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War hero and off-duty police officer, Tabatha Jones, still struggling with the death of her husband and young son, dies while intervening in a violent street crime. In a strange and exhilarating place that she concludes is the afterlife, God calls her to return to her mortal life, to oppose evil and help the helpless whenever and however she can. The assignment turns out to be tougher and more dangerous than she imagined, involving vicious people who will use whatever means necessary to achieve their goal of power and wealth.

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From The Colemans Book 3 The Knife...
Caleb was shaving and Zack, sitting on the edge of his bed, was pulling on his moccasins when someone began pounding on their door.
“Open up, Senior Coleman. This is Constable Betancourt.”
The brothers looked at each other. It wasn’t yet seven in the morning.
“Open up, Senior,” the constable ordered again as he pounded even harder, his tone one of growing agitation.
“All right,” Caleb said. “Hold on.”
Caleb opened the door to see the Mexican constable standing between two men armed with shotguns.
“What can I do for you?” Caleb asked.
“Are you Caleb Coleman?”
“You know I am.”
“You are under arrest, Senior. You will come with me.”
Zack stepped up alongside his brother as Caleb asked, “What am I under arrest for?”
“The murder of Colonel Edmund Cabot.”
Zack’s mouth dropped open. Caleb hadn’t killed the Colonel.  What kind of mix up could this be?
“I didn’t kill anybody,” Caleb said. “Least wise the Colonel. I intend to marry his daughter. Who here in Santa Fe doesn’t know that?”
“And who here in Santa Fe did not witness the fight you had with him yesterday? A brawl in the street. And who has not heard of the threat he made against you, and yours to him?”
“I didn’t threaten him. I just said he’d die trying. He said he was going to kill me and I said he’d die trying.”
“And he is dead, Senior. And your knife was found in his chest. This is your knife,” the constable said, producing an Arkansas toothpick with a white bone handle. There was still blood on the blade. “Is it not, Senior?”
“Yes, that’s my knife,” Caleb said.
The Colemans saga continues in Book 3, The Kinfe.  With Caleb in jail, sentenced to be hanged for a murder he did not commit, Zack is on his own in his quest to find the truth and save his brother.

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     When June Morrison, CEO of Lindell Industries, asked Jake Badger to find out why her identical twin sister, Jane, walked away from her family, her enormous wealth, and her privileged life thirty years before, she had no idea that she was putting not only Jake’s life in danger but her own as well. She had no idea she was setting in motion events that would change her life and her company in ways she could not yet imagine.
     As Jake begins to talk with people at Lindell Industries who had worked with Jane thirty years before, someone within the 120 billion dollar electronics and weapons company sends people to warn Jake off the case. Undaunted by threats, Jake continues his inquiry. As he discovers corporate indiscretions and cover-ups, the situation becomes dangerous, escalating from thugs threatening him to assassins trying to kill him. A witness is murdered, and even June Morrison becomes a target. Clearly, someone wants the secrets of the past to remain secret. Discovering who is behind the assassination attempts and what the corporate secrets have to do with Jane's leaving thirty years before, takes Jake from the corporate offices of Lindell Industries in Century City, California, to a McDonalds in Falls Church, Virginia, to the campuses of Harvard and Yale Universities, and to the home of young man in Tempe, Arizona, who cleans swimming pools for a living. What family secrets will Jake uncover as he rummages through the dirty laundry of one of the most powerful families in the country?

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Dr. Glenn Rogers is an independent publisher who, since 2002, has written and published 29 nonfiction books and 16 novels. In this small but informative book, So You Want To Be An Indie Publisher, Dr. Rogers shares what he has learned over the years about indie publishing. From his first chapter on understanding the publishing business, to his last chapter on the basic elements of successful indie publishing, Dr. Rogers paints a realistic picture of what it means to be an indie publisher. His style is easy-going and conversational as he explains, informs, and inspires. If you are considering publishing your own work, this small books is a must read. 

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A young prostitute is found dead in an alley just off Hollywood Boulevard. Her throat had been cut, her abdomen surgically opened, and organs removed. Ellen and Elzbeth both see the similarity to the Jack The Ripper victims. Fearing a public panic, Ellen’s former partner and friend, Detective Teresa Gonzales, asks Ellen to hold off on reporting the Jack The Ripper angle, but when additional victims are discovered, it is clear that a deranged serial killer is stalking the streets of Hollywood.

