do anything he sets his mind to.

The policeman whistled the car to stop.

Unfortunately, Christofer refused to help us.

Let's get real.

Ning is down with the flu.

Renu barged through the front door.

Drunk driving is a serious problem.

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Tad isn't very good at keeping secrets.


It staggered me!

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Is that what you really want to do?

Ramsey screamed something in French.

Everything this boy says oozes discontentment. I have to wonder about his parents.

We're going downtown to go shopping.

Would you say I was good-looking?

He wanted to be a farmer.

A player has to memorize words.

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I figured out what we should do.

McDonald's golden arches may have marched into 119 countries, but the quintessentially American company still resides in a quintessentially American suburb.

What is a Christmas market?


Mr Hashimoto was puzzled by Ken's question.

They asked Lincoln to make a victory speech.

It's been reported that you're wasting money.


I expect everyone to work hard.

You must have taken the wrong exit.

He stands high in his class.

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It is fact that he ran away from home.

You don't look that good.

Ruth's car is easily recognizable since there is a big dent in the front bumper.

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Mommy, if I don't like the food, do I have to eat it?

No, but they might have them at our other store.

Do you think anyone can see us?


We need to start.

You turned off the computer.

"Please go there now." "Go where?"

Lately I can't seem to be able to stop drawing stoats.

Don't tell her I told you.

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Doyle likes to sleep in the nude, but I prefer to wear pajamas.


The rail-line was carried under the Tsugaru Strait to Hokkaido.


Jiro doesn't have to go to school today.

You are not to speak to the man at the wheel.

Irvin's been playing computer games since noon.

The meeting will take place next Sunday.

"Let's go to Tim's for muffins and hot cocoa." - "Why should we? Mom's been baking goodies all day, and she gets a kick out of people enjoying her cooking." "That's true." "And I'm sure she could use a rest, to put her feet up while you or I make hot cocoa for everyone. I think this place is better."

I just don't think they get it.

Lynn was well-behaved.


Van and Piotr got married and settled in Boston.

You're going to have to deal with that.

We saw the child get on the bus.


I can't leave until I know what has happened to my parents.

She showed him her ankle.

She acknowledged having made a mistake.

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Sunil put the documents through the shredding machine.

Usage 1. think yourself as the owner of the company mentioned. 2. determine the message about the company is positive, negative or ineffective (neutral) and mark. 3. if you are not sure or the status is uncertain mark neutral.

Clem walked back to the cabin.

He is what is called a man of action.

I know you think I'm stupid.


Tyler will never believe me again.

I don't speak any French.

We suffered heavy damage from the typhoon.

I heard that you are also collecting stamps.

My information was accurate.


The backer is waiting to see how the deal pans out.

Have you spoken to them yet?

Don't wolf down your food. You should eat more slowly.

I'm not going to Boston.

We paid a heavy price for this victory.

She only reads prose.

How bad was the damage?


I checked every part according to the instruction book, but it did not run.

The new method has already found proponents in many countries.

I'm going outside to play. Are you coming with?


She put on high airs with her learning, and she was not popular.


No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to finish that in a day.

It seems like you know everything.

He is slow in action.