Guy is a cave diver.

Exactly what method did you use to improve your Mandarin in such a short space of time?


Monica's wife is pregnant with twins.

No sooner had he seen me than he ran away.

That's much better.

Is there anybody who doesn't love me? I don't think there is.

I believed him.


Merry Spring Festival!

Blayne came in carrying a stack of books.

At noon they lay down in a forest to rest.


The store also opens at night.


I believe that he is honest.

There were indeed seven of us.

He is accustomed to bribing anyone who gets in his way.

A white cloud is floating in the blue sky.

Have you got shampoo?

I'm as curious as you are.

This one's good, but that one's better.

We live on the third floor.

I have an open mind.


A bee flew out of the window.

She doesn't want to wait for you.

Gregg suffered a concussion.

Tell her to call me.

Hein has gone back to his hotel.

Apart from cats, I like animals.

I like being treated like that.


The news has just come on the radio.

Robin Williams was loved by all.

Pradeep is a security officer.


We can't let Allan in on this.


Do you really feel sorry for Tim?

Kuldip can't bear to see Claudio so unhappy.

As it is for one, so it is for me.


I don't want her getting upset.


I haven't played guitar in ages.

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I'd like to improve my French.


Please be sure to sign and seal the form.

If you tell too many lies, people won't ever believe your words.

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.

He never fails to write to his mother every week.

Dan beat Matt bloody.

I wondered what happened to it.

Martyn seems to have recovered.


I've been meditating on what you said last week.

Just wait till I get my hands on that two-timing bastard!

Now it's neck or nothing!

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Mitch gave a voluntary confession.


I'm just trying to understand what's going on.

The teacher answers every question we ask.

The banana is sweet.

I don't negotiate.

You had a long day.

Jeannie looks happier than usual.

Metin is a park ranger.

We noticed that.

I need to know your answer by Friday.

He is dishonored.

I hear that you are having an unusually cold winter.


I really want to thank you.


Please notify me by e-mail about any bugs found or missing functions that you want to be included in future versions of the BMI calculator.


He deserves six of the best for being so rude.

They held a congratulatory banquet.

I love karaoke, but I'm not much of a singer.

Remember that I outrank you.

Do you want to go?

That's just what I wanted.

Do you like the mountain?

I didn't mean to step on your foot.

The water of the river was very clear.


I'll repair it now.

This store sells vegetables.

She hesitated for a second.


That'll change soon.

I'll probably be fishing.

We must never do this again.

We have to go now.

I don't think anyone really expected you to help.

If I knew his address, I could write to him.

She's in the kitchen.

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I saw one once.

What are some other nabemono?

I'll send Don a postcard.

I've told them all that I was sorry.

Liber tried to hide his anger.

Laurent squeezed Neal's arm gently.

It's five to six.

Will I manage to learn all the grammar topics in time for my German exam tomorrow?

Will my premiums go up?

Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know.

Ed has a desire to be wealthy.

I have four thousand one hundred and twelve pesos.

Honzo didn't suspect anything.

I have abdominal gas.

You got here fast.


Wisdom cannot be imparted. Wisdom that a wise man attempts to impart always sounds like foolishness to someone else.

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She killed an hour looking around the stores.

Teresa yawned.

My mother was killed in an accident.

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It doesn't matter to me, but it matters to Tomas.


All countries have their embassies in the capital.

We'll join you shortly.

Angus doesn't want to admit how much he misses Vice.


I thought we could help them.


The chairman called the committee to order.

In Serbia, the trains are very slow.

Carisa doesn't feel like studying.

One way or another, we'll figure out how to fix this.

You had better take an umbrella with you today.

Daniele isn't going to stop.

Are you tired of waiting in line?

Is it really fair?

You didn't tell me Teresa was so beautiful.

He bought her some chocolates.

I haven't been told anything.

What the country needs most is wise leaders.

Why do you get up before waking up?


Is it true that you were pregnant then?

The wart on my thumb bled badly after picking at it all afternoon.

I'm a little thirsty.


There'll come a day when you'll regret doing that.


McDonald's will discontinue the use of boneless lean beef trimmings in their hamburgers.

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The pupils of her eyes had the blackness of a deep abyss.

Takeda holds a 3th dan in "kendo", a 2th dan in "iaido".

He sank the deal without batting an eyelash.

Since he's crazy about movies, he watches as many movies as he can.

I seldom see her.


What is shown on television is, as it were, a reflection of what society is like.

What makes you think Matthieu doesn't like Roderick?

He can't afford to buy a new car.


There is nothing in this world constant, but inconstancy.

Could you change this bill, please?

Born in better times, he would have become famous.

Stanley wasn't worried about getting caught.

Today is hectic.

He felt like crying at the sight.

I have just finished eating.


To me, playing music is like reading a book.


Russell is lucky he didn't get shot.

I would've told you how to do it right.

I was too sick to stand.


I live in Beijing now.

Hand me that box.

I want to have a sword!

May I ask you to take a photo of us?

There's also another possibility.

The cigarette smoke annoyed the other passengers.

The salt, if you please.

That was totally epic!

How do you tell them apart?

I recently started seeing a man.

I have something very important to tell you.

Frederick told the doctor that he felt no pain.

I just don't want you to do anything crazy.

His stern tone and loud voice belied his inner sensitivity and caring nature.

A good master wouldn't let his dog out in such cold weather.

It was extremely cold.

There is less dishonour in my death than in life as you propose it to me.

There's no one to look after her.

Can we go to your room?

You shouldn't wait here.

We are not ready.

I tried to help Holly.

Vic was afraid that no one would come to his party.