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Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds

Wonder where you should sell your diamonds? Dream Gems Corp. buys both loose diamonds and diamond jewelry, including melee diamonds. Our experts diamond buyers more than happy to educate you on the essential qualities of the diamonds and guide you through the process of selling them for the highest possible profit. Our Diamond Buyers graduated from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s most respected institute for diamond education.

As per record, we are a third -generation family own business. Our diamond expertise inherited from our forefathers. All our family members learn to measure and evaluate a diamond’s characteristics and values accurately from our childhood.

Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches

Dream Gems Corp. buys both new and pre-owned watches. Our highly experienced and trained staff will give you an assessment of the value of your timepiece based on market desirability, brand name, history, and condition. We pride ourselves on the ability to evaluate and appraise watches from $500 to over $100,000. Our staff includes some of the foremost experienced watch experts in the New York City. Our impressive team is consistent with an expert horologist and 2nd generation jeweler.
We offer a professional and qualified setting with privacy and security to sell your Swiss watch with comfort. If you are selling by mail, we offer insurance up to $25,000 with mandatory tracking by FedEx. Our Watch buyers can answer all your questions, immediately with no obligation to sell.

Scrap Gold

Scrap Gold

scrap gold

Historically, gold is the most traded precious metal in the world. Stock markets around the globe may have crashed and wiped out so many companies, but gold survived throughout all the economic disasters, Gold also is the most common precious metal in the world that almost all the jewelers used to create symbolic jewelry pieces. In rough economic times, it was a tradition to sell back gold jewelry for end-meets.

If you have precious gold jewelry, handcrafted gold ornaments, antique gold items, and estate gold jewelry, you may not need to settle for scrap value. Unlike many gold buyers that may assess your gold valuables for the price of the metal, our staff will evaluate your gold for jewelry craftsmanship and aesthetic value, in addition to the amount of the gold.

Estate Jewelry

Estate Jewelry

vintage gold jewlery

You may be holding onto an engraved Chopard bracelet or a diamond & platinum pin that circa back to the 1900s. Those are iconic jewelry pieces, and we hope you know it.

We are at Dream Gems Corp; buy estate jewelry for its real worth. We never offer a price that destroys the sentimental value of your antique jewelry. Our Qualified buyers identify and authenticate everything right in front of you, so there are no backroom deals involved. We’ll also carefully restore antique jewelry to its original luster and improve its sellable condition.

Precious Coins

Precious Coins

Sell gold coins

We trade Precious (Gold, Silver & Platinum) coins throughout the globe, backed up with thirty-five years of numismatic experience. We have collaborated with coin collectors, traders, auction houses, historical groups, and educational organizations to sell rare coins. Our countless hours of effort to improve our coin vending service has led us to obtain a diverse and exceptional numismatic inventory.

At Dream Gems Corp. Numismatics Divison, We prioritize educating our customers and help them to get the highest profit from coin trading. Call us today and speak with our experienced coin experts. They’ll help you to understand the actual value of your rare silver, gold or platinum coins.

Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Sell my engagement ring

Are you planning to sell your engagement ring in New York City or Tri-State area? If so, wonder whom you can trust to offer the best price, look no further. We, at Dream Gems Corp., provide the best possible market prices for the engagement rings or we will price match our competitors.

With a stellar reputation in designing, manufacturing & selling engagement rings for over 40 years, we strive to create relationships with our customers, not just a sale. Dream Gems will purchase your diamond engagement ring for the actual value, on the global market for fine jewelry. In Fact, as we are jewelry makers in its most organic sense, we can offer the real market value for diamond engagement rings than pawn shops or online marketplace.

We may not be able to fix your broken dreams, but we will give you the best price for your old engagement ring!


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I had some broken jewelry that I was going to throw away. A friend told me to take it to Dream Gems Corp. to see if any of it was real & worth something. I couldn’t believe how much they paid for just my little bit of gold and silver! I have told all my friends to go there before they meet with another buyer.
Chloe Olver
Chloe Oliver
News Cast
I took my jewelry to three places in NYC to get a quote, and Dream Gems Corp. gave me the highest price. They were easy to deal with; The price they advertised on the website is what they pay. Issac was also polite and friendly. I won’t ever go anywhere else with my old jewelry.
Jordan McCarthy
Jordan McCarthy
Fashion Designer