I want a glass.

It's already been taken care of.


You had better not go.

Would you mind my opening the door?

I don't think I would ever shop until I had to go into debt because of it.

He put great emphasis on this point.

Ravi couldn't have done it without Mick's help.

He is a numpty.

A boy made off with some money.

As for me, I am satisfied.

The new agreement included a provision that dealt with the ramifications of the outbreak of a war.


I'm very concerned about the future of my marriage.

The clock is still ticking.

Where did you pick up your French?

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Don't stroke the cat the wrong way.

A vacation will do you lots of good.

We're happy together.

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Her hands are raw from the cold.

Do you still think I'm crazy?

She has remained in her present position for ten years.

Have you ever met Taninna at the bookstore?

These gloves kept her hands warm.


I tripped on a stone, and if he hadn't caught me, I would have fallen into the gorge.

A comet has a distinct center called a nucleus.

You won't be able to help them.

Lou is always pressed for money.

Dimetry told Vaughn not to waste her time trying to convince John to help.

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You are really clumsy, aren't you!


We're going to look into it.


There is fruit.


Can anything be done for Pandora?


I just don't want to hurt him.

I'd sure like to see them, but I won't have the time.

Don't even think of asking me to lend you some money.

Granville massaged my temples with his fingers.

I think I'll give it a miss.

His career as a journalist was full of distinguished achievements.

You've got my attention.

Do you have a tie I can borrow?

By dint of hard work he succeeded at last.

I don't have much time.

"I can't believe that you snuck into the castle!", said the princess.

Maureen couldn't hack it.

Someone is at the door.

I didn't change anything.

He couldn't move and had to call for help.


I wish I had studied French harder when I was younger.


Cuyuchi is standing near the lime tree.

I can't stand so many cars honking their horns at the same time!

Should I bring them in on this?

We'll watch them.

What're you referring to?


The cry roused me from my sleep.

The cars collided head on.

Kory is going to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit if you don't confess.

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He didn't approve of wasting time.

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Should I be worried about her?

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It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

I gave Jean-Pierre a chance.

I wish she would stop playing that stupid music.

Can I go out to play, Dad?

I saw a fight.

It'll be hard to persuade them.

Excuse me for interrupting you.

A book is a wonderful gift.

Whenever I hear that song, I remember my youth.

Our air is polluted.

Your comments were appropriate.

I have no problem with an untidy house, but could not accept that it might be dirty.

Don't mumble your words. You are too old for that.

He criticized his rival severely.

Just keep quiet.

The pay is based on sales.

I don't get along with Stacey.

I can help you with that.

Bicycle access is limited.

She's your friend.

Don't interfere in other people's affairs.

Isn't it a bit small?

Work is so frustrating today.

I'll look after her.

Who's the next candidate?

It was cold last night, yet he didn't wear a coat.

Who knows when Sjouke's birthday is?


Show me where Boston is on the map.

You whispered.

There's nothing to be concerned about.

Dan's death could not be explained.

Your food's getting cold.

I secretly hoped this would happen.

The English team beat the Brazilian team in the international soccer tournament.

We need to discuss this with the director tete-a-tete.

The doctor said that what Galen has isn't contagious.

I hear you've stopped smoking.

The chief of police told reporters that both a member of the public and a police officer had been injured in last night's altercation.

I thought you were kidding.

Tell Miek that Lanny doesn't want him to come over.


Everything is in flux.


Talk slower.

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They give out their reactionary cosmopolitanism as "internationalism", they try to cover up their fight against peace and democracy by pacifist and pseudo-democratic phrases.

Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

My mother lives a lonely life in the country.


I believe Kristin is acquainted with Helen.

Stay far away from that dog.

You're trying to confuse me.

He was the idol of children.

Also many incidents of robbery by threats and violence are occurring.

He has an interesting book.

Start this moment.

What will you do now?

Everyone is still smiling.

Dan never handles his big hairy spider without a thick glove.

I bet we'll see Sumitro before the end of the week.

We're working on the problem.

At last, he found out how to make it.


Doesn't that go without saying?

Our store has a monopoly on this item.

Blues singer and guitarist Robert Johnson would have been 100 years old on May 8th of 2011 if he hadn't died when he was 27 years old.

All men have some natural talent, but the question is whether they can use it or not.

Nelken has to share a room with his brother.

This is the only tie I have.

I will lend you this dictionary.

Rajendra has a love/hate relationship with Japan.

Your explanation is too abstract to me.

I've never been to Daniel's house.

Rainer won't be able to finish the job unless we help him.


He's begun to look for a job.


May I borrow a pen?

Dr. Pepperberg and her colleagues have found that Alex, an African grey parrot, can count up to 8.

How late is late ?

Most French people are against capital punishment.

You told Laura that he was adopted, didn't you?

He came through that experience safely.

In front of my house there is a charming patisserie.

We have to be realistic.

You didn't give Liyuan a chance.

Every molecule of water is composed of two hydrogen atoms attached to an oxygen atom.

Shall I help you with washing-up?

He is a proficient pianist.

Many economists are ignorant of that fact.

Free transportation will be provided, but you are expected to pay for your own food and drinks.

Have you ever seen a puppet show?


I'm going to start tomorrow.

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I spent last Sunday reading a novel.

The reporter refused to name his sources.

Where would you like to go?

This isn't my problem.

This film is a masterpiece.

I'm not scared of them.

You can't swim. Isn't that so?


What are you guys going to do today?

I'll give you Dr. Shiegal's telephone number.

Tell Vilhelm I'm in the office.

What were you doing in that cave?

Money is the measure of worth.

Are you still planning to marry Ro?

She was idly looking out of the window.

This is getting interesting.

Blue1 was founded as Air Botnia in 1988.

You should thank him.

I didn't only give him advice, but a bicycle as well.

I can't seem to get warm. I've been cold all day.

Barbra is such a moron.

I don't like to make a mistake.

I'll cook.

Hoover said this was wrong.

What should you feed killifish that have just hatched from their eggs?

That country's economic situation changes from day to day.

Thanks, I'm full.

Didn't you hear him?

I'll go and see.

I don't understand what you guys are saying.

Ping wrote carefully.