What kind of cookies are these?

I'll need a loan.

I must leave on Monday.

I forgot to phone him today.

Patricia would never allow that.

Last night, we heard sounds of gunshots and screaming on the street outside our window.

Students often study with music playing in the background, and people working around the house will usually turn on the television or radio to keep them company.

If you keep your emotions bottled up you'll only end up hurting yourself.

Travis takes private French lessons.

Devon isn't used to his new job.

Mitch could tell you.

I heard you won. Congratulations!


He was present at the party.


Some animals are very good at climbing.


Kimberly picked out an interesting book for Polly to read.


Hey, where did you two come from?

I speak with my mother every day.

Don't be a wuss!


Isn't Thuan great?


I saw her for the last time.

Help me move this stone.

Quintilius Varus, return my legions!

Why are you dressed like an old man?

I'm going to go catch up with David.

I'll be sure to let Kusum know.

I'm going to make a little fruit salad for everyone.

He has an abrasive personality.

You didn't tell me Roderick moved to Boston.

It is necessary to have a license to drive a car.

Shankar can speak French a little.


She proposed that we take an hour's break for lunch.


Roger seems to be in charge.

The post office is just across from the bank.

She denied having met him.

I only just met her.

During the day I went to Ikea to return the rug.

I'll help you.

Her accent gave her away.

Winnie paid by check.

She was falsely accused.


I never liked Brodie much.


I am drawing a bird.

I found an envelope for my letter.

Send him away.

It wants five minutes to nine.

It's unlikely that I'll have time to finish this project before next week.

Examine it.

Is the milk from this deer really good?

A trip to America was equivalent to a two-year salary for her.

Mother went shopping with my brother.


Sit tight.

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As you can see, we're still working.

Please fasten your seat belt.

Have you given any more thought to what I told you?

Brender is a strange man.

I wouldn't like to be in his position, for all his wealth.

Speak up, and speak clearly.

Do you know his name?

The three primary colors are the basis of all the other colors.

Hang in there, and you can do it.

Let's play house.

We're just about finished with this job.

Get a grip on yourself.

I would like the least expensive one.

He was at a loss for a word.

I should do it now.

I bought a watch and I lost it the next day.

People were angry.

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It'll have to do.

Jerald can't afford that kind of computer.

He is subject to insomnia.

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There is a military base near here.


Maarten has no intention of helping us.

Thai people call their country's capital Krung Thep. If you translate this it means 'City of Angels'.

They say that Darren is a friendly person.

It seems I have misplaced your last mail.

How did you know I grew up in Boston?

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Ric knocked loudly.


I'd never hire him.


In case you hadn't noticed yet, I'm here to do a spot check of your facility.

I got a new battery put in my watch yesterday.

It's very hard to understand.

I think Ping has no ulterior motives.

Connie asked for food.

He moved the flags up and down.

I resent the way he treated me.


Do you think Perry is still up?

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I'm going to miss Sally's smile.

"I'll be back in a minute," he added.

We always may be what we might have been.

My parents' house is located high on a hill from which one can see the mountains in the east and the ocean in the north.

Iron is more useful than it is beautiful.


For what purpose did he come here?

He is not like the person I imagined.

Takayuki still doesn't understand French very well.

Donald is going to try to grow strawberries.

He tried to awake people from their ignorance.

We can derive great pleasure from books.

I thought he was stupid.

Are you deaf?

Thank you for your referral.

Is it OK if I tell Reid about it?

We found the boy fast asleep.

This may be a solution to the problem.

You know how Marcos is.


It was Juliane who first suggested that we hire Deborah.

I don't have to clean my room.

Choose a song and transcribe the lyrics.

Do you think I really want to be doing this?

I've never seen her this angry.

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That sounds really bad.

"I'll do my best" often means "I'll initiate nothing".

It's more complicated than that.


The crowd applauded for several minutes.

We can't do this anymore.

I didn't tell you to fire them.


It's similar to a duck.

I don't worry about him.

What's your favorite Bob Dylan song?

Two shirts and suits, please. There's a stain here.

What's that big building ahead of us?


That's not the plan.


Not that I dislike the work, but that I have no time.

They did not like the way he threatened his opponents.

It is what I would do.

Wealth, as such, does not matter much.

This may seem nearly impossible, but it's actually very simple.

Carrying out the plan was easy.

Dieter claimed he wasn't guilty.

John covers the Kanto area and Taro covers the Kansai area.

She can assess investments very accurately.


"Sean, what's your dream for the future?" "I want to become a stay-at-home dad."

Have a good day at school.

A fight started about nothing between them.

We expect you to carry out what you have once promised.

Sue tripped Konstantinos.

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Are you going to ask him?

Mr. Brown took charge of this class last year.

I gave up my seat to an old lady.

The flag is a national symbol.

Soohong combed his hair.

Edith stays in touch with Kenton.

I think it's a good law.

We weren't happy.

Damon looks quite uncomfortable.


From now on, be more careful with your money.


Is there an ATM nearby?

Did you make that all by yourself?

I can't find Tim.


Takayuki just kept screaming.

It has been snowing since this morning.

I'm glad I never gave up hope.

I'm a twelve-year-old girl.

So where did you live?

She painted the wall red.

Did you come home early just to eat then go out again?

I need to get my oboe repaired.

Kate and Pam have something surprising in common.

Alejandro was shot and killed.

I don't think you have much choice.

What do you say to seeing a doctor?

"Now, boys." he said.


Don't you do this to me.


I'll keep these if you don't mind.


He is rich enough to buy the painting.