On a morning run, Tobias is confronted by a man who wants to kill him—a former Special Forces operative as deadly as Tobias himself. The man, once under Tobias’ command, intends to make his former commander suffer before he kills him. It will take all of Tobias’ skill to survive the vicious attacks of this powerful adversary.

 While Tobias is concerned about his own stalker, the girls he rescued a few months earlier from forced prostitution are concerned about some of their friends who are still working the streets in Hollywood and ask Tobias to get involved. Can he and Ellen work together on the Ripper case while Ellen is still wrestling with her feelings about Tobias? When a new Assistant District Attorney is determined to romance Ellen, things heat up quickly. 

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A plane crash, a phony will, a beautiful woman, a killer, a grandmother and a five-year-old grandson, a vast fortune, threats, shootings, car chases, fighting, explosions ... and that's just one of the cases Jake and Monica are working on a month after their wedding. Then there's the little old lady whose identity has been stolen, and a wealthy widow who's being blackmailed. Then there's more shooting, a kidnapping, some serious sleuthing, and an unexpected resolution. All this while Jake and Monica are trying to buy their first home.

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Two young prostitutes commit suicide. Or did they? Ex-cop turned crime reporter, Ellen Windsor, wants to know.

Two murderous career criminals who should have gone to prison for a very long time are set free due to legal technicalities. The next day, each is found dead. Broken neck. Ellen suspects a vigilante walks the streets of L.A.

Tobias Masterson, former Green Beret, wealthy philanthropist and CEO of a security-consulting firm enjoys the highest levels of anonymity. He keeps a low profile, helps the helpless, and keeps a close watch on a justice system that too often lets the guilty go free. He’s investigating a ruthless Ukrainian diplomat who’s connected not only to a thriving sex business, but also to the sale of illegal weapons and drugs.

When Ellen’s and Tobias’ investigations bring them together, Ellen finds herself drawn to and yet suspicious of the intriguing, secretive Tobias Masterson.

In the process of discovering the truth about dead prostitutes and criminals, corrupt politicians and vigilantes, Ellen must decide whether Tobias is part of the good she admires or the evil she abhors.

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     Hi, I'm Glenn Rogers. I write books. As a retired professor, I have written a number of academic books. But these days I enjoy writing fiction, mysteries and thrillers mostly, including a frontier thriller trilogy. All my fiction is listed below and is available from Amazon. All are available as Kindle books as well as paperback and most are also available in hardback editions. 

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One of Sister Clarisse’s former street kids, Dupree Williams, an up and coming young Hollywood glamour photographer, is shot during a photo shoot with the number one super model in the world. With Dupree in a coma, Sister Clarisse promises him that she will discover who did this and why. The investigation draws Clarisse and her best friend, Sophie, deep into the world of the wealth and power, politics and espionage … and murder, revealing a web of deceit at the highest levels of government and law enforcement. 

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Doug Burton

How far would you go to protect the people you love?  Sister Clarisse gets involved when street kids under her care start disappearing.  You get a feel for the streets of Los Angeles while at the same time meeting a group of lovable and loyal characters who care deeply for each other.  Rogers takes you on a detective’s journey without having to be a detective.  The twists and turns will have you glued to the trail.

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Elijah Williams, one of Sister Clarisse’s street kids, has been arrested for killing Gillian Hoskins, a young, attractive teacher at California High School in Hollywood. Elijah was found in the room with the victim, crying as he held her dead body in his arms. Her blood was on his hands. The murder weapon, a bloody screwdriver, lay on the floor nearby. Elijah says he didn’t do it, says he doesn’t know who did. Clarisse and Sophie believe him and are determined to find the real killer. 

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Dr. Glenn Rogers is the author of sixteen novels. In his concise and easy-to-read introduction to novel writing, So You Want To Be A Novelist: Twenty-five Things You Need To Do To Be A Good Storyteller, he shares what he has learned over the years about how to tell a good story. His list of twenty-five things includes insights and advice you are not likely to find in other how-to books. The conversational tone of his presentation is more like a discussion with a mentor rather than a lecture from a professor. From his first chapter about being a voracious reader, to his last chapter about never giving up, Dr. Rogers enlightens, encourages, teaches, and inspires. 

