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ERP for Manufacturing

DIRAC ERP for Manufacturing provides a manufacturing management solution that is designed and built to be flexible with…

ERP for Projects

DIRAC ERP For Projects is all-in-one project management and collaboration software that brings a lot of teams closer to project success…

ERP for Retail

DIRAC ERP For Retail is the best solution for managing branches and outlets. Control your inventory, items, and resources in a flexible…

Customer Relationship Management

DIRAC CRM refers to the practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage, record, and evaluate customer interactions…


DIRAC HR is a comprehensive application for managing your entire employee lifecycle. It streamlines routine activities…

Custom Solutions

DIRAC Customized Solutions (CS) stands for designing and delivering customized programs that foster the development…

Web-based and Cloud Ready
Workflows Engine
Integrated Calendars
CMS Integration
Voice Command
Multi Language
Internal Chat
Embedded Emails
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Services That We Provide For You

As a leading firm in software applications, we offer a valuable and professional services, which will gain you profitability, sustainability and allow you to focus in your goals and objectives. No matter how big you are, public or private, and in what industry or sector you do business, we can help you work smarter and reach your goals. Have a look at the services we offer, below. And let’s talk.


: DIRAC SYSTEMS provides specialized and experienced resources ready to join at all projects phases such as analysis, development, configuration or training….


Our software solutions range from large enterprise systems to apps and transactional websites….


Looking to increase the bandwidth of your development team? Or are you looking to set up your own development team? We in DIRAC SYSTEMS provide a pool of highly skilled and talented professionals working just for you.

Why Choose Us

We help you in the decision-making process by providing all the required information in the shortest possible time through DIRAC DASHBOARD which provides you with online indicators and analysis from all your business areas.
We cover the entire business areas with an easy-to-use user interface that is always available and stable with lots of reliable features.
Join us and use DIRAC ERP to get our professional services and take advantage of our experience.

More About Us

To Be the leading provider of strategic business solutions in Egypt and Middle East.

Improve our client’s performance by delivering a sustainable, flexible solutions that covers all business areas. Build a team of experts offering upscale and intelligent services to help our clients and partners in accomplishing their goals.

Innovation :Our main concern is to offer a beneficial and realistic ideas, solutions and services which increase our clients’ performance and satisfy their needs.

Competence : We seek to achieve the highest levels of competences to meet our clients and our partners’ expectations and requirements.

Ethics : We are fully committed to work ethics and we are keen to implement them while delivering our solutions to our clients. We have high levels of integrity, realism, cooperation, and flexibility. We also care about the confidentiality of data with our clients, partners and employees.