Tomas is a famous portrait painter.

Please give me the menu.

These fancy upgrades only serve to snailify the car.

A fire broke out in this neighborhood last night.

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My mother made me cottage cheese pancakes when I was young.

The workers are expanding the road.

I've told them everything.

We were all so busy then.

She had a daughter by her first husband.

I really want you to meet them.

Kamiya is a pescatarian.

At midnight Naresh awoke to loud, unidentifiable noises coming from the bedroom upstairs.

Why is No scared to talk to James?

John took a key out of his pocket.

Religions are the poetry of the soul.

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Smoke is rising from the chimney.

What heavy traffic!

Jenine likes to watch soccer.

He ran a hand through her hair.

Whose serve is it?

I'll miss everyone.

She would by no means tell a lie.


Joe excels his older brother at swimming.


To tell the truth, he doesn't eat that many.

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What language is this?


Do not venture to come out of your homes.


I'd like to hear a lot more about your trip.

A hearty dinner well appeased my hunger.

We're not quite sure why this happens.

No one cares about that anymore.

When candles are out, all cats are grey.


I know that wasn't how I was supposed to do that.

I'm the guy who showed Hotta how to make tomato sauce.

Give me your flashlight.

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Roxie went haywire.

Who will take the place of his mother?

It's a little like that.

Obviously, Samuel isn't Blair's type.

I want a camomile.


We tried to stop Vernon from doing that.

I just need to stay calm.

I've been thinking about our situation.

I don't think the police will ever catch Dave.

The hearse was drawn by eight black horses.

The fundamental cause of the problem is that in the modern world, idiots are full of confidence, while the intelligent are full of doubt.

We cannot live on 150000 yen a month.


The alarm rang and everyone had to evacuate.

When was the last time you had an accident?

Jef always pays for dinner whenever we go out together.


More than 90 percent of visits to a web page are from search engines.

It's true that he saw a monster.

His acts of courage brought him glory.

He is as clever as any of his classmates.

You shouldn't eat so much ice cream.


The sad part is that nobody will ever know.

He stopped drinking alcohol.

Keep him busy.

Keep not two tongues in one mouth.

My father manages a store.


Mayuko cried aloud.


If I had had a little more money, I would have bought it.


I started dating Sharan when I was in high school.


I'll turn it over to him.

I don't like the look of it.

Who found my missing book?

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I'm perfectly happy.

Brush the top of the pie with milk and bake at the top of a hot oven for 20 to 25 minutes.

Darci weighs about 300 pounds.

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That mattress needs to be aired out.

You may be free to do what you like.

He may be the traitor.

How is that even possible?

Debbie makes quite a bit of money.


Give me some of those.

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Open your book to page nine.


He addressed himself to the reporters.

How often do you buy new clothes?

You'll soon be used to living in a big city.

Mix Think a drink.

Ken and Joe went to the park to play tennis.


Wallonia is a beautiful country.

I told Claudia I wanted a divorce.

I don't know what I'm going to do next.


I wondered why she didn't have a boyfriend.

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I'm relieving you of duty.

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We are already planning to do that.

If you had told me the truth, I would not be angry now.

I've been to America twice already.

You have my undivided attention.

I don't think Sho ever really loved me.

Tareq must've had a key.

The door opens to the road.


I hope to graduate at the exams.

It's the perfect opportunity!

Andrea always says no.


None of that was true.

We have a lot of homework.

Here's Japan's flag.

The beautiful is always strange.

A dog is a faithful animal.

Do you want something bad to happen?

What is the acreage of your ranch?

He finished his work without sleep or rest.

Where's the remote control for the TV?

She's a hair stylist.

It itself that's a cause for celebration but there was one comment that bothers me.


Marie played.

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He is mad on gambling.


In my opinion, alcohol is not necessarily bad for your health.


It's definitely a good sign.


He's another poor fool.

I telephoned to make sure that he was coming.

And those were his last words.

Margie doesn't want Ian to go anywhere without him.

How do you plan to change this?

Today's friends are tomorrow's enemies.

Marek can't read yet.

In Japan, it is proper to bow when you meet someone.

I wouldn't mind stopping for a while now.

I had a similar experience.

The teacher assembled the students in the hall.


My dizziness still hasn't gone away.

Why don't you sit and have a drink with me?

The grandparents are sitting in the room and they are watching their favourite TV series.


What I need is a shovel.

She writes to her pen pal in London twice a month.

There's no way I can make it up to you.


It isn't as cold here as in Alaska.

I just don't get it.

Who said anything about having children?

How did you get those bruises on your legs?

It's cold in the winter, warm in the summer.


I'm going to go see her.


He was absent because of the storm.

I'm fed up with him!

Many say they are sorry, but no one does anything to help.

You're all I've got.

Sandeep tried to guess Spass's weight.

Put all the rubbish in the barrel.

I step out for bread less often than some girls step down the aisle.

Why didn't you run?

The art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds to satisfy it afterwards.


Swamy is too young to live by himself.

Computer games are examples of software multimedia because they combine text, images, animation, video, and sound.

As the children ran, they heard the sound of the broom sweeping the ground close behind them.

Amir thought that the picture hanging above the fireplace might be worth a lot of money.

He returned home by way of Hong Kong.

I'd like to extend my stay through Sunday.

There were mistakes made.

Clench your teeth together, please.

What are you embarrassed about?

I have no idea what the weather will be like tomorrow.

He blushed when the girls whistled at him in the street.

That's a great poem.

Do you think Maureen resembles his mother?


This part of town is mainly residential.

She tried to get whatever she wanted.

The riot was soon put down by the police.

They named the ship the Mayflower.

Where can I exchange foreign currency?