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Problems are expected in their expedition.

I'm feeling cold.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

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At the moment the patient is out of danger.

Thinking about it still makes me angry.

I was talking with Diana.

Wow, this is loud!

You're unkind.

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Ready, set, go!

As I entered the coffeehouse, I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.

"Do you know why?" "No, why?"

You don't have to go unless you want to.

I spend what time I can spare in reading.

Oh, the electricity has gone off.

Lewis graduated from Harvard in 2013.


What are some good Portuguese movies?

I don't know how it can be done.

You've underestimated him.

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Love is the answer to everything.

Piotr's mood has changed.

I'll leave no stone unturned to find out who did this.


It's nothing to do with me, equals, I don't have to be here. So I'm getting out of here, whatever anybody says!


I don't believe in that.

I thought you said you used to live in Boston.

I haven't actually looked at it yet.

I'll pay any price.

The truth value of an assertion may be a probability value.


I'm not sure I feel the same.


He became active in the Republican Party.


He was excommunicated for serving the Eucharist in highball glasses.

He didn't quite hit it there.

I like rain and snow.

I won't work for you.

Dragons spit fire.

The next step was to sign the document.

I can't believe this is actually happening.


Lonhyn doesn't need to do that, does he?


I love what you're wearing.

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Marty scarcely ever gets any exercise.

Where in the world is Dirk?

I've been trying to find something to eat.

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Today, women's only consideration in marriage is probably if you love him or not, if he loves you or not, whether he is sincere and heartfelt towards you, whether there will be pressure with him, whether there will be happiness, and not what his possessions are!


She scarcely goes out except on business.




Buffalo Bill didn't kill any bison. It was climate change that did it.


You should always be careful in your speech.

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Hunting is forbidden in national parks.


Why aren't you home?

Calculate how much money we will need next year.

They each have half a dozen grandchildren, but Marci has more granddaughters, as Ross has only grandsons.

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You mustn't keep your guest waiting outside.


This will do for a chair.


I like to be at home.

Will you give my best regards to your sister?

I don't want him to be alone.


"What happened to you, Walter?" asked Kerri while carrying the poor crazy woman to the back.

Ricky is a lot like us.

Did you call a tow truck?

Polish girls didn't want Justin Bieber to come to Poland.

Nicholas didn't pass.

She took part in our project.

Claudia asked Thuan many questions about life in Boston.

I found her letter in the mailbox.

Prostitution is legal in most of Nevada.

Don't be surprised if all of a sudden you forget who you are.

Amedeo cut an article out of the newspaper.

We called him to account for his long absence.

Everything's still going well?

Have you asked the others?

I'll be right in here.


I didn't ask her to come here.


I thought Bjorne would leave with Teresa.

"But how did you grow so quickly?" "That's a secret!"

Gold had been discovered in California.


I do apologize.

May I offer my congratulations?

Maria is a bus driver.

The winters are cold in Canada.

Bud concealed his anger from Renu.

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I have good eyes.


May I visit your office tomorrow morning?

He's still waiting on her.

Why don't you try to take your money back?

How do you know Kirk wasn't hiding something?

Niger is the largest country in Western Africa.

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Did you say something, Roland?

That's why I called.

I ate the red apples.


That man is dead.

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We have many rainy days in June.

Turpan grapes are famous worldwide.

Hienz certainly hadn't done anything that deserved that kind of punishment.

They're close to the Germans.

He makes sense.

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She hastened to deny the story.

Bob reached the finish line first.

I apologized to the whole team.

There's no hurry.

Change is inevitable.

Nice place you have here.

Dwight didn't want to have anything to do with you.


Clara spent a sleepless night thinking of Ji.

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The capital city of Albania is called Tirana.

I'm totally over you.

You shouldn't tell Casey everything.

We will drink to your health.

Are you good at math?


Everyone is staring at him.


I intended to have become a teacher.

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Will you give this to us?

I asked Merat to drop me off at the train station.

One day I went to see her and told her that she should tell everything to her husband.

Spyros is slurring his words. I think he's drunk quite a lot.

A galaxy contains not only stars, but clouds of gas and dust.

Phiroze ordered a BLT sandwich.

Why are people so cruel?


Although astrology has no scientific basis, it's very popular and it seems that many people believe in it.

In the U.S., most people can vote when they reach eighteen years of age.

I figured you should know.

So it is essential that you take the attitude of looking up yourself the information you feel necessary.

That's a ridiculous question.

Harry has no idea who Sue is.

What turned her against you?


They're still around.

I wasn't aware that you were feeling that bad.

She cannot do without her car.


Andy is drinking coffee.

How high does a sycamore grow?

I don't think I should do that.


Rod treated her wounded knee.


He walked back and forth on the platform while waiting for the train.


I forgot to call him today.

Jennie is working.

Tomorrow I'm going to Shanghai.

She sometimes gets depressed.

We followed Earnie.

Now don't pout.

He gave me a promise to come back soon.

Do you have a light beer?

Jenine made it clear that he didn't want me here.


He speaks as if he had read the book before.

The town developed into the center of the economy.

What's going to happen to her?

Does it bark at her?

She made coffee for all of us.


I'm glad the kids weren't hurt.

Don't make me say the same thing over and over again!

Why would anybody kidnap Sylvan?

There are more than 4000 languages in the world.

The bus service is not good between nine and ten.

All the students are already in the classroom.

This park lends itself to recreation.

They're really cool.

He dived naked into the sea.