She is now putting the things in her room in order.

Did I ever tell you about how I met Marilyn?

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We are looking for a nice house to live in.

I didn't want to do it this way.

She spent most of her senior year in high school strung out on drugs.

Have you ever grown a beard?

My best friend is Welsh.

Cyrus and his friends helped me carry the piano.

My mother had no choice but to part with her diamond ring.

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Before Michel and Bryan realized what was happening, their friendship had turned into love.

Hillary plans to move.

Let's see if that works.

I count to ten.

They made cookies.

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In general, Japanese are hardworking.

I shouldn't have told him.

Going out together is not the same thing as getting married.

You give me a headache.

Take off your clothes!

C'mon! English is easy!

You've got to give me another chance.

She went too far.

No one will believe me.

How much time has passed?

They make the best pizza in town.

How did you discover that?

May I see you in private?

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We'll miss Amigo.

Susan shoved Benson off the pier.

Let's go over it again.


I got my right leg hurt in the accident.

I go to the office by car, and I try to leave home as early as I can so that I can avoid the traffic jams.

Come back next week and the clothing will be ready.

He cleansed the wound before putting on a bandage.

It's nearly six o'clock.

Though it is late, I want to go out.

Climate change is seen by many as the defining issue of our time.

Children are not allowed in.

Can we narrow down the ocean area where floating debris is supposed to be?


His hard work will make him.


She cocked an eye at him.

We want to clear up this problem.

I feel like I'm close to a solution.

Tobias covered his mouth.

I know I love you.


Procrastinating was a terrible idea, as Lou found out that he had completely omitted an important essay.


She spoke with the school superintendent.


Convincing Nikolai to do the right thing was hard.


Why was it in your car?

Bobby thought that Diana looked very tired.

I'm burning up here.

It's your party.

He walked back and forth.

One of them even spoke to us.

To the airline office.

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The old man narrowly escaped being run over by a car.

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Nancy treats me like a princess.

The test was very difficult.

I'll ask her a very simple question.

I waited for three hours.

He visited the grand temple every day.

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I thought I'd never be happy again.

Siegurd should have done things differently.

We vacationed there for a week.

I love to write music.

That would be disastrous.

I'm not sure that's suitable.

What do you spend most of your time on the computer doing?

If anything can be done in America, it can be done in New York.

You need to be there for them.

Bees are flying among the flowers.

Let us go together. We can swim across the river, carry off the bear cubs, take them to the house on the mountain, and together find happiness.


The weather was lovely when I left home.

Should you change your mind, let me know.

The subject is too deep for me.


Look out for pickpockets on crowded trains.

Are you challenging my authority?

We haven't seen them in a while.


I'm a person who lives for the moment.


Klaus is sure to come to see us.

Leon found it difficult to finish all the work in just one day.

Is this yours?

The little girl washed herself.

This area suffers from a shortage of water.

Geoff recognized Phillip as soon as he saw her.

That sounds depressing.

Do you want a turkey sandwich?

Do you know how to cook a crab?

They may not know about it.

He said that he wanted some money.

At this rate, it's a matter of time before I get caught.

Why is the light on?


Tell her I'll come back.

What text editor do you use?

I want to have a friend.


You have to like teaching in order to do it.

I am ashamed of having been rude to her.

You never know when Noemi might show up.

I know what you want to do.

It's too dark here to read a book.

One roll of color film, please.

She turned and began to cry.

Don't leave things half finished.

Brodie was so angry that he couldn't speak.


I'm not that desperate.

Tomorrow is payday.

He followed the lead of our teacher.

I read the book.

Lance didn't plan to go to Boston.

I have a right to be on this ship.

Nothing's wrong with them.


Luckily nobody got killed.


The fog is growing thicker.

Why didn't you tell me there was a meeting today?

There are no easy answers to the land problem in Japan.

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You'll feel better after a bath.

She undertook the responsibility for the project.

What cold drinks do you have?

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Sometimes it just happens that way.

Roger is a party animal.

I take my dog for a walk, rain or shine.

I'm taking a dance class.

You both are correct.

I don't know if I'm ready for this.

How long do we have to wait here?


I want you to talk to them.

Why are there three?

Delbert had nothing.


Never forget what matters.

It hums in my ears from the yell of young children.

Father is hulling rice.


Nadeem is under a lot of pressure.

I took a bath and then had a glass of beer.

She misled me.

I hadn't really thought about that.

My house is under construction.


Suzanne needs to buy some new shirts.


His handwriting is poor.

"It's true, it's true!" cried Pinocchio in tears. "I won't do it again."

The audience filled the hall.

I don't feel like eating now.

I don't have an office, nor do I need one.


Your religion promotes indolence.

The instructor advised me to exercise every day.

We used to live here.

So I will see him running on the way to school today.

Let's get dancing.

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They will help you to get warm.


Darrell has been a little depressed lately.

It wasn't much of a brawl.

This shouldn't take too long.

This is the most interesting book I've ever read.

He sang a long time ago.

The number of times it happened increased.

This does not square with your story.

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Don't let children have their own way.

I got my meter repaired.

When two armies oppose one another, those who can fight should fight, those who can't fight should guard, those who can't guard should flee, those who can't flee should surrender, and those who can't surrender should die.

Betsy's parents are older than mine.

The snow-flake appeared larger and larger, and at last took the form of a lady dressed in the finest white crape, her attire being composed of millions of star-like particles. She was exquisitely fair and delicate, but entirely of ice, glittering, dazzling ice; her eyes gleamed like two bright stars.

I knew you were done.

Of the four seasons of the year, I like summer best.


Everyone rushed over to the other side of the ship to see what was happening.

She plays the violin very well.

Dan took a picture of the license plate.