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Benefits of Business Grants

Reimbursement On Your Investment

If you have spend business funds on projects that are elligible , you may be able to claim a portion of those funds through grants. 

4 Week Average Turn-Around

For most businsses, we can have your grant application prepared and submitted within
4 weeks on average.

Re-Aligns Your Business to Innovation 

Promotes and stimuates outside of the box thinking to  help push your business to focus more on innovaton.

Assisted Hand-Holding

We will ensure we take care of the heavy lifting end to end and help you submit your application forms w/ compliance and simplicity.

Promotes International Growth

Attracting international visitors to interact w/ Australian businesses will help you expand your operations.

Quick Eligability Checking

Not everyone will be eligable, so we won’t waste your time and will quickly work out if your business will be applicable

(R+D) Research & Development Tax Incentive

The R&D tax incentive aims to boost competitiveness and improve productivity across the Australian economy by encouraging innovation activities that think outside of the box and push the boundaries. Business who engage in innovation activities can receive welcomed support from the govnermnet in the form of financial tax incentivies / grants. 

The tax incentive provides approx 43.5% return on eligible expenditure.

For eligibility, you must have introduced new knowledge into your industry via a product or service, and have:

-spent over $20,000 on the project
-operate a pty ltd company (no trusts, partnerships, sole traders)
-undertake R&D activities located within in Australia

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(EMDG) Export Development Marketing Grant

The Export Market Development Grant ( EMDG) is a Government program
that provides organisations with substantial cash rebates for overseas marketing expenditure.

The scheme is designed as an incentive to encourage Australian
exporters to develop overseas markets for their goods and/or services (including tourism and education).

The scheme provides reimbursement of approximately 50% of
the eligible expenditure incurred to a maximum of $150,000 per annum.

Applicants must be Australian resident entities with a total
annual turnover of less than A$50 million and must have spent at least $15,000 in overseas marketing.

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