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Improve communication productivity

Communicating by typing text chat is time consuming. Difficult to convey a subtle difference. More chance to be misunderstood. By using "Instant Talk", you can talk to your teammates immidiately, and improve communication productivity.

Engage with Your Teammates

Share moments as if you were in the room. Groovin has an interface that is both responsive and tailored to the needs of distributed team that don’t want to compromise team engagement for mobility. We designed Groovin to be used with any device, on any platform, anywhere.

Develop a Strong Culture

Developing a strong culture is hignly important for distributed teams. Instead gathering teammates regulaly from all over the world, use Groovin to promote daily face to face communication and share phylosofy and spirit.


Meeting arrangement

On Groovin, it is easy to setup a meeting, and coordinate with your calender. If you have a meeting with same members regarding the same topic, simply update meeting time on existing sessions.

Instant talk

Do you want to talk sometning but not on text, and not that big as arranging a meeting? With Instant Talk, you can talk to your teammates immidiately. Just share your status so that others can see if you are avairable to talk or not.

Discussion Board

Are you tired to seach meeting logs? Meeting logs on chat system flows and hard to find later. Use Discussion Board on Groovin so that you can always come back to the meeting to check meeting log. Also you can catch up easily a meeting you did not attend.

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