The bottle fell and broke.

When I was helpless, no one came to my defense.


We're flexible.

During reentry and landing, the Space Shuttle is a glider.

All these eggs are not fresh.

It is possible that he came here when he was a child.

The weather was terrible when we arrived in France, but after two days it changed completely and we had a wonderful holiday.

When you know, let me know.

Knudsen should go.

"How about a cup of coffee?" "I'd like to, but I have a previous engagement."

We don't like these stories, probably you either.

This yogurt tastes strange.

Why didn't you ever tell me that?

Shelly's really filled out since the last time I saw her.

Java and Javascript are like India and Indonesia, they aren't the same thing.

Where is Richard going to go?

The bus driver warned the pupils not to stick their heads out the window.

Somebody's got to do something.

Break this glass in case of fire.

Some people read the newspaper while watching television.

This suitcase is heavier than it looks.

I can't do it anymore.

I don't have to go right away.

Fish abound in this lake.

Debbie advised Cindie not to believe everything John says.

All the guests have gone.

Will has relatives in Boston.


She loves me; she has grown unused to her former state of life.

Anne accepted Henry's proposal.

Nothing must be done hastily but killing of fleas.


I just wanted to make sure you were all right.

He looks upon his work as a game.

No, I think he just does those things because he wants to please his wife.

Have her call me.

Suddenly, Eileen found herself in the middle of a controversy.

He tried to accumulate wealth.

We could not help admiring the beautiful sunset.

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Wouldn't you agree, Matthieu?

I want to reduce the time it takes to deal with the paperwork.

He divided the bread into two pieces.

Emil is lying ill in bed.

I took a paid day off yesterday.

You're the last hope for humanity.

I live in India.

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You need to do something about Bernie's behavior.


Straka opened the curtains slightly and looked outside.

Phill followed Sorrel upstairs.

Give him a second.

Fight with me!

I have something to tell Margaret.

She is always complaining of one thing or another.

I'm tired, but I can't fall asleep.


Don't rely on him much.

Reiner didn't make it very far.

I wouldn't mind helping her.

I strongly suggest that you study harder.

Cathy walked back upstairs.


Steven certainly is fat.

Keith thinks that Blake drinks like a fish.

By whom was this window broken?

You're an animal.

Who told you to buy that for me?


All you have to do to pass the entrance examination is to read this book.


Boys, don't make any noise.

What did you speak about with her?

Can you speak Mandarin?


Little did they imagine that they would lose the game.

The bank is on the left.

Have you packed your suitcase?

We should be able to do a lot better than this.

We had a stupid fight.

This is the day on which the Constitution's fundamental spirit, the sovereignty of the people, respect for fundamental human rights, and pacifism, are all reaffirmed.

This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations. But one that's on my mind tonight is about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. She's a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election, except for one thing: Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.

Kirsten likes to play football.

There is a bag on the desk.

Now I am busy.

I have got your name from my friend.

I rushed out of my house.

Brent said he'd be back right away.

We are liable for the damage.

I promise I won't be jealous.

I am determined to make a living as a playwright.

He will join us later.

Act, instead of talking.

Ravi is an old man.

I've never had that problem before.

How many meeting rooms do you have in this building?

Has she a piano?

I like being with Micah.

The number of traffic accident is on the increase.

You can employ him.

Maureen could do no more.

He will tell her about it when she comes back.

Why would you hurt me?

Do you have any Bitcoins?

Never look down on a man merely because he is poor.

I think I'll be leaving.

Bob bragged about his big boat.

We cheerfully discussed the matter over a drink.

Nici's only too happy to lend a hand where necessary.

If you don't remind me, I'll probably forget.

They told me to get out of town.

This is the perfect place.

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Calvin tiptoed into the room.


They will be back in force.

Don't make a show of yourself.

I got bad news from home today.

There's someone up there.

Virgin Sean appeared to Takeuchi in a dream.

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It is quite a grand view.

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Learn, my brothers, think and read.

They will never agree.

Has Dirk quit drinking?

She followed him home.

You should get yourself examined by the doctor immediately.

We won't go back to Boston.

Will you help me burn everything?

I wish somebody else would do this for me.

Po says you talked him into doing it.

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James is a home staging expert.


Pour 1/4 of the sugar mixture into the egg whites; whisk until completely incorporated, about 30 seconds. Repeat for the rest of the sugar mixture, whisking after each addition, until all of the sugar mixture is incorporated and the egg whites are glossy and thick.

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I had a headache, and I took the day off today.

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I love him more deeply than any other man.

It's a very touching story.

You told me that you were planning on buying a new one.

You should try one of these.

You can't say anything about this to Saify.


And where do you want to sit?

We're following a narrow road.

I saw the person I was expecting standing there.

My son loves to throw temper tantrums in the supermarket.

Please promise me that you'll never lie again.

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This wine tastes good.


Excuse me, sir, have you been drinking tonight?


They charged us more than we expected.

He was in the depth of misery.

I was abashed when my mistakes were pointed out.


He isn't who he says he is.

Rolfe heard the toilet being flushed.

They work eight hours a day.


There seems to be little agreement as to how to preserve the evidence in such cases.


Which one do you think I should buy?


I am sweeping the yard.

Monday is my busiest day.

He was covered all over with paint.

I don't mind helping you clean up after the party.

Why is the tartiflette a lie?

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I am very pleased to hear the news.


Would you mind if I sleep here tonight?

He knocked his opponent out.

Old will probably stay here tonight.

Come on then, lets have a fight!

I love each and every one of you.


There are no ads on Tatoeba.


When Sergeant was in kindergarten, he lived in Boston.

I was hoping we could eat early tonight.

We'll save this piece of cake for Nadeem.

The police arrested two men and two women.

Anarchy can happen during wartime.


I have to prepare for the test.

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There's fuck all to do around here.

The bartender came out from behind the counter to stop the fight.

If there's anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to let me know.

I'm sure you're wrong.

I succeeded in the recovery of the stolen wallet.


Thought it was noise on the street, I could hear my name called.