I am a GIS software developer working with data cube solutions and services.


  • GIS Software developer

    Earth Observation Data Center for Water resource Monitoring GmbH, Vienna

    July 2018 - current

    GIS Software development concerning storage, manipulation and services of earth observation remotely sensed data.

  • University Assistant

    Vienna University of Technology

    February 2017 - March 2018

    Research, teaching and administrative duties. Researching geospatial data and implementing of GIS systems. Assisting in courses Implementation of a GIS, Geoinformation 1, Realisation of a GIS, Geometrical algorithms in GIS.

  • Guest Researcher

    Vienna University of Technology

    June 2016 - September 2016

    Research and writing of master thesis regarding spatial standards ISO 19100 series, INSPIRE, LPIS and web development of a geoportal web application for agricultural subsidies.

  • Teaching Fellow

    University of Novi Sad

    October 2013 - June 2016

    Research and assisting in courses Land Surveying for Civil Engineering, Engineering Geodesy, Utility Information Systems.



GIS Development90%

(Geo)Data Analaysis80%

Front End Development60%

Back End Development60%

Microsoft Office90%






Analytical Skill80%


Serbian (Native)100%




  • PhD in Geodesy and Geoinformation sciences

    Vienna University of Technology, Austria

    October 2017 - Current

    Researching usage of geospatial data for Quality of Life using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.

  • Master in Geodesy

    University of Novi Sad, Serbia

    October 2015 - November 2016

    Strong focus in geoinformation and GIS. Geoportal web development with standards and standardization. Working with GIS software and CAD software.

  • Bachelor with Honors in Geodesy

    University of Novi Sad, Serbia

    October 2011 - October 2015

    Courses in Land surveying, geodesy, geoinformation. Main focus in geospatial data processing, spatial databases and GIS.


OeAD Scholarship Award
June 2016

Received a scholarship from the Austrian Foundation for Undergraduates, Graduates und Postgraduates during the research for master thesis at Vienna Universtiy of Technology for a period of 3 months.

Dositeja Scholarship Master
November 2015

Dositeja award and scholarship for the best 400 master students in Republic of Serbia.

Dositeja scholarship Bachelor
November 2014

Dositeja award and scholarship for the best 800 bachelor students in Republic of Serbia.

Best presentation award
June 2015

Awarded best presentation by jury vote at the International Geodetic Student Meeting in Espoo, Finland. The title of the presentation was Crowdsourcing and VGI - Volunteered Geographic Information.

Best poster award
June 2014

Awarded best presentation by public vote at the International Geodetic Student Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The title of the poster was Integration of LiDAR and UAV data.

University Paper Award
May 2014

Received an award for a student research paper with title GML and Spatial Databases.


Intersections of our world
  • Type: Research
  • Published In: 2018

There are several situations where the type of a street intersections can become very important, especially in the case of navigation studies. The types of intersections affect the route complexity and this has to be accounted for, e.g., already during the experimental design phase of a navigation study. In this work we introduce a formal definition for intersection types and present a framework that allows for information about the intersections of our planet. We present a case study that demonstrates the importance and necessity of being able to extract this information.

Domain model of an agricultural information system based on standards
  • Type: Research
  • Published In: 2018

To better manage data in agriculture, governmental services implement geoinformation systems. These systems may be used as an aid to calculation of subsidies, serve as means of control and as support in decision making while following the latest technologies and standards. One of the oldest policies of the EU, Common Agricultural Policy, implements a system for agricultural subsidies along with an information system to aid in enforcing it. This paper provides one design for an exhaustive geoinformation system in the Republic of Serbia and verification of said system with test data.

Comparative Analysis of the accuracy and reliability preanalysis of conventional methods and GNSS method of survey
  • Type: Research
  • Published In: 2016

The subject of this paper is the comparison of the pre-analysis accuracy for geodetic networks for special purposes with the use of conventional methods (triangulation and trilateration) and the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) method of survey. Characteristics of the adjustment software JAG3D are also shown. As a practical case of the proposal geodetic network used for monitoring during the construction and exploitation of building the Tower within the project “Belgrade waterfront” is used with an emphasis on the 2D components. With the simulated design, standards of measurement and survey plan, a pre-analysis was conducted for obtaining accuracy and reliability of the geodetic network.

Application of modern geodethic methods during the construction of highrise buildings
  • Type: Research
  • Published In: 2016

The realization of geodetic work for construction of high rise buildings is shown in the paper. With the example of integrated multi-sensor system (Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), inclinometers, total station, meteorological sensors), and a concept design of a permanent monitoring in real time as well as geodetic stakeout during the construction of a high rise building for the tower in the „Belgrade Waterfront” project is shown.

Utility Information Systems - Practice book
  • Type: University Practice Book
  • Published In: 2015

Coauthored a practice book for the undergraduate students taking the course Utility Information Systems. Published by the University of Novi Sad. ISBN: 978-86-7892-822-2.


My hobbies are reading, listening to audiobooks and music, traveling. fitness, web browsing, video and board games.

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