Leave the past behind and take care of the present.

You think you know more than what I do.

God created me.

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You look as if you don't have a care in the world.


I had some work that I needed to do.

I went to the military camp with Kordobas's authorization.

How did you do it without our help?

Man learned to adjust to, and in some ways to shape, his environment.

Dustin wanted to meet the Jacksons.


This is the camera which I bought yesterday.

Hui helped save me a few bucks by telling me about a cheaper place to buy one.

Dana was in Boston all weekend.

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He lived quietly in the latter years of his life.

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People often segregate the two approaches, but they can often work together.

Thousands of candles illuminated the church during the ceremony.

Jane is fun to be with.


Vinod flosses his teeth at least once a day.

I don't need anyone anymore.

Hitoshi rushed to help Barrio.


I don't need an interpreter.

The bridge is made of stone.

We heard a shot not far away.

Are you as tall as me?

She is unconscious.


Elaine lives in the suburbs.

Those are questions that I can't answer.

Gideon didn't like the taste much.


I'm glad you told me about her.

Marguerite knows better than to go out after dark by himself.

You are free to go or stay.

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I couldn't tell Stanley the truth.

I felt something was wrong.

It didn't take long.

Clayton was an honest man.

And after having killed you, we will kill your father also.

Alf is a friend of a friend.

Benson poured wine into three long-stemmed glasses.

What would Dominick know?

He thought her very charming.

What did you get Root?

You're welcome to visit at any time.


I'm going to give you a friend's address.

I've never felt so happy in my life.

Fry an egg for me.

I'll meet them there.

Nothing can be worse than that.


The light is out.

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You decided to enter the room, didn't you?

Kriton should take better care of his children.

Poland is the best civilization in Civilization V.

Are the children playing in the park?

The kitten wants to sleep.

She plays the piano very well.

Happiness is sometimes identified with money.

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My work at the TV station is handling letters written in by viewers.

Does it hurt?

I know this must be very difficult for you.

Saule, give the drum.

The airplane took off and boarded to China.

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The man brushes his teeth.


This one belongs to me.

The village is many kilometers away from the seashore.

You've stalled long enough, Tim.

We're a little busy here.

Clem had no alibi the night of the murder.

The results are negative.

Shutoku brought some pictures to show the class.

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Krista's curt, businesslike tone put off her clients at the maternity ward, especially on their special days.

I don't think I'd like it.

You're not very busy, are you?

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Tim, are you asleep?

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You have to make use of what you have.

The examination is drawing nearer.

The scariest thing in life is uncertainty.

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I feel bad that I can't come today.


I've been studying English for three years.

Tell Roger that Guido doesn't want him to come over.

He drank detergent by accident.

If he sends me any letters, I just tear them up and throw them away.

Naoto spends way too much time playing games.

"Whose newspapers are these?" "They are my father's."

There must be a misunderstanding.

One has met his match.

Harold told me he's leaving tomorrow.

I would rather stay at home than go fishing.

I haven't found my keys yet.


Linley came before anyone else.

You don't understand how science works.

The jury deliberated for three days.

I'll talk with Stagger.

Since I've entered that school, I have to write weekly reports just like Japanese students do.

Felix can swim very well.

Silkworms spin cocoons.

I wish you'd been around last weekend.

During the hot season, my son's skin breaks out easily.

Scott tried to get Winston's attention.

I discovered a serious mistake.

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The notion of "minimal pair" in linguistics has the lovely power of immediately convincing.


I don't want him to get sick.

Where did you get the idea that I don't like Josh?

If you're happy, then I'm happy for you.

None of the students could solve the problem.

Pay attention to what Frances says.

I've never been one to complain.

Don't forget to say thank you.

The next Shinkansen train leaves at just nine o'clock.

First come, first serve, was the word, and the first hundred customers got a certificate; whoever came later was shit out of luck.


We ate boiled potatoes all winter.

My name is Pilar and I'll be your server tonight.

I'm going to go withdraw some money.


I thought Dean did a good job.


Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest skyscraper in the world.

I couldn't sleep well last night because there were lots of things on my mind.

The straits were too narrow for the cruise ship.

Tobias says he has experience.

Take the elevator three floors down to the conference room.

Buying a new TV won't make you happy.

Oliver is worried about you.


You can probably guess what happens though.


Bernie has three younger brothers.


I handed him a map.

The air by the sea is pure and healthy.

Russia lost 20 million people during World War II.


Griff works in agriculture.

Everybody in the car said they wanted to get out and stretch their legs.

Financial experts don't know what to make of this trend.

When I came to class late the teacher didn't let me in.

The mayor's daughter has been kidnapped.

My parents will be happy.

Barry made for the door.

I cannot shave my beard.

Contributing to Tatoeba is not an expensive hobby.


I'm a big fan of Getter Jaani.

My wish is to conquer this mountain.

If the sun were to rise in the west, I wouldn't change my mind.

Mery is the laziest person in his class.

Jonathan doesn't speak French at all.

My father has never been abroad.

You were never like him.


Do you have any other questions?

When will the Italian course start?

Ann played on his college team.


I wish you and your family well.

Don't tell them I said that.

It is a consolation that no one was killed.

There was something lying on the ground.

Have you checked this with them?


She dared to walk the tightrope without a net.

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You told me you could do it.

I'm winning.

You need to be prepared to pay more.

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I'm calling you on behalf of Mr. Simon.

I told Bill I was there.

Smoke was coming out the window.

I don't treat you like enemies.

This shirt costs more than fifty dollars.


Ken lets his children have their own way, so they stay up late at night.


I met her at her house.

I've never eaten such a good meal.

Paul asked Nick what time she expected to get home.