The whole class passed the exam.

They do know that.

It's in my jacket pocket.

It was sheer coincidence that Connie and I were on the same train.

Last night's concert was disappointing.

To err is human, but to persist in error is diabolical.

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"Can I use your dictionary?" "Of course. Here you go."

No matter how good you are, there will always be people who are better than you.

He left for good.

The Internet is very useful for knowing the circumstances of each part of the world.

Lots of girls like Celia.

I'm too old for that shit.

Your clothes are filthy.

Unfortunately, my father isn't at home.

I could easily fix that.

We took it for granted that she would take part in the speech contest.

Note that the maximum doesn't always exist.

England and France are separated by the English Channel.

Nathaniel was sure you'd like Shel.

Tommy realized that he had no money on him.


His music is sweeping the whole country.

I hope you had a wonderful day.

I make a lot of money.

They should thank me.

The traveler stopped at the soldier's challenge.

My father is good with tools and does almost all the repair.

Guillermo refused to eat anything.

I don't always follow instructions.

Don't take the trouble to come and meet me.

We really need that.

I'll just wait here until Travis is ready.

Sehyo is devoted to his work.

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I came to have the water.


He will assist this project.

She likes swimming in summer.

Lonhyn stood in line for three hours.


What time do you water the garden?

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Why don't you go home?

His face lighted up with joy.

Let's try it once more.


We now have a whole new set of problems.

He apologized to them for taking up their time.

Serdar came on Monday and went back the day after.

The construction of the dam created an artificial lake that destroyed a whole ecosystem.

Today's math class was more interesting than usual.

The committee were discussing the problem.

You asked Sassan to play the guitar.


Tell me what I should've done.


I am in the same class as my brother.

Rhonda wondered who Phiroze was planning to vote for.

Die Lorelei is a popular German folk song.

Fucking damn it!

Can I get you a drink, Jenine?

I think Seymour would tell the truth.

Don't act like you know me.

I hate myself for my own error.

Who did you go to the dance with?

Is Sheila still alive?

That tendency is strong among Americans.

God up there is probably jealous of me right now.

Do you like tofu?


Lana is diabetic.

He is a painter.

I prefer not to take medicine, because I am afraid of drug side effect.


All you have to do is try hard to master English.


I'm sorry, if I hurt you.

Ninja, can you come tomorrow?

Who's going to stay at home to receive the guests?


If I were to be born a second time, I would like to be Canadian.

I'm being sarcastic.

"Do you need something?" "Yes, I need to talk to you."

I wish you could understand me.

So use it wisely and don't waste it.


It's not explicitly prohibited, but in fact it is not allowed either. It is a legal limbo.

I already told her.

We are to have a garden party tomorrow.

How often do you go to Boston?

He has missed this.

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I can't wait to tell him.


My family live in that house.

If you don't want to shit, don't bother your ass.

Didn't you know that he had gone abroad then?


We didn't want the money.

I won't get the chance.

What in the world has happened to Donna?

Ten people were slightly injured in the accident.

I'm afraid Sergei won't be able to come.

If you go, they'll go too.

These shoes belong to her.

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The weather's bad, isn't it?


What time does that contest start?

In my tongue, I learned with patience to express my faith and say: "Oh, Creator! Bless my parents, take, Allah, my sins away!"

I know exactly what you're trying to do.

Ralph needed some cash.

Kenneth isn't that pretty.


It might be too late.

Learning French takes longer than most people think.

I'm sure I'm missing something.

She is more clever than beautiful.

How did she ever pass the test?

Who do you think helped them?

I have a couple questions.

Kyle knows Dalton won't do what John asked her to do.

You see?


As a courtesy, Casey ran the first draft of his speech past his boss.

I'm good at what I do.

Give medicine to the patient right away.

I got a call from a man named Bryce Jackson last night.

This was your big idea, remember?

She talked about the people and things that interested her.

Take no chances.

Nobody wants to help them.

Cindie seems quite pleased with himself.

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Why do you insist on going?

Chris saw where Ann lives.

Everything seemed dulled by Sunday's torpor and the dolefulness of the summer days.


Do you understand Tatar?


He was shocked into silence.

Axel thanked Neil for taking care of his dog.

He has plenty of money in the bank.


I thought Lee would be at this meeting.

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Srinivas was supposed to be there.


I didn't know them then.

Sergiu began walking toward them.

She became scared when she noticed the man following her.


It is a good idea to plan your route before you leave.

My father took us to the zoo.

This is how the accident happened.

We're giving a dinner for him.

Why didn't somebody help him?

You had me fooled.

I take it you have a problem with Srinivas.


I can't stand it here any longer. I need a change of scenery.

We made way too many mistakes.

Wear a coat - it's cold out!

I want a dozen cream puffs.

"Norman, you do know this is a public forum, don't you? Throwing a hissy fit because people happened to misinterpret your Facebook post makes you seem controlling and humourless, and more or less guarantees still more mocking responses."

My birthday is close to yours.

You can leave the room now.

You have only to read a few more pages.

I cried all night.

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She's a bad liar.

The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

We don't carry leather goods.

The fire truck is on its way.

Fritz isn't very handsome.

He played his trump card.

I like the atmosphere of this restaurant.


Doctors suggest drugs to fight diseases.

If you run just a little faster, you'll be able to catch up with them.

That settles it.

I wonder what she really means.

Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman, but believing what he read made him mad.

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The birds fly.

Venus has no moons.

This car handles curves well.

The mayor's murder sent shock waves through the community.

That's a great start!

Klaus is showing a great deal of concern over her husband's long absence.

Then there are the public places.

It is too late to watch a film.

We know what you did last night.

His debts amount to over $1000.

You're pretty.


Dion should keep his hands to himself.

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There was a chain-reaction crash during rush hour.