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     For over three years Jake has blamed himself for her death. It had been his sting operation. He’d planned it and led the team of fellow FBI agents who’d executed it. But something had gone wrong. When the last shot was fired, Elaine, his partner and the woman he loved, lay dead. And as far as Jake and the official FBI report was concerned, it was Jake’s fault. Or was it?
     When a woman Jake respected suggests to him that someone inside the FBI had leaked details about the sting to the syndicate, Jake decides to take a closer look into what happened.
     With the help of his best friend, FBI Special Agent in Charge, Alex Watson, Jake uses all his skills as an investigator to discover who the mole was, to discover the truth about who caused the death of the woman he loved. But will the truth set him free?

Reader Reviews:

By Doug B. on October 14, 2015
Jake Badger, former FBI Agent, finally comes to terms with his past and begins to investigate why one of his sting operations went so terribly wrong. While following the clues helps put him together with some great allies, it also sends him in many different directions in search of the truth. Rogers provides a great read while giving a tip of the fedora to the detective novels of old. Buckle up, because you will find the twists and turns, blind alleys and spotlights that you crave in a great novel that almost turns the pages itself.

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            In the tradition of Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade. Raymond Chandler’s Phillip Marlow, Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, and Robert Parker’s Spenser, comes Glenn Rogers’ Jake Badger ...

            Both Jake and Monica felt the energy of the high-powered slug pass between them, only inches from their faces, as the minister was asking Monica if she would take Jake to be her lawfully wedded husband. The back of Pastor John Phillips’ head exploded as bullet passed through his skull. Jake, a former marine sniper, knew immediately what had happened, and knocked Monica to the ground, covering her with his body. But there were no more shots ... Why had someone killed the minister? Discovering who killed John Phillips and why, will take Jake and Monica on a journey into the minister’s past, revealing a connection to some very powerful and deadly people in the present.

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   First there were a few dead chickens and sheep. Then, more dead chickens and sheep and some cryptic messages written in blood. A few days later, many people of the village got sick, poisoned with a toxic plant. And then the snakes came: black mambas slithering through the village—nearly a hundred of them. People were bitten. Some died. Then the killing began, and the messages written in blood became more threatening. 
   What is happening in the small village of Ikot Udo, in southeastern Nigeria? People in the village think evil spirits are responsible. Former Philadelphia homicide detective, Mason Dakota, retired and living in a culture he does not understand, must discover who or what is responsible for the evil that threatens to destroy their peaceful, happy village. 
In addition to challenges of investigating crimes in a culture so different from his own, Mason must also deal with the PTSD that has plagued him since the trauma of his last case. Dreams haunt his sleep, and debilitating flashbacks that occur without warning make the challenge all the more difficult.

Reader Review

Not only does Mason Dakota have to figure out who did it, he has to confront superstition, cultural differences, and some very unique characters who live in the village where the crimes occurred. I found this story to be both educational and entertaining … Once again, a very enjoyable read by Glenn Rogers.
Doug Burton

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     The young Coleman brothers face unimaginable challenges as they leave the hills of Kentucky for the first time in search of their parents’ killers.  Though capable young men, Caleb, seventeen, and Zack, fifteen, could not have anticipated the events that awaited them beyond the friendly hills of the Cumberland.
     Knowing their father only as an outdoorsman and a Kentucky farmer, they are surprised to learn of his former life as a famous mountain man.  Everywhere they stop, it seemed someone knew his name.
     Over the next few months, the Coleman brothers would learn that there was a side to their father they knew nothing about.  In coping with the harsh realities of life beyond the hills of Kentucky, in pursuit of a pack of ruthless killers, the brothers also learn a great deal about themselves.
     When the brothers finally catch up with the killers, they are seriously outnumbered as they match wits, muscle, and skill with the men who murdered their parents.

