The bullet went through his body.

Dan didn't want to leave his business unattended.

I don't know exactly where Kyoko lives, but it's in the direction of Sannomiya.

Paula told Vince to shut up.

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I was not too pleased with his rashness to take down that guy.


Dan didn't even throw the ball.

Takeuchi was mindful of my warning.

The criminal is not Bob, but his twin brother.

Jwahar was hiding a secret from Naresh.

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.


A change of air will do you a lot of good.

Height is a distinct advantage in basketball.

Smart shopping requires careful planning.

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One must always study.

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Ronni gave Johnny a tender kiss.

We were assigned to a densely wooded area and we had to carry out a search of that area almost every week.

He couldn't help laughing at it.

He expressed himself very well in English.

Go ahead, shoot me.

You are both pretty and kind.

It just happens sometimes.

The Forensic Investigation Unit is trying to determine the cause of today's fire.

Tony bought some croutons.

Glen often lied to Lenora.

I think I can see our house from here.

I thought Neville would go to the bank and get some cash.

It is impossible to get him to understand the new theory.

Ninja is good at tennis.

Back in those days, I loved to play checkers.

When John retired, his son took over his business.

I wanted to go to China.


When did Tracey arrive?

I wish I were younger.

Nobody's doing that.

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Boyce and Hume sat on the couch together.


We can change things.

I've been googling myself once or twice a month.

There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist, except an old optimist.

Hienz is a happy man.

This sucks.


Rupert calculated that he had given Cindy over 34,000 dollars in the past six months.

How's it going, Suzan?

He went to Paris by car yesterday.

Allan turned the knob.

You've had your chance.


I didn't murder anyone.

I'm still kind of busy.

I'm in danger.

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I jumped on the opportunity.

You should concentrate on one thing and learn to do it well.

Please write to me as soon as you can.

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I said I'd think about it.

I heard someone calling my name.

What's with your hair?

Suppose I remove, starting with hair one inch in length, leaving hair a half inch in length. Is that shaving?

I spent the weekend with her.


Is she valued highly as a singer?

Would you like to have a new body?

Several studies, related to the temperature increase in the city, have already been published.

I understood from his accent that he was an American.

That's the man whose suitcase I found.

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What could possibly cause that to happen?

Suzan, you'll be here for me if I need you, won't you?

Ross doesn't seem to want to study today.

Don't you remember the title?

If things get out of hand, you should call me at the number I gave you yesterday.

Bob filled the teapot with water.

What's wrong? Things don't seem to be going well.

He gave her a box.

Lum took off his tie.


Have you already tried not thinking of anything?

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I hate the food in the canteen.

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Perhaps the three most popular ice cream flavors are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

I refuse to dignify that with a response.

A fire broke out during that night.

I thought you said you didn't like Ned.

You blew it, Gunnar.

A cup of strong coffee helps me wake up.

I met him by accident at the airport yesterday.

Ben was in jail.

You don't want to make me unhappy, do you?

Christopher rose to the challenge.

A leopard can't change his spots.


The number of students is decreasing year by year.

Will you please help me?

I think there are lots of sites to see here.

I should cancel my L.A. trip.

She came damn late.

I'm sure my wallet was on top of the dresser.

Please come back to Boston and visit us whenever you have a chance.


She doesn't know who built those houses.


Who knows what else there might be?


Don't cross the bridge till you come to it.

We need to get rid of them.

What a zero!

Ian knows the territory.

I may be helping to bring harmony between people through my music.

Let's stay until nightfall and watch the fireworks.

She has white teeth.


Do people still actually use that word?


Debbie was actually here tonight.

I really can't thank you enough that you're doing this for me.

I just don't think I can.

The view of Mars through earthly telescopes suggested that all was serene.

Myron is the best player on our team.

I love life.

She packed yesterday, so as to be ready early today.

This restaurant has three Michelin stars.

Just say no.

I always take notes.

Ning fondled Ramsey's breasts.

This river is one mile across.

There's no reason to do that.

Let me see the pictures.

You should eat less red meat.


This table isn't steady.

Don't expose it to the rain!

We will try to correct it in order to straighten out our finances.


The company has decided to sell some of its money-losing units.

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"What's happening?", murmured a voice from the other end of the room.

There are dumb people like Dan everywhere.

I've seen it.

Do not do this.

I believe that I belong here.

You're the one with all the money.

The war was over at the price of many lives.

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That would be silly.

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Arthur came close to being run over by a truck.

Floria is still out of the town.

John is seeing to the arrangements for the meeting.

Come over.

I'm only a newbie.

All in all, I think my hobbies are balanced; they bring some relaxation to my life, and at the same time bring focus to my studies.

He was not able to do what he wanted.


If something smells fishy, make a break for it!

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I was one of the last to leave.

Although the names are similar, they are far from being the same.

Who cut the cake?

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Got that?

Keep in mind it is difficult to find a job now.

My cousins are coming in a few days.


Browsing long enough through eBay, you're sure to find something that you never knew you wanted.

The work is mostly done.

Dorothy put milk in his coffee.

She gave me a bag made of leather.

Let's meet this afternoon.

Television is a very important medium for giving information.

Nathan wasn't sure what to do.

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I noticed that.

Jim was able to hold back his anger.

It has a value all its own.


I never got tired.

I wish Louie would stop yelling at me.

She speaks very rapidly.

Ninja said he'd be at the meeting.

When did you realize that?

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I don't know and I don't care.

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I want my own house, even if it's a shack.

I seem to be missing something.

Her new hat becomes her.


Miriam needs to be very careful.

She cried out of homesickness.

Arlene is doing it wrong.