I went to the same high school as Alexander did.

You goose, you're doing it all wrong!


I'll go to college.


Everyone is having a good time.


That guy over there is either Elaine or someone who looks a lot like him.

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Who wants to eat now?

She's nuts.

The cat climbed up the roof of my house by himself.


Come this way.

That mayo is nothing but chemicals!

The snow lay deep.

I know you're hiding something from me.

We often come across Japanese tourists in this area.


There isn't any water in the well.

How many times have I told you not to hang out with guys like Sanand?

Scott, Dario and Ryan were very sporty.

Mother taught me how to make miso soup.

Last year I listened to radio.

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Are we broke?

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I didn't actually see Kayvan.

Graeme grew up in the ghetto.

The recent news about the Fukushima I nuclear power plant will likely strengthen the cause of the advocates who want to let our local nuclear power plant's license expire.

It is most important to emphasize that none of these processes are conscious.

"Can I get a Coke?" "Is Pepsi okay?"

You should've known better than to put yourself in that situation.

How much money did you give Son?


To tell the truth, I felt lonely.

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I don't have children.


You're supposed to be there now.

So, I should try to do that, right?

Could I have a subway map, please?

And then they kissed.

Marci scarfed down the ham sandwich that Myrick had made for him.

I am waiting for the bus.

The mischievous little boy loved his dad very much.


Esperanto is a flexible and practical language, easy to learn and memorize.

Russ wanted Tim to go to the post office for him.

I didn't believe that I would know the answers.

When he was young, he was the talk of town.

I want to hear from him.

I was deeply touched by the story.

The traveler stopped to ask me the way.

She refused my invitation.

That bus goes slower than the other one.

Lawrence searched all day for the letter.

Isaac most certainly would approve.


He is a careful worker.

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It turned out to be a lovely day.

I have high hopes for Takao.

He took leave of his family and got on board the plane for New York.

My heart aches for those starving children.

Kriton said he didn't know the answer.

After breakfast, I brush my teeth.

That's exactly what I was doing.

She earns her living by playing the violin.

Sometimes, he's very strange.

I'm a centrist.

She pulled at his heartstrings.

It was fabulous.

You're believable.

He may be clever, but he often makes careless mistakes.

The two of them grew up in Boston.

My dictionary is very useful.

He bicyled to the beach every weekend.

Alex found the exercise mentally draining.

There's someone I want you to meet.


Did Samir give you a hard time?

Why didn't you tell Rajeev you were hungry?

The train will remain at this station for approximately 2 minutes.


Six witnesses said they saw Carlos cheating on the exam.


Skef is unquestionably the oldest person here.

The fastest runner can't run 100 meters in 9 seconds.

Bob worked as a clerk in the grocery store on Saturday.

Don't you think you should help Del?

Nobody talked about the movie.

I was not interested in his life.

Sundar rushed over to the window and looked out.


I love Chinese food, especially pot stickers and rice.

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He lives just across the road.

He is worshiped as a god by everyone.

You've got to move.

I don't think I'll make the grade if I try to play professional baseball.

You will be universally praised for speaking the truth.

Have you met Loukas and Naim?

You know so much about him.

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I don't want another job. I want this job.

I must leave tomorrow morning.

He drew a straight line with his pencil.

Vladimir never told me he used to live in Boston.

Canada borders the United States.

I'll stay here and help her.

Jimmy insisted on my taking him to the zoo.

Aren't you late?

You're so cool.


Do you like chocolate?

He ran water into the bathtub.

I don't think everyone gave up.


His legs were trembling from fear.

Sharan is lost in the game.

The ambassador has returned.


I can see a woman and two dogs in the car.


We don't always agree.

Where did you confine them?

I'll handle things.

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The stars shone in the sky.

Ximena's hair is the blackest out of all her sisters'.

He patted her back.


Straka arrived earlier than usual yesterday.

We're only friends.

This is a weird one.

He obtained the post through the good offices of a friend.

Roderick's eating.

The Mormons have outlawed polygamy, but some adherents still practice it.

I know you're irritated.

If we don't have a solution, the least we can do is acknowledge that there's a problem.

what is your forename

She knew the teen.

I've been thinking about something.

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Pierre closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

How much do you usually drink?

I explained the procedures to him.


Cecilia and Danielle were working together all last week.

You must not forget to wake me tomorrow morning.

This is my worst fear.

You forgot to thank David for the present, didn't you?

I wonder why Clayton is so hungry.

He did poorly in his studies.

Is there something you wanted to tell me?


I'm getting a lawyer.

The clock is fast.

Wanna crash at my place?


We speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony.

Water boils at one hundred degrees.

I advised Hohn not to eat the shrimp.

Those children use bad words.

That surprises you, doesn't it?

Even Moe knew that.

Black Americans continued to suffer from racism.

You can't always avoid everything.

Agriculture became possible inside the shell structure of space stations.


The news may be true.

Do you have any idea who he is?

Relative to overall sales, that of software is insignificant.

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Here comes Raanan.

Greg is a young and handsome man.

As many men as came were welcomed.

The policeman lifted the box carefully.

He has never really got over malaria he caught in the East during the war.


You're a good customer, so I'll do what I can.


I almost died when I heard this.

What is your philosophy?

I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Manavendra doesn't want to go to school.

I'm very sorry for what I did.

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Old never hurt anyone.


Everyone suggest me to stay in bed, but I want to go out and enjoy.

I have hunger pangs.

Move the chair nearer to the desk.

He's not my boyfriend. We're just friends with benefits.

We studied the Concordance to Shakespeare to accumulate examples of alliteration.

Are we sure that everything will go fine?

Muhammad Ali was an American boxer.

Is it that late?

I have one green shirt.