Even if the performance is good, I still say we drop the project.

I'll pay you back as soon as I can.


Are you willing to help me with that work?

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He gave away his entire fortune to an old friend's daughter, and expected nothing in return.

I'm not usually here.

The boy lay on his back, basking in the spring sunshine.

What's desirable isn't always doable.

Audrey has been very generous.


On both sides of the road there are old walls.

Jeremy can't catch a break.

If you want to go, then go.

I just finished the work.

This type of person isn't interesting.

Could I have a moment of your time?

I gave him an apple.

We need to finish the job.

Barrio was sitting on a bench in the park, reading a book.

We regret that we cannot place an order.

You can't trust that guy.

I made efforts to improve my grades.

I have to have an interview before taking the examination.

Skeeter drank a shot.

I'm sorry if I hurt you.

In English, "black tie" can mean more than just a tie that is black in color.

Barney didn't say anything.

Why do cats' eyes shine in the dark?

I'm quite sure of that.

We are therefore compelled to inform our Christian family everywhere of the silent holocaust that is taking place in our midst.

Mann never told me why he didn't like Joseph.

There was just one problem with Shari's plan.

Please take a message for me.


Do you know what happens next?

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My car was stolen. It's no longer where I parked it.


Vincent could've refused.

She was nowhere to be found.

I'll have to take him with me.

We talked about it all night.

I'm trying to get my children back.

Play it again.

It's simple to use.

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Brent has a secret crush on Liz.

I know how to fly.

She was desperate for attention.

Tobias and Clare were the only ones who were saved.

I share your concern.

We queued up for the bus.

I didn't know Dirk was here.

If you have a car, you can come and go at will.

Remember to answer his letter.


Robbin has a cousin who is a doctor.


I don't have time for reading this book.

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Ram wanted to turn himself in to the police.

Please get in touch with me when you are here.

Both Brendan and Warren don't like John very much.


Ami asked Cathy when she was planning to go home.

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Flowers are always a good idea.


Check it out, Gill.

He was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

We used to play games like tag.


Respect your parents. They pay for the internet.

Mom doesn't like to exercise.

Do you think we should do something to help Sandip?

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You've been walking in your sleep.

I'm paying for everything.

The space ship will get to the moon soon.


Patrick wished he hadn't eaten so much pie.


I do not understand Anatole's ostensible contempt for satorial concerns of his peers.


I want to send this letter to Japan.

I wore the earrings that you gave me for my birthday.

Annard is the Jacksons' gardener.

We will fix this.

I rented a videotape this morning.

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Her name came up in 42 separate entries in a Google search.

The train is due at noon.

I don't like artificial flowers.


They're having a social at the church tonight.

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Choose the grammatically incorrect sentence.

The result is opposite to what we expected.

Everett quit his job because he didn't like his boss.

I'll steal your mobile phone!

Air is for people what water is for fish.

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I don't know how to deal with the problem.


Yumi is one of my friends.


Ravindran is the world's leading expert on stoats, who is credited with having written the most comprehensive encyclopedia to date about them.


I've been separated from my family for so long.


The king went hunting this morning.

Could I sit on the aisle?

I looked for them.

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Where do you get off telling me anything?

Can I buy that from you?

He yells at people all the time.

He didn't reveal his identity.

I don't hate them anymore.

He was making his way through the crowd.

We're going to try to be there on time.

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Panzer expected this to happen.


You can come on Monday instead.

I don't have four brothers.

My name's Guillermo.

In the United States, 20 million new jobs have been created during the past two decades, most of them in the service sector.

He ran away when he saw the policeman.

How well can you play guitar?

I wonder who liked my picture.

Can I borrow your radio?

We're all prisoners here.

I am in receipt of your letter.

Bobby asked a question.


Don't pull the plug yet.


It looks like Billy isn't very happy.

I can't seem to reach him.

He plays tennis very well.


"What's going on in the cave? I'm curious." "I have no idea."

You loved Carter, didn't you?

The sun gives us light and heat.

Do not allow liquid or small particles to get into the console.

You can depend on Jack.

We can't wait for Tanaka.

Where do I need to turn?


A woman is going into it now.

Are you a coffee drinker?

Were they busy last week?

It is up to you to support him.

The foreigner does not have an Italian name.

I kind of wished you'd mentioned that before.

Andrea stood near the door.


We can help Sergeant.


What are you preparing?


Joe looked sad yesterday?

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John has been moody since this morning.

You should've listened to him.

It's inspiring.

I wonder why Pamela won't talk to me anymore.

Why did we fail?

The princess did not like this at all, and one day she complained about it very bitterly to her nurse.

I don't know what I'm doing yet.

As soon as I got home, the telephone rang.

Erwin can't drive a car yet.

What stuff is this jacket made of?

I don't like this quiet necktie. Please show me a more colourful one.

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She said that she had things that she needed to do and that she would be back later.

People respond to encouragement.

So-called "winter time" is expected to enhance the college reform.


I don't work there anymore.

We're going to the movie theater.

I thought you said Noam was a friend of yours.


I've decided I don't want to be famous.

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What's this city's population, approximately?


They stopped to stare at Rajendra.

She's never said that, maybe you're mistaken.

I gave each child three pieces of candy.

The result of the election will soon be analyzed.

You need to make a real change.

We all know you don't drink.

The one in charge of the orchestra is called the conductor.

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The people who live here are our friends.

I still remember Marian.

Having good credit is a prerequisite to applying for a loan.