The competitor twice jumped the gun.


We think it isn't fair.

I always knew you were going to become famous.

Are you open for suggestions?

He lives in the clouds.

Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.

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The driver turned the wheel to the right.

It's time we had a talk.

We took a taxi so as to reach there on time.

We're going to have to verify this.

Is there any more we can do for Woody?

What do you usually do on Sundays?

I'm taking him home with me.


At the sight of the dog, the cat ran off.


I could've married her.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

I have something to give you.

Rees has long hair and wears glasses.

Fixed prices in Japan are abnormally raised.

Once upon a time there dwelt in the land of Erin a young man who was seeking a wife, and of all the maidens round about none pleased him as well as the only daughter of a farmer.

I keep a diary in French.

Nathan still blames you for Meeks's death.

I found the boy fast asleep.

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We need rain.

Starting tomorrow, it's going to snow for a week.

Carole stood behind Blayne.

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It is a great mortification to the vanity of man, that his utmost art and industry can never equal the meanest of nature's productions, either for beauty or value.

The trees kept me out of the rain.

It is no wonder that she didn't want to go.

Why would I mind?

He doesn't know a lot about Japan.


I plan to invite a lot of guests to the opening ceremony.


Nobody's going to believe this.

She never lets her beliefs get in the way of her duty.

Don't hang up; I haven't finished talking to you.

Ning bought a lottery ticket.

They asked me for something to drink.


I'll go tell the others what we need to do.

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They were polar opposites: one was honest and reliable whilst the other was unpredictable and irresponsable.

"Aren't you coming for a swim?" "I don't feel like it at the moment."

What did you eat for lunch today?

I don't think you heard what I said.

Do you really expect Billy to apologize?

My life is better without her.

What's going to happen to me?

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Has Europe lost its soul?


When will this end?

Some people seem to enjoy arguing.

A man, whether rich or poor, should do something in this world.

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We can see the whole harbor from the building.

He settled his account with the bank.

We love our parks.

Don't stay too long!

Such an idea is abhorrent to her.

I could use a little help over here.

A Transitional Council official told the press that he expects oil production to reach 1.6 million barrels per day within a year.

I still think Edgar will help us.

I watched Jianyun die.

It is good for the health to get up early.

Santa snuck into Galen's house.

I buy the texts, but first I start writing the English sentences that come along without looking at them.

On arriving in Tokyo, I called him up.

This book is written in easy English for beginners to understand.

That wasn't so hard to admit, was it?

Irfan wondered what Tharen was going to do.

You know what I think we should do.

Stephanie should be back here soon.

Richard grinned.

I don't have the slightest idea how my computer works.

Bring him home.


He gripped my hand.

Something frightened them.

I'd really like it if we could be friends.

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Have you gone nuts?

With a physique like his it's hard to believe he doesn't work out.

The bus is empty and he sits beside me anyways.

What have I got to do so that you'll pay attention to me?

He has two brothers, one lives in Osaka and the other in Kobe.


Miles kissed Dominick and then went to work.


She wants a bigger kitchen.

Is it safe in there?

We have a nice love story of ourselves.

We have to do a great deal of reading.

That's why I'm not disappointed.


It's him or me.

I don't consider myself religious.

I miss college.

I was quite taken aback at their bad manners.

Spyros is probably still in Boston.

Skip sat down behind the desk and picked up a pencil.

I abandoned my plans.


Rabin never drinks beer.

Dan didn't even apologize to Linda.

My plan is to get out of here and think of a better plan.

I'd wish I wouldn't have to do these reports.

Why are you being so secretive?

I'll have to study it further.

Do you have children?

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

We're powerful.

You've told me something.

It sounds like you don't like Jos.

In the morning, we clear the futon.

Oh, don't watch television.

Lana doesn't have a bicycle.

Claude opened the door and looked inside.


She loves the peace and quiet of the town.

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Many people do this.

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I'll send for you.


Theodore stuck a poster on the wall.

You should feel bad for him.

It's very unlikely that Matthieu wrote this report.


Presley disguised himself as a policeman.

This building belongs to my family.

This is a sensitive issue.


Don't lose your cool.

Sulfuric acid was once known as "oil of vitriol."

It was terrifying.

The poor are getting poorer.

By God!


Marcel used to write articles for one of the local newspapers.

You'd better be careful not to catch cold.

I am looking forward to your letter.

Now don't freak out, OK?

Don't shout, the neighbours will hear you!

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The crowd protested against racial discrimination.

The pizza will be here in five minutes.

This is hogwash.

Three of my friends are going to Boston next weekend.

I like raw food.

My uncle gave me a book yesterday. Here is the book.

Playing baseball is fun.

She's curious to find out who sent the flowers.

Everybody knew, but I didn't care.

Something unusual happened last night.

Del thinks he's figured it out.

Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production.

Quit teasing me.

I decided to do the same thing Shane did.

I doubt whether he will win both races.

He is also studying Chinese.

That's hindsight.

There was a heavy rain last night.

What are you drinking?

What were you thinking of?

Where did he go yesterday?

The festival came to an end.

What's the nature of your emergency?


You should wash this.

The old man could not bear his misfortune.

Narendra wished to be left alone.

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Put the words in alphabetical order.

You can call a cat a small tiger, and a tiger a big cat.

He blushed at his folly.

Dylan is quite talkative.

If the sentence is in the database, we'll obtain at once the translated version.


We were all at school together.

Something was wrong with the watch.

Lori made noise.

I'll tell him that's not true.

Love makes the world go around.

Vistlik is Part's brother, not her father.

Maurice kept me waiting for thirty minutes.

Where is the closest train station?

I think Cyrus is hiding something from us.

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We've got a little time to relax.

Are both English versions equally acceptable?

May I have coupon tickets?