You belong with us.

This data was compiled by Rob.


He had once again drunk one over the eight.


Maria wants to buy herself a new washing machine.

I've been hunting with him.

He earned as much money as possible.

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He blew on his fingertips.

What're you doing, Terrance?

Vivek handed Christie a cup.

It is not a joke, you will have to pay the full price.

He shut the door and went upstairs.


Who among us is perfect?


That's a beautiful dress.

I'm positive it was Dean I saw at the park.

Edgar didn't break any laws.


He dashed the glass to the floor.

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Spass has just come back from the supermarket.

They made a strange discovery.

We care for Claudio as much as you do.

The black dog sees the white cat.

Do you love me? Do you really love me?

She didn't stay because she had to go to the dentist.

Now every Finnish woman has everything she needs to be happy.


This entomologist has a large insect collection.

Steve has recently changed his telephone number.

Jos died in Rome.

I reached into the pile and felt soft fabric.

Bring your sister next time.

My uncle comes to see me from time to time.

She didn't appear to recognize me.

Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer and an important figure in the initial development of the modern sciences. His discoveries contradicted the teachings of the Catholic Church, and Galileo was put on trial for heresy by the Inquisition.

What's your favorite item of clothing?

Kazuhiro asked a lot of questions I didn't know the answers to.

Klava cuts her expenditures.


People will shut me up by saying "you think too much", but think they desire ignorance.


Black or white, a cat that catches mice is a great cat.

You should marry Irving.

I don't know if he's older or younger than me.

You aren't going to leave me, are you?

No matter what happens, I'll never tell.


I'll take care of my parents when they get old.

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This is a bunch of indoctrinated morons.

Juan is avoiding me.

This is where we differ very much from Japanese workers.

He was born in Osaka.

We are adjourned until 2:30.

I have the same dress as you!

Gordon can't stop thinking about Russell.

I'd really like to know what Murph's secret is.

I think we should've discussed this.

Thai is an interesting language.

Craig didn't stay there very long.

Your password has just been sent. Check your email.

Why don't we let Elliot try that again?

I was busy with housework.

I need to know what the language of origin is.

Nowadays mobile phones are very popular.

Maria tends to appear on my doorstep whenever I'm about to go out.

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Steven didn't have a chance.

I'm your roommate Paul.

Are there any more donuts?

He set the table with cups, saucers, plates and chargers.

She belongs to the tennis club.

What's your favorite font?

This is just a temporary break up.


Those troops are going into action.

This magnificent cathedral dates back to the Middle Ages.

Jonathan doesn't always tell the truth.

He died after a long illness.

Their job is to card the wool.


Why are you showing me this?

I can do magic.

Since I wasn't invited, I'll stay home.


Gregor probably didn't think it was likely that Herb would fall in love with John.

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I'd like you to look after my dog.


Stay away from that guy.


We watched the children play.

You see?

He is capable of teaching Spanish.

A few minutes later the telephone rang.

Ninja works long hours.

Maybe I'll leave tomorrow.

Why is it my turn?


The governor of Texas asked the oil company to cut down on noise pollution.

Courtney spent an hour shoveling the driveway.

The fact that I said nothing made him angry.

He made believe that he did not hear me.

Turkeer makes a lot more money than Billie.

I don't think Rudolph can do that.

Lenny is in no hurry to sell his car.

This one's for you.

Believe it or not, she cannot even cook an egg.

They came together.

Does milk spoil quickly?

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Let's check it.

Do you enjoy plays, films, and such?

Fletcher ditched Roland after a week.

Harvey might prefer to stay at home.

In making a decision, I rely not on logic but on instinct.


When was the last time you smoked a cigarette?

I didn't know that you loved her so much.

Stefan retreated to her bedroom after dinner.

Why don't you buy a vehicle?

A group of scientists stood by, ready to record the experiment.


Do you two know each other?

We can't help you with that.

You have to talk really loud, otherwise he won't understand us.

Phill is playing golf.

Everybody is busy except me.

The battle goes on!

Melanie wants to be a mathematician.

The postmortem showed that she had been strangled.

We need some more water.

Does it have to be her?

They accused him of nepotism.


OK, what's the secret?

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I'm not certain Anderson knows what to do.

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I was worried for nothing.

Fortunately, I was on time.

Mental exercise is particularly important for young children.

The man running over there is my uncle.

Besides French, he can obviously speak English.


When he got to the party, Sam made a bee line for the food.

I hear you have a new girlfriend.

A resolution to the problem was more difficult than we anticipated.


Stock prices were mixed on the Tokyo market today.


It's nothing to worry about.

The explanation is simple.

Where is a vegetarian restaurant?

Harvey opened the door and asked Leon if she was busy.

If people get scared enough, anything could happen.

And don't tempt me.

I am sure of his passing the examination.

He was debarred from entering the club.

When I work, I like to listen to the music.

Don't take it so seriously.

The bad weather prevented us from leaving.

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Man likes bright sunshine.

All of it was delicious!

Then, they spent that day with Jesus.


How does one cook rice without starch?

This soup needs a bit more salt.

I won't give up on her.

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My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

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We got used to late-hour work.

Surya always has terrible heartburn whenever he overeats.

I was disappointed at the result.

Should I tell him?

The watch was guaranteed.

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This is the best way to die.


So what is it you want me to do?

You play the piano, don't you?

You like him, don't you?

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I'll come back this afternoon.

I wasn't drinking last night.

She's sexually promiscuous.


Have you paid all the bills?

I think Edwin got a raw deal.

He had complete mastery over the necessary mathematics formula.

He came home in high spirits.

He is apt to give vent to his feelings.

How much for this carpet?

Why are you always avoiding me?