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     In The Immortal: Alabaster, crime consultant and philosophy professor, Dr. Aaron Archer, receives a call from the LAPD to assist in the investigation of a series of gruesome murders—the victims were immobilized and their hearts were cut out. In the course of the investigation, Aaron, a fifty-five hundred year old immortal detective, will encounter a killer that challenges even his vast experience and threatens the life of the women he loves, the only person who knows who and what he really is.
     LAPD Captain, Frank McGarry, hires Aaron to help investigate the murders of three religious leaders whose hearts were cut out. A small statue of an odd looking little man was left in the chest cavity of each victim. Aaron recognizes the image as Ipsis, the ancient Assyrian god of retribution and revenge. Why would someone be killing religious leaders in the same way the priests of Ipsis killed their victims 3,000 years ago? The investigation leads Aaron from rituals associated with an ancient, brutal past to a contemporary criminal enterprise of staggering and dangerous proportions. Searching for the killer requires Aaron to utilize skills from his past, a past he'd rather forget. As Aaron begins to unravel the clues, more people die and Alexis, the woman Aaron trusts with his secret and with his love, becomes a target.

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The body of a homeless woman is found in a drainage ditch. There’s a fresh incision across her abdomen. Her pancreas had been harvested, the M.E. said, with surgical precision. When other homeless people begin to disappear, Ellen is concerned.

While Tobias is visiting his buddies at the shelter near Skid Row, a gang shootout erupts on the street in front of the shelter. One of the guns used in the shootout is a Russian-made assault weapon. How does that weapon find its way into the hands of an L.A. gangbanger?

When Tobias’ homeless friend, Lucinda, explains that two of her friends are missing. Tobias looks into it and soon discovers that he and Ellen are working the same case. When Tobias’ warehouse is firebombed and a thug shows up at Ellen’s home to warn her off the case, she and Tobias know they’re getting close.

But there is still the matter of the Russian assault weapons. Tobias needs to do something about that. And just when it seems that things could not get worse, they do—Ellen and Elzbeth discover who the big, not-so-bright custodian at the D.A.’s office is.

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Brad Miller, an accountant who lived in Van Nuys, California, was shot and killed by a sniper from a hundred yards away. The slug was a .308. It’s been six weeks, and the police have no suspects. Brad’s mother, Karen, wants Jake to find the killer. In the course of his investigation, Jake discovers that in the past eight weeks, twenty-seven people have been murdered in the same manner—a long distance rifle shot from about a hundred yards out with a .308 slug. He also discovers that all the victims were between thirty-seven and thirty-nine years old, and all of them are members of the California High School class of 1998. 

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951-695-7655From The Colemans: The Journal...
“Are you the Colemans, Caleb and Zack?” she asked, closing the door behind her and stepping closer to the brothers.
“Seems like we ought to be asking the questions,” Caleb said, “you busting in here like that. Who are you? What do you want?”
“Emma Langly. Now are you the Colemans?”
“Yes. What do you want?”
“Which one is which?” She could see the older one was not happy with her, but she had to be sure.
“I’m Caleb, he’s Zack.”
“I have something that belongs to you. Your father’s journal.”
Caleb studied her a moment and laid his Colt on the bed beside him. Zack slipped his knife back down over his shoulder into the sheath on his back.
“We didn’t know our daddy kept a journal,” Zack said.
“Evidently no one did. Until he gave it to my uncle, that is.”
“And who is your uncle?” Zack asked.
“Colonel James Campbell.”
“Why would our daddy give your uncle his journal?” Caleb asked.
“Your father said it contained some very damaging information about a high ranking political official. Two of them, actually. Men he’d known years before. Murderers who deserved a hanging. Your father hoped my uncle would agree with him, which he did, and thought my uncle was in a better position than your father to do something. Your father…”
Before she could finish the door burst open. Emma screamed at the sound of the crashing door and began to turn as a man, gun in hand, rushed into the room…
Thus begins Part 2 of The Colemans saga, where Caleb and Zack learn even more about their famous father and find themselves pitted against a skilled and deadly opponent, a hired assassin who knew and respected their father’s skills, but who, if he has to, will kill Royce Coleman’s sons to recover the journal and protect its secrets.

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     On the campus of the California College of Arts and Sciences, a prestigious private college, four female students have been murdered, shot with a small caliber round, their nude bodies found next to their cars, their clothes folded neatly nearby. Strange symbols are carved into each victim’s chest. The police are investigating but not making much progress. When the college president asks crime consultant, Dr. Aaron Archer, to investigate, Aaron is drawn into a web of deceit and intrigue that calls into question the integrity of both the college faculty and the student body. As two more bodies are discovered, the investigation leads Aaron into unsavory and dangerous contexts where he finds himself not only investigating a series of unlikely suspects, but enlisting the aid of even more unlikely allies.
     In addition to investigating a series of gruesome campus murders that threaten to shut down a prestigious private college, Aaron must also help Alexis face the impending death of her mother, who has pancreatic cancer and only months to live.

