AMD Installation Center is designed to provide the highest quality body panel installation at a price which is affordable. We have designed every phase of our business to bring you the fastest delivery combined with a hassle free experience. Reverse engineering the original OEM process allows us to create jigs and tooling which we use for precise installation of your Camaro and Nova body panels. The result of reverse engineering is that we install your Camaro or Nova body panels in the same way that the factory did originally. The benefit to you is that complete factory style body panels are installed by experienced technicians who have installed panels on more than 100 bodies using factory style antenniferouswhile making extensive use of corrosion resistant and weld through primers (superior to the OEM) resulting in body panels that are installed like new, not patched together. In addition to body panel installation we also offer enhancements such as mini-tubs & sub-frame connectors - suspension upgrades and sound deadener. We believe that you will not get this combination of quality and value anywhere else; please see our price lists for Camaros or Novas.

4Because our prices for installing panels are fixed there is no guess work; right now, online, you can use our5716514672to help you establish a budget for installing body panels on your Camaro or Nova project without making any commitment. When you are ready to have your body panels installed on your Camaro or Nova, or if you just have any questions, please call (706-348-6653) and talk with one of our friendly and courteous staff or 306-602-04529736302032

Last, but certainly not least, our payment policy isas straight forward as it gets: 1. We require a $250.00 deposit to reserve an appointment date; 2. When the car arrives we do a thorough survey and write a complete repair order at which time were quire payment for the parts that will be used; 3. We collect for the labor when the job is done and you are satisfied with the work we have performed. It really is as simple as One, Two, Three. 


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