His objective is to become a teacher.

They carry firearms.

We're in a safe place now.

I wish I knew how to play the trombone.


I've been laid off.

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Marshall is unable to work this week.


He says you're lying.


I don't want to be cruel.

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The superior man controls things, he is not controlled by them.

There's something I need to do right now.

Should we try to get a cab?


He went to some place or other.

We know so little about them.

Can I have a word with you alone?

I love men with beards.

Brandi asked Ramanan if she wanted to dance.

Skeeter is very methodical.

What's the point of my knowing three foreign languages if I don't know what to say?

I can see as well as you can.

You have to hurry if you want to go with them.

Don't forget to make an answer key.

Sam said it was out of the question.

I heard a strange sound coming from the garage.

You're the only person I know that can't swim.

She tried to make him jealous.

Have you heard of me?

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The raven is regarded a bird of bad omen.

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Look, a butterfly!

I fought against sleep.

I want to be a doctor in the future.

The question is how did Corey do it.

Did you apologize to her?

I've started enjoying painting again lately.

Which foreign language do you think is the easiest for native English speakers to learn?


The drunk driver drove his car straight through the wall of the house and into a bedroom.

I awoke one morning and found myself famous.

I just got off the phone with Eduardo.

The seat of his pants is shiny.

In the Internet age, the once noble title of publisher has been demoted to the insipid "content provider".


Russell is a much better swimmer than I am.


Everyone around the area works hard.

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You cannot read this novel without crying.


My sister dressed herself for the party in a hurry.

Has it occurred to you that Miriamne might be able to help us solve the problem?

She ignored the fact that he is ill.

You don't have to convince me.

A child fell into the enclosure of 17-year-old Harambe, an endangered western lowland gorilla, on Saturday.


How about a cup of hot coffee?

Ariel was as nervous as Barbara.

He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.

Leung made it clear that he didn't like the food.

Piet hates green peppers.


I saw Stewart's name on that list.

I want to please you.

Can we just drop it?

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Anna got married without her parents' knowledge.

Things might've turned out better if you hadn't gone there.

Don't wander from the subject.

Can you correct my English sentences?

It is not possible to not breathe and bathe at the same time.

It is necessary to clean the chicken-house.

It was very far-sighted for that company to change its policy to accommodate the decrease in numbers of children and the aging of society.

The difference is not so great for me.

She acceded to our demands.

I held a wedding ceremony last month.

A curfew was imposed on the city.


Neil was the first boy to hug Ramneek.

Was I supposed to ignore them?

Neal is a security specialist.

The way you talk is going to get you in trouble someday.

I know that John is honest.


Hazel couldn't help but be impressed.

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Dimetry's parents have a bar in their basement.

Heather and John look like brothers.

How blue the sky is!

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Shouldn't Tuna be back by now?

I recognize that guy.

How vigorous you are!

The chairman is elected for a two year term.

Different experiences lead to different choices.


I plead not guilty.

She will do whatever it takes to find Olaf.

You're being too modest.

Naoto bought a present for his son.

For instance, gauges, such as thermometers and barometers, are instruments.

I go to the store to motivate my mom.

Why didn't you move?

I'd never do that with him.

Brian repeatedly told Chris that he owed him a pretty large amount of money.


How many moons does Jupiter have?


What would you do if you had ten thousand dollars?

There's no shortage of work around here.

Vistlik is a normal, healthy little boy.


The greatest number came from Europe, but many also came from Latin America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Canada.

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Milner is that man over there with a long white beard.

What does "Merci beaucoup!" in French mean?

That man has a very good build.

I'm going to give the dog a bath.

Why can't you forgive me?


He's of the type "do as I say, not as I do".


We went to the beach together.


I need a box of nails.

My jacket has a secret pocket where I can hide money or other valuables.

The sun was shining like gold.


When did Susana get back?

What happened, Sally?

Thad couldn't possibly have murdered Roy.


Izumi asked if any of us could speak French.

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Emma didn't offer us anything to eat.

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That's my wish.


You don't need to apologize, Maria.

Sharada is very generous with his friends.

Vick was wearing a gray suit with a red tie.

Excluding Barack Obama, all presidents of the United States were white.

I can see why that's hard to resist.


The Queen of Hearts' only daughter is loved by exactly three suitors.

The exact opposite is true.

Mechael felt Nicolette's forehead to see if she had a fever.


This has to be the truth.

My children were taken away from me.

One must not be blinded by physicality.

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The boomerang hurtled whistling through the air.

A person like Damon has probably never kissed anyone other than his mother.

Kuldip might be able to sing at your wedding.

What's your favorite audio player?

If you want to work here, you need a permit.

The gaunt policeman had a bolt-action rifle slung over one shoulder.

Naresh keeps a rabbit's foot as a good-luck charm.


This has visual impairment as a side effect.

Sanjeev still goes to Boston every summer.

Please come.

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What's your schedule like tomorrow?

Chinese language works much better than English in this market.

When I was very young, my father died. His younger brother, due to the vicissitudes of the times and to his own laziness, dissipated his own fortune and afterwards became a peddler of writing materials. He often came to our house, but when he came, my mother would scold him and he would be troubled.

I've done everything you asked me to.

It takes 285 Earth years for Haumea to make one trip around the Sun.

Sabrina and Jean-Christophe look sad.

Should we really be doing this?

You say you want to go to Boston? Why in the world would you want to go there?

We have eaten there three times.

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The dog will bite whoever's last.

I think that this material is of benefit to everyone.

Send me a letter when you arrive.

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Let someone else handle it.


I'm in a hurry to get home.

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I've had a high fever for three days.

No one thinks, but everyone has their opinions.

I should never have done it.

I'm not taking advantage of their garden.

Mickey put on his shirt inside out.

You reached your goal.

The passport is of importance on your trip.


Put yourself in my position.

Then I try to play the first notes.

What happened to your leg?

Barbra had a really bad day.

What is the hardest language, in your view?