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Directly Stores Data To Google Sheet.

Send A Direct Or Scheduled Message To Your Clients/Customers

Avoid Fake Credential By Validating E-mail address and Phone Number

Get The Location To The Visitors That Visits Your Website

Our Services

E-mail Validation

We provide API to validate e-mail addresses from visitors to avoid fake account.

Phone Validation

We also provide API to validate phone number from visitors around the world.

Visitor's Location

We provide API to locate the visitor's location


We provide form API to submit data from your website and directly stores to Google Sheet.


This platform will allow you to send SMS and E-mail notification to your clients/customer. You can send notification by sending it directly or by scheduling your message daily, weekly, monthly, or by specific date and time.

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API for your online business

Pricing Table


USD 0.005 / credit

  1. E-mail Validation
  2. Phone Number Validation
  3. Get Vistor's Location
  4. Form


Purchase a credit using paypal or credit card.

  1. By Date/No. of Days Schedule
  2. Daily Schedule
  3. Weekly Schedule
  4. Monthly Schedule

Welcome to Ratfy


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