He almost forgot his money.

Things are getting out of hand.

You have to let me talk to them.

Did you see what happened out there?

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Dawn isn't babbling, is he?

I'm not like I used to be.

Loyd considered the problem.


What's Israel going to find?

I hope we can avoid doing that.

The waiter was insolent.

A perfect knowledge of a few writers and a few subjects is more valuable than a superficial one of a great many.

The Council slaves whipped him with their hippopotamus hide whips.

There was a man who had three sons.

Sentence changed according to the suggestion.

If possible, I would like to go home now.

Call 110 immediately.

You know that.

Would you like to try something new?


Everyone thinks the same way.


We had intended never to go there again.


I have a friend who works as a volunteer.


It includes widely varying organizations, people, and ideas.

One cannot embrace the unembraceable.

Pieter doesn't trust them.

The bleeding has stopped.

Allan was dying to meet Noemi.

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The north wind blew all day.


Kaj has complete faith in Rand.


There was no fresh meat in the market today, so you'll have to content yourselves with something out of a tin.

Jay can't say for sure how many times Tigger has been to Boston.

Can we do this some other time?

We agreed to help Tanaka.

I met him by chance in the train this morning.

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I am beginning to like Ken little by little.

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They had a fairytale wedding.

For what?

I do not know any reading more easy, more fascinating, more delightful than a catalogue.

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We will check to see if what you have said is really the truth.

The teacher told Shirley his essay was well written.

It was dark when we reached the hotel.

I never want to see your face again.

Mommy, I want you to buy me a pomegranate!

It might be good if you bought it.

I will buy your house for ten thousand dollars.

She resigned on the grounds of ill health.

Rome has a lot of charm for me.

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I don't care whether he'll lend it to me or not.


What were you in prison for?

He doesn't tell lies.

That's true.


He doesn't want to work in a factory.

Shouldn't we ask Dawn first?

Gretchen has already forgotten all about you.

The results should be measurable and the process repeatable.

Elisabeth spilled red wine all over Rik's white dress.

I will help you, of course.

This is the guitar that Diane gave me.


I'm a late sleeper.

You seem to be pleased with yourself.

He was small, but strong.

I like it when it's hot.

Mats began running.


The buildings look so tiny.

There's something I need to say to you.

The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of one's self to others.

That's exactly what I expected to happen.

The gallows were already standing on the square.

Daniele directed a torrent of abuse at Hui as she came late again for their weekly meeting.

When parents are far away from their children, there is nothing they can do about their safety or welfare.

You may use my bicycle such as it is.

Is competition good for kids?

I'd prefer to not take that risk.

Kitty opened the book.

His life is a neverending race against time.

I felt something move in the house.


That's why I came to talk to you.

I'll have to go and see what I can do.

Yesterday was very humid and hot.

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I caught sight of an old friend of mine in the crowd.

I'll run it over to the lab.

Honey and milk are under thy tongue.


Lorraine often wears long skirts.


Kory has been uncooperative.


Renu thought Tor could speak French.

Werner didn't get a chance.

I am repairing the washing machine.

It is already six o'clock!

I don't want to get up.

The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois.

While we are asleep we can feel neither hunger nor thirst. Ah, yes; sleep is a capital invention.

I had thought that he was a man, but it turned out that he was a woman.

Joe was clearly skeptical.

The police arrested two men.

All life is a series of activities.

Christmas shopping is stressful.

Did she really say that?

It might be enough.

We have to tell them.

Death is a mysterious lady without compassion.

We've only got one problem yet to solve.

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They were angry about several things.

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I want to pick out a present for my friend.


She married an ichthyologist.

Sanjeev sat down on the park bench and began to read his book.

She bought two pairs of socks.

Maybe he has lots of girlfriends.

Education helps to mold character.

Let me take your bag, Myron.

To do so is asking for trouble.

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I received her letter the other day.


There is no telling what may happen next year.

Collin doesn't usually talk to me like that.

I saw Shirley in the hall.

I intend to eat the apple.

She did not promise to come here again.


I've decided to let you come back to work.

What happened to your face?

I inclined my ear to him.


Mahesh is planning to go home soon.

You can't run away.

How would you describe me?

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Do you have a hairdryer for guests to use?

... Hey-hey you two, is it no holds barred as soon as you know it's my treat?

Does Vladislav know why Metin doesn't want to go to Boston with us?

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Ramsey just got divorced, too.

I'm sorry for the delay in my reply.

They were gone.

You had better set some money apart for your wedding.

The dictionary is big.

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That's just an old wives' tale.

Shuvra smiled and said yes.

Our apartment is too small. There's not enough room to raise a family.

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Don't press your luck.

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Hey, this pizza isn't bad. Not bad at all.

I can hear a band playing.

Pinocchio turned and saw a large cricket crawling slowly up the wall.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Our host opened a drawer, and a small box full of black powder was revealed.

Earnie gives us money.

We got our roof blown off in the typhoon.

It is out of the question to digest his theory.

I just want Gill to hear the truth.

My father asked me to go to the concert.

He signed on for another year.

He was operated on by the doctor.

The magic lamp broke open and the genie was released.

He was afraid to go there.

I wanted to know as well.

Rolf is a little pale.

You should have attended the meeting in person.


We're a long way from home.

I think everybody's tired.

Joshua is never here.


It was never our intention to deceive you.

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I described what I saw.


I don't think Jaime liked the song you wrote about him.


Everyone's watching me.

It seems that no one knows the truth.

What that politician said is not at all true.

I'm not responsible for this.

Milk gives me a stomachache.