Maybe Noemi has changed his mind.

Apart from a few mistakes, your composition was excellent.

My life is different now.

Dwayne has indeed found something.

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She availed herself of every opportunity to improve her English.

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My orders should be carried out.


That means nothing to me.

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I have read the book.

This game is similar in some ways to today's American football.

And actually, this project needs everyone.

The injury caused the athlete great pain.

This is his answer to my letter.

I knew you'd make it.

I don't know how long I can hold on.


Your philosophy of life is different than mine.

There must be lots of places in Boston you haven't seen yet.

Got it!

Are you going to quit your job?

Exactly how does this work?

You should work more.

The train was going 500 miles per hour.

Multiply three by five to get fifteen.

We know him to be a brave man.

You can buy it at any bookstore.

Look back.


Do you want to hear a joke?

To my knowledge, she hasn't married yet.

I'm not sure what's wrong with Kikki.

What's the upside to that?

I wish you were here.

The policeman was after the thief.

Brandy is skinny, isn't he?

Do you want to stop her?

Has everyone got all of their suitcases back?


I'm not going to let Betsy go to Boston by himself.

It doesn't look too convincing.

Dicaeopolis walks out of his house and calls his slave.

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Which of the two ways do you choose?

He resolved to do better work in the future.

Almost one-third of all office workers wear glasses.

The house where I grew up didn't have running water.

Who's the lucky one?

Let me say it once for all.

Kimmo set up a website for Vincenzo.

Russia is a huge country.

He is no longer a boy.

I moved to England from Germany when I was nine.

Chinese and Italian are the most beautiful languages in the world.

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John is the taller of the two.

I don't want to miss the bus.

You like all vegetables except cabbage, don't you?

If only she had been home when I called yesterday!

She wants that.

Raise the blinds to let in a little light.

You shouldn't go out.


This medicine doesn't have any harmful side effects.


Try to investigate in depth the cultural values your text brings into evidence.

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I have a problem dealing with authority.

By definition, an acute angle is less than 90 degrees.

My mother told me not to be noisy.


You're smarter than him.

I shouldn't have trusted in someone like Dana.

I've been invited over to a friend's.

I'm going back for her.

I want to make friends with your sister.

Is Joyce going home?

It seems so strange.

He left his mother and his girlfriend in France.

They're probably waiting for the traffic police.

I've already read that novel.

Naren likes squirrels.


Where is the butter?


The Van Horn family was in the chips.

How much did Pilot have to pay for parking?

He is kind and gentle, and what is better still, honest.


It was foolish of her to ask him for help.

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The apricot trees are in full blossom.


Judy would not relent.

Marian is wearing a black leather jacket, a purple scarf, and purple pants.The outfit looks great on her.

How easy would it be to bore a tunnel through it?


We'd better go help Meeks.

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The sky in the night is a very clean thing.


Best regards.

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This fact is of little consequence.

Why do you resist?

Science explains many things that religion never could explain.


Manavendra doesn't like men who speak like Cliff.


It's a welcome change.


I accommodate statistics to theory.

I don't like okra.

London is such a large city that visitors must use buses and the underground railway to get about.


I've been attacked.


Pitch the ball.

I can't seem to quit smoking.

Nobody talks about me.


He was drunk with joy.

We're in Formigine.

Are you trying to impress me?


What does your aunt do?


You're really quiet, aren't you?


Owen is a hick.

Hotta is terminal.

Water makes up most of the earth's surface.


There were two abstentions.

Wendell should be able to help Naresh tomorrow morning.

I do agree with you entirely, Sir.


The competitor twice jumped the gun.

Is he better today?

Glynn is almost six feet tall.

Do you have mangoes?

Krzysztof is a video game developer.

If you tell me your name, I can tell you mine.

Chuck wondered if Jimmy would remember to buy bread on the way home from work.

However, this prohibition does not apply if you use an air rifle, air pistol, or 22- caliber rimfire firearm for the control of listed birds.

Suu and Sjouke watched a movie.

You can't be thirty years old.

I like a good cup of coffee.

I like the way that smells.

It's the second time I've taken the plane. I'm still a little afraid.

Cary obviously hates me.

My hobby is to read.

I've had a great life so far.

Where's my box of chocolates?

It has some bearing on this problem.

They needed assistance immediately.

I'll be waiting for Svante.

Pilot looked a little embarrassed.


I am pleased to help you if I can.


Having failed several times, he tried to do it again.

I was in the third year of middle school last year.

A fox isn't caught twice in the same snare.

Your success depends on whether you pass the STEP examination or not.

I advised him not to drive.

Dreaming of lightning is a bad omen.

Toxic fumes of bromine can damage one's lungs.


I was in awe of Louiqa's courage.

Liyuan grabbed my hand.

You have until Monday to finish that report.

Your conduct is perfectly legal.

I feel like this isn't going to end well.

It's just something I have to live with.

I got the house number wrong.

I thought Kayvan would never stop talking.

Did you get that ticket from Vijay?


No one is in the room.


Kent cruised down Park Street in his new sports car.

What happened to Janos could happen to us.

She refers to Nostradamus with the rather cloying nickname "Nosty".

Counterfeit DVDs from Asian countries have flooded the European market.

Is the world unjust?

If it had not been for your help, I would certainly have failed.

The structural formula for water is H-O-H.

Do you think it's normal to come home every evening at 9 o'clock?

Five minutes' walk brought us to the park.

A car hit her.

I'm in front of the bakery.


You told Duncan not to come, didn't you?


Dan didn't even want the present.

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It is a long way to the village.