Where is Basilicata?  At the instep of the boot!

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​​Basilicata, Campania and Puglia Ancestry Research

​ Benvenuti!  My Bella Basilicata is your portal for genealogy research in Southern Italy.

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 Discover Basilicata- the hidden jewel of southern Italy
 Explore Your Ancestry
 We offer professional genealogy research services to help you discover your roots in the Italian regions of Basilicata, Puglia and Campania, 

and then we can help you to organize an ​Heritage Tour to get the most out of a visit to your ancestral town.

 This is Basilicata...
 Friendly folks.  Spectacular Sunsets.  Beautiful beaches.  Wonderful wines.  Majestic mountains.  Historic hill towns.  Folk festivals.  Lovely landscapes.         Hospitable inhabitants.  Come and experience this little-known corner of Italy - you'll be glad you did!

 My Bella Basilicata offers professional genealogical research along with personalized heritage tours, and we can provide travel recommendations. 

We will help you to make the most out of your southern Italian genealogical  journey.  

 We invite you to explore the hidden treasures and the rich traditions of the place we call home.