I'll return your books as soon as possible.


Hopefully he'll wait for me.

In this world, there are some things that will never come true no matter how much you wish for them.

I am responsible for the mistake.

I don't know what we will do.

They have few books.

We are starving.

Is this all they do?

Earl is muttering.

This paper is magical, it can turn into anything you want.

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Nobody looks very convinced.

They are trying to organize a new political party.

Repeat after me.

This is a bit too loose around my waist.

I've never been to Spain. However, I have been in Italy.

Those three are his daughters.

Hamilton can speak French better than the rest of us.

Our eyes, our ears, our sense of smell, our taste create as many truths as there are men on earth.

Jem gave Julianto the cold shoulder.

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Elizabeth's lamb follows her everywhere.

I am looked after by my son.

His face is his fortune.


I had no choice but to take the plane.

Do you know how to reach her?

What are you going to do there?

Renu doesn't have to speak.

I've had better vacations.

I don't really want anything to eat right now.

I don't think I'd do that.

The land was divided into 8 lots.

Cole has a southern accent.


Vilhelm always blames somebody else for his mistakes.

Dannie was mopping the kitchen.

For dessert, Barney ordered chocolate parfait with vanilla ice cream.

Such thing can't be true.

Albert took off his helmet and wiped off his forehead.

She could not cope with anxiety.

The year 1905 is an important year in the history of physics. It is the year Einstein changed the face of physics with his theories of special relativity, mass-energy equivalence and the photoelectric effect.

I wonder if you can really try.

Authorized personnel only.

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I'm not a robot.


If he donates a kidney, he can survive with the other one.


I can't tell you what it is.

Can you zip up my dress?

Paula is in pretty bad shape.

Workers made loud demands for higher wages.

Be more precise.

We don't want any more mistakes.

It has to happen. There's no avoiding it.

You were so strong.

This is my assistant.


We are looking forward to going on a hike next week.

The king would not even read the message.

What makes you think I want a new oboe?

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Is it true that the iTunes' MP3 encoder has poor sound quality?

Adam ran past Derek.

Her pregnancy was fraught with complications.

Make it larger.

Up to now he had made nine humanoid robots but they were all demonstration models.


You earned it.

I am less afraid of heights than I was.

I wish you'd been there.

If you're done reading the book, please put it back where you found it.

He didn't succeed in explaining what he wanted.


The heavy rain brought the flood, causing damage.

You've got to hurry.

We know so little about Guido.

Fate brings us what we don't often wait for.

You make a good point.

You'll soon get used to driving on the right.

I love competing with Jock.

There sure are a lot of mosquitoes in this room.

Don't believe everything you read.


We have to find a way to stop it.

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Is humankind coming close to its end?

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Don't play in this room.


That's what I believe.

I helped her into a gown.

His mother must be proud.

I might have done well on yesterday's test, but I do not know the results yet.

Where did you bake them?


Mongo really didn't know what to do.

I'm not ready yet.

Turn the lights out now.

No is a wanker.

I was hoping for more than this.

I didn't turn off the light.

Look, it's a save point! You know you want it!


The flood of 1342 was the biggest deluge in the history of central Europe.

Brenda started to feel like his life wasn't worth living.

Why don't I call you?

We lay down on the grass and stared at the night sky.

Please turn the music down a bit.

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When was the book delivered to you?

Social unrest may come about as a result of the endless rising of prices.

Try not to worry about us.

Renu left through the front door.

Where is the Spanish embassy?

The problem at this point is that there is a problem.

I can't control it.


This is a harpoon.

Melinda was frightened and didn't want to be left alone.

He has poor eyesight.

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I'm not a liar.

There are lots of animals in the park.

I cut one into slices.

You're not joking, are you?

They're a great band and deserve the cash.

She committed suicide yesterday.

Nature endowed her with wit and beauty.

Pieter ought to have known that Jean-Pierre would be late.

Rick bowed politely.

That doesn't sound too hard.

As long as it doesn't interrupt the game!


Alvin doesn't speak French as well as Jeremy.

That's not really my job.

We didn't even discuss it.


Bryan doesn't want to go to Boston with me.


I need to get back to the hospital.

Why don't you trust her?

I consider that racial discrimination.

Sangho has caused me a lot of trouble.

Sweet dreams!


The Mayor already has a few ideas for next year!

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I'd be happy to cooperate.

I tipped the cabbie ten bucks for getting me to the airport on time.

He is good at basketball.

Where do I need to turn?

She smiled at me.

I am tired from running fast.

Where is the gate?

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Five years have passed since I came to Japan.

Did you kiss?

I really don't want to talk about it.


She was a Brown before she got married.

No one listens anymore.

All that's left for me is to drink myself silly with vodka and to get lost in sleep.


The sight tempted him to steal.

Who took you to the prom?

Are these gestures used in the USA?

He got lost in the course of walking in the woods.

I want to be there for Gunnar.

Marie has many powerful friends in Washington.

Is somebody teaching you French?


Do you ever happen to nibble between meals?


Lee and Brian don't have kids.

I know that's not the truth.

We shouldn't have made you go.

Randy used to hang out with Jose all the time.

Let's shell the nut.

The instructor writes on the board.

It occurred to me that he might have told a lie.

I hope it's good.

We love what we do.


You didn't see her, did you?

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We've waited too long.


Marcia swung the bat and hit a home run.


Come here boy.

I thought I could help Paula, but I couldn't.

Soccer is not necessarily confined to men.


Lindsey is needy.


I'll find work.