ABOUT Venus Ventures

  1. Full service venture capital firm focused on adult entertainment
  2. A complete ecosystem tailored for investment support and knowledge sharing
  3. Income source for investors via profit sharing
  4. Team of over 30 people, located in UK, Israel, Romania, Hungary and Cyprus

The porn industry has been controlled mostly by big producers and large media companies.
In recent years pornstars and entrepreneurs both began to understand their potential and started aiming at developing their own businesses.

OUR Vision

Venus Ventures vision is to support entrepreneurs and visionaries in building products and solutions which cater to real-world needs. Our capital and advisory services help such ventures raise the required funds to turn their visions into reality, and our media and marketing services support the advisory wing and help their products achieve adoption.

OUR Mission

To dedicate people, capital, resources, and ideas to helping our partners, shareholders and employees grow.
We achieve this through our unique investment strategies, driven by our values and investment principles, and offering employees a challenging and rewarding place to build careers.

Our portfolio

Advisory - Post Start

Cams - Venus Live

Crowdfunding - Pron Invest

Events - Venus Tours

Games - Venus Games

News & Data - Porn Magnates

Payments - Venus Payments

PR & Marketing - Venus Buzz

Social & Streaming - Catwall

Studio - Venus Studio

Talent Agency - Venus Talents

Tube - Venusex