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Hey, don't do that!


Thanks for the lesson!

I'll arrange that.

I just saw that I got hacked.

"I know," said Al-Sayib, getting a new bottle of Fanta. "This is serious business. So why'd you call?"

He stole a very valuable diamond ring.


I suggest you start studying for the test right away.

Thank you for lunch.

I got her a doll.

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Ants and bees are examples of industry and harmony.

Leave right now and you will be in time for the bus.

What are our plans for today?


They sat in silence.

I'll inform him.

The cheapest of nepenthes are often the most corrosive.

Luis didn't have enough change to buy a drink from the vending machine.

We're going to get help.

He left the building at about 6 p.m.

Bobby felt reassured.

The fire alarm sounded.

The meeting was almost over.


The Virgin William is Jesus' mother.

We got through the work just before ten.

Lonhyn is going to be back here soon.

Albert hasn't eaten anything yet.

Why didn't you wait for us?


Edmund disappeared into the restaurant.

The insecticide promised to exterminate cockroaches.

We'll just stay where we are.

What a lousy day!

The plants were damaged by the late frost.

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A lozenge is a square deformed indefinably, generally by heat.

Bertrand's job was outsourced to China.

You're in luck. The plane is on time.

I've never told a joke in my life.

A Mr Brown came this morning.


I don't know how Chip got my phone number.

This story has a happy ending.

Did you get any work done?

I'll lend it to you.

Romain can't afford that luxury.


The main streets of many villages have in fact been abandoned. The main reason is the advance of big stores like Wal-Mart.


She is not there yet.

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If I hadn't had his help, I would be dead.

Dominic never was shy.

The blue smoke from the guns rose like clouds over the dark trees.

Just tell Oliver I'm looking for him.

I only asked if I could borrow the book.


You're not alone, Cynthia.


Get lost.


2012 was the second most extreme year on record for the nation.

I can't remember her phone number no matter how much I try.

I wish Sonja had more time for me.

Sabotage was suspected.

Do you want me to try talking to Kent?

I feel like going to the movies.

What time of year do you usually like to spend time on the beach?

Christina is trying very hard not to fail.

I make a horrible first impression.

I want to talk about us.

Belinda read my mind.

Anatoly handed Clay a sheet of paper.

Maurice is a wonderful teacher.


I don't remember where I was.

Kevan used to be cooperative.

The temperature in Boston is in the lower 40s.

I should've known not to trust you.

I have opened a lot of new factories.


A French translation of this book was published in 2013.


The team captain led the players onto the field.


Unfortunately, governments appear to have lost sight of this goal.

Norbert and Juri were in the middle of a heated argument when John walked into the room.

Say, he is no more than a kid.

I miss you. I need to see you. Could I come over?

I just thought I could make some money if I sold some of my old things that I didn't want anymore.

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Did Ragnar say that?

I can't deal with this place.

Do you think that Josh lied to me?


Refrain from showering or bathing today.

Celtic is still present in Irish, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic.

Three baguettes, please.

Dan paid Linda a visit at her office.

In a sense, she is right, too.

Can you just hurry up?

Maybe I'll be able to help you.

I'm related to her.

I can't just leave her there.

I can't speak French as well as Del.

He wishes to talk to you.

I don't want to be alone right now.

Why are you wearing an eyepatch?

The hall needs a new curtain.

Is this baby a he or a she?

Two doctors were talking shop.

I have a crow to pluck with you.

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When you're eighteen years old, you're an adult in the United States.

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I want an apple.

You don't love him, do you?

I was bored with the monotony of daily life.


I don't like waiting in lines.

The current situation of the country isn't good.

You like coffee best.

You can't mix oil with water.

Why did you wait so long to tell anyone about it?

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Nathan was a woman of subtle beauty.

I can always sleep wherever I am.

I'm in really good shape.

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Bring a lunch.

I'm only trying to comfort you.

Are we meeting tomorrow?


Go and apologize to them.

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My friend did that when he went there.

Sofia isn't busy right now.

The alarm was heard ringing at an early hour on the second floor.

Eileen was a very good student. She earned a scholarship to attend Syracuse University.

Is it easy to install?

People often said this to my mother.

They bought cars and jewelry.


What kind of inhaler do you use?

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I lost my favorite pen.

He did exactly what I told him to do.

We need a new rug.

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Smoke enveloped him, and he suffocated.


If I'd known that it would come to this, I would have never consented.


I didn't say that. That's your interpretation.

Betty was the first girl who came to the party.

Neither you nor anyone will prevent me from going

The branch began to bend as I climbed along it.

The desire to survive and the fear of death are artistic sentiments.

Brender wears a modified fishing vest to hold all his harmonicas when he performs on stage.

Is it really so complicated?


Use the manual override.

I wanna see your expression.

Carolyn usually takes a short snooze after lunch.


Patrick is very tense, isn't he?

Cole struggled to keep calm.

I have a large number of books on my bookshelf.

If you didn't learn it when you were a kid, you will never learn it.

Tricia is looking for someone who speaks French.


Prices are going down.

Her condition got worse last night.

Good night, everybody!

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The gang established their base at an abandoned building.

I have a high opinion of Deb.

We can try harder.

Next year my birthday will fall on Sunday.

You know what I think.


He's not a doctor, but a nurse.


I highly recommend her.

Roberta wants to be a designer.

I used to have the same problem.

I can tear you apart with my bare hands.

The sign warned people not to park.


She spoke in a small voice.


Dustin is being difficult.

Jose sang a French song for us.

Schools don't teach the right things.


Jwahar got up and left the room.