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     It had been a long time since Jake had allowed himself to love anyone. He had felt responsible for Elaine’s death and loving another woman, even after almost four years, just didn’t feel right. But when he’d discovered the truth about what had happened, things changed. Jake was in love again. And the woman he loved was Monica Nolan. He’d probably loved her for a long time but hadn’t realized it. He’d thought she was just a good friend. When he finally allowed himself to love her, the love was deep and complete. And when she was abducted, his anger was just as deep and complete. He’d find her. No question about that. And when he did, those who took her would regret it.
     Working with his closest friend, FBI Special Agent in Charge, Alex Watson, Jake works feverishly to discover who took Monica and why. Was it someone with a grudge against her, someone who she had investigated recently? Or could it have been someone from her days as an Army MP? As Jake and Alex search for a virtually non-existent trail, the kidnapper sends Jake a note that takes the investigation in a very different direction.


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     While Aaron and Alexis enjoy their honeymoon on Aaron's private island resort, three of Los Angele’s superrich, one of whom is the mayor of Los Angeles, are murdered just days apart, each in a different manner. Aaron suspects the killings are not random unrelated events and upon his return home convinces Captain Frank McGarry of the LAPD to let him investigate.
     Soon Aaron discovers that all three men were childhood friends who grew up in the same small town in Iowa. During Aaron’s investigation, another murder occurs. The wife of one of the victims is killed. She, too, was one of the group of small town kids who grew up together. Who is murdering these childhood friends and why?
     Aaron's investigation takes him from the world of the southern California super rich to a small town in Iowa, a town where an old secret had remained hidden for many years. 

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One of Clarisse’s girls, known on the street as Clair, short for Clairvoyant, has a series visions that become increasingly bizarre and confusing. The images uncertain, the meaning unclear. Except for a man present in each of the scenes—a man she sees clearly. But who is he? When an attempt is made on Clair’s life, Clarisse and Sophie hide her at the shelter. When one of the boys trying to help Clair discover the identity of the man in her visions is killed, Clarisse, struggling with challenges of her own, is determined to discover both the meaning of the visions and the identity of the killer. 

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Art (Bishop Arthur Gilroy) one of Clarisse’s two best friends, has been kidnapped. A note is left on his desk. It says: Your sins will find you out. The same note is left on Clarisse’s desk. Clarisse and Sophie spring into action to find Art. But the only clue is the enigmatic note. Who took Art and why? And what does the note mean? Whose sins? What sins? Why would Clarisse have been given the same note? The search will take Clarisse and Sophie into the darkest corners of immorality and corruption in the priesthood, and into a shadowy past where things are not what they seem to be. 

Reader Review Doug Burton
Guilty!  But what if you aren’t, or don’t remember your crime?  Sister Clarisse is accused of a heinous crime and her good friend has been kidnapped.  Finding her friend includes figuring out what her offense might be, and determining who might really care.  This page-turner will keep you mystified until the very end.  In between, you will fall in love with the characters and wonder what will come next.  Rogers is on a roll.  Gotta love Sister Clarisse.

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When a very unorthodox (rogue) nun, Sister Clarisse, who runs the Someone Cares youth shelter in Hollywood, learns that one of the fourteen street kids abducted in the past three weeks is the daughter she gave up for adoption seventeen years ago, she's determined to find her. The search for her daughter and the other missing kids takes Sister Clarisse and her best friend, Sophie, a retired WWE wrestling star, to the dangerous alleys of Bangladesh and back to Hollywood, where yet another ugly secret is waiting to be revealed.

Reader Review

Doug Burton

You can compound the tragedy of children going missing with learning that a human trafficking ring is operating in your city.  Rogers shares the complexity of Sister Clarisse’s life while at the same time unfolding a well-written mystery that introduces us to some great characters.  You will enjoy the twists and turns of this amateur sleuth’s investigation along with the day-to-day interruptions that bother us all.  Mix in some dastardly dudes, a professional killer, and caring citizens, and you have story that is almost impossible to put down.  Enjoy your read!